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April Phoebe Larson (nee Wilson) is a sixteen-year-old demigod daughter of Artemis.

Nine Months

April is pregnant after having a one-night stand with Stefan Griffin, son of Apollo. He left because he didn't want her or their child.

She notices that she is showing quite a bit more than usual, so she goes to have an ultrasound and learns that she is expecting triplets - two girls and a boy.

One morning, her father phones her to chat. After finding out that she is pregnant at sixteen, he disowns her.

April runs away crying and passes out in the woods. Hours later she is found by Nick, a son of Hermes.

She and Nick end up crushing on each other. At first, they deny that they're dating, but they do eventually admit.

Near the end of the story, they get married and April takes Nick's last name, making her April Larson. This is partly because she wants to erase her past and forget about her father.

Her best friend is Virginia Lawson, daughter of Aphrodite.

She gives birth to Holly, Natalie, and Ethan.


April has had another baby with Nick.

Stefan comes back and meets the triplets.


April is pretty, but not drop-dead gorgeous like the girls from the Aphrodite cabin. She has a fair complexion, caramel or auburn hair just past her shoulders, light brown eyes, a small scar on the bridge of her nose, and pouty lips. She is said to have easily-blushing cheeks. April is 5'4 and weighs 135 pounds, but her pregnancy has caused her to rapidly gain weight. She looks like her mother, Artemis, except her mother's eyes are silver. April has her father's eyes.


April is tomboyish. She tries not to be emotional, but she always blushes. She is very clumsy. April is sarcastic by nature, with a dry sense of humor. She is flirty, but not too flirty. In other words, she likes to flirt (and considers herself good at it) but isn't one of those people that goes around hitting on a bunch of random people, so if she flirts with you she definitely likes you. April has ADD and dyslexia like most half-bloods. When insulted, she is quick to defend herself.

Known Family

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  • April's theme song is Papa Don't Preach by Madonna.
  • April is loosely based on Bella Swan from the Twilight Saga, while Nick is based on Jacob Black.
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