Anastasia Helene
Daughter of Hades
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth October 29th
Current age 15
Gender Female
Family Helena Marie (Grandmother)

Doris Agnes (Mother, deceased) Hades (Father) Jonathan Lucius (Half-Brother)

Status alive
Eye Color chocolate brown
Hair Color very dark brown, long,straight
Height 5' 3"
Alias "Ant" "Ana"
Affiliation The Pyrrhic war
Weapons "Miso", Stygian Iron Sword
Species Greek Half-Blood
Home Crete, Greece
Appearances The Pyrrhic war
Quests None

Early Years

Anastasia grew up on the island of Crete, where her mother was a craftswoman, as well as a housewife. When she was eleven, her mother died of illness, and her grandmother was named her caretaker. Her grandmother Helena showed Anastasia how to run a house-hold in the best way she could, but Anastasia was always into more boyish things. By the age of thirteen, she had begun to practice sword-fighting and training with a few boys in her area, and had gotten quite good. Strange happenings began to take place though, and soon spirits began to whisper to her.


She is rather reckless, due to her few years around men. Though the way her grandmother raised her turned Anastasia into a polite and "proper" lady, which she can be, if she wishes. She is generally more comfortable around boys than other women, and is very talkative. Her flaw though, is that sometimes she isn't exactly talking to living people. Anastasia and her family knows of her demigod status, but she has never tried to use any of her specific powers, save for the ghosts that blatantly come along to annoy her. Her behaviour can sometimes be described as a bit "jumpy", but in the end she is a well-rounded young woman.