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Autumn Luce Ahlquist (born September 1, 1993) is a demigoddess child of Hera.


Autumn Luce Ahlquist was born September 1, 1993. She was raised by her workaholic father, Corey. Autumn was born with dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, minor OCD, Diabetes, and Bipolar disorder. She's been switching schools frequently and her personality can change drastically.


Autumn has a pretty toned down personality when she's content. She can be ultra enthusiastic about something and really depressed but she's usually a good happy. As mentioned above, she has dyslexia, like most half-bloods along with ADD and ADHD. As a fluke, she has OCD and bipolar disorder.


Autumn has red hair and green eyes. Her skin is fairly normal and she's not spotted with a single freckle. She looks nearly nothing like her father who has blonde hair and blue-green eyes.

Known family.

  • Adopted mortal brother, Kyle.
  • Adoptive Father, Corey.
  • Mother, Hera.
  • Unknown mortal father, probably killed.