Alex Cameron Gray



Alex is described as a gangly, skinny young teen around Leslie's age with black hair and his father's eyes.

Family Members

  • Hades (father)
  • Sarah Gray (mother)
  • Nicole (triplet sister)
  • Viola Gray (triplet sister)


Alex Gray was born in Seattle, Washington, and the only son of Hades, with two triplet sisters. His mother, Sarah, gave birth to him and his sisters early and at a young age of nineteen. She would raise them by her own for twelve years until all three would need to get to Camp Half-Blood.

Finding Leslie

Leslie Rai Andersen, a daughter of Demeter, was found by him and the satyr, Lux, two years after he'd already been at the camp. She was being attacked by a minotaur, and he threw her his weapon made of celestial bronze (the stygian one was back at the camp), which she used successfully to kill the monster. Then, they got her back to Camp Half-Blood, where they learned more about her, blah blah blah.