Adrastos Myles Castellan (born August 17) is a son of Luke Castellan


Early Life

Adrastos is a child of Luke and Thalia. He was born when Thalia joined the Titans for a short while. After his birth, Thalia left him with Luke. He was an unnamed baby. Luke named him Adrastos, meaning 'One who does not flee' in Greek. The boy was raised by his father and has never known his mother. When he was eleven, he ran away, realizing that the Titans were evil and that he gods were good.

Camp Half-Blood

The broken child, Adrastos, ran to Camp Half-Blood, following instinct. When he arrived, he was put in the Hermes cabin. He's stayed ever since. Adrastos has stayed at Camp Half-Blood for five years, and has learned how to master the bow and arrow and sword.


Adrastos has dark hair like his mother. His blue eyes are more like Thalia's than Luke's but they still have the piercing effect Luke's has. His skin is pale but not as much as his father's.


His personality is a mix between Thalia and Luke's. He's punky and stubborn like his mother but more like Luke. He can be self absorbed like Luke and have mood swings like him as well. He can be very sly and sleek as well. But around the girl he likes, he's shy and sometimes flirty.


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