Amber M

Amber Evelyn Mizrachi is an eleven-year-old demigod. She is currently unclaimed.

The Life of Ivy Katz

Amber is the daughter of Hannah Mizrachi and an unknown god. Her father left before she was born.

She was raised by her mother and grew up with an adopted sister, Ivy Katz, who is her senior by four years.

Amber and Ivy were watching TV when they heard a blood curdling scream come from out back, when they reached outside they found their mother dead. She had her head smashed in and her troat cut. 

They burried her and Amber vowed to find who killed their mother, she ran away and hid in a lot of places. Mostly Hotels and Motels. 

She found her way to Camp were she decided to stay, since it was the safest place and she could train to be able to kill the murderer. 


Amber is Caucasian. She has strawberry blonde hair and blue-green eyes. She looks almost nothing like her dead mother, though she does have her eyes. Amber is about 4'9 and 80 lbs.


Amber has a bubbly and cheerful personality. She's quite girly. She is almost never sad; about the only time she's ever expressed sadness is when Hannah died. She likes the sun and the outdoors.

Known Family

  • Hannah Mizrachi (Mother, deceased)
  • Ivy Katz (Adopted sister)


  • Hmm...blonde hair, cheerful, likes the sun...ring a bell? *Hint hint*
  • She is named after Sparrowsong's cousin.