Oneshot. I seriously hate Hermes. Suggestions welcome Now complete! Strong PG (don't read if you're not mature enough to see 17 Again). --Sparrowsong 01:34, November 21, 2009 (UTC)

Chapter One

1 . Steal Hermes's caduceus 

2 . Tell Hermes that Luke is Kronos's host 

3 . While Hermes is napping , wake him up by screaming in his ear

4 . Video tape Hermes's reaction and upload it into Youtube 

5 . Tell Hermes that Luke is watching the video from the Underworld

6 . Tell Hermes that his first mistake is falling in love with Luke's mom who turn out to be a crazy lady 

7 . Tell Hermes that his second mistake is forgetting protection and having Luke 

8 . Lecture Hermes about why falling in love with a insane woman is wrong

9 . Everytime he does something say "Like a Boss"