Alistair John David Forger
Son of Phusis
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth July 8th
Current age 17
Gender Male
Family Phusis (Mother)

John Forger(Father)

Status alive
Eye Color Fern green
Hair Color spiky, light brown
Height 5' 7"
Alias "Nature lover"
Affiliation The Pyrrhic war
Weapons Powers, fytevo (An asimenios silver dagger);
Species Greek Demiprogenoi
Home Athens, Greece
Appearances The Pyrrhic war
Quests None

Alistair Forger is the demiprotogenoi son of Phusis, Protogenoi of nature.


Alistair is a hansome young man, with fern green eyes; spikey, light brown hair and olive skin.


He is very shy and prefers the company of plants and nymths.


  • He loves nature and anything to do with it;
  • He loves beeing outside;
  • His favourite foods are cookies and pancakes;
  • He is always recycling, doing things for the envivroment and perswading others to do the same;


  • He hates mechanical objects;
  • He hates cities;


  • Chlorokinesis;
  • His senses are heightened when he is near nature;
  • His fighting is heightened when he is near nature;
  • He can go into "comealian mode", which is where he blends into his surroundings (Please not he can only do this if he is near nature;


  • A steel short sword;
  • A steel hachet;
  • A crossbow;

Fatal flaws:

He sufferes from arachnophobia and Thanatophobia.


Alistair grew up in the ancient city of Athens, Greece with her father, an actor. He enjoyed to sit upon the hills overlooking Athens.