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Vengeful-Vindice Vengeful-Vindice 11 June

Interesting Fanfic Idea

What if the Giants won and Gaia turned the gods to mortals whilst the Giants turned into gods with their energy?

Apollo would be traumatized (Cough, all of Trials Of Apollo)

Zeus would be a coward

Hades will feel lethargic and pessimistic about the situation

Poseidon would go mad

Athena would be the one trying to stay rational but loses hope

Artemis would just be annoyed but will try to comfort Apollo

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Vengeful-Vindice Vengeful-Vindice 23 May



"Is this where you wanted to go?" The cab rolled to a stop by the strawberry farm. I attempted to grab the door handle "Mhmm, thank you!". Whoosh! His hand was already set onto mine, he gave me a stare worthy of my dad's. "Pay first!" The taxi driver hollered, the door clicked thanks to him. I slid past the seat and rolled out of the car, hit the asphalt running and never turned back. Today is going to be MY day, for I'll be taking a child of Hephaestus. But why you ask? Well here's some backstory, I WAS once a half-blood, until I had enough of it. I mean, how boring it is to do and nearly DIE to the god's busy work? Sure, a quest was throw…

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GymGirl99 GymGirl99 30 April


Um, so I just created an account. I felt like it would be cool to stat a blog so I did. I don't really have anything to say so theses will probably be vvery boring and un interesting but hey, what did you expect. LOLZ.


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StygianHeart StygianHeart 21 September 2020

A Girl From The Underworld

So........ uh, yeah?

The Girl From The Underworld#Prologue

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FairyoftheIceDragon'sFlame FairyoftheIceDragon'sFlame 21 September 2020


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Bronys13 Bronys13 18 June 2020

Any one wanna make an OC group with me?

I created my character Irene Wright, who wants to create an OC group with me? Message board me.

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Sarah Frostmoon Sarah Frostmoon 31 January 2020

Half-Blood Half-Sister

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Ginny tonks 46676 Ginny tonks 46676 17 June 2019

Zoë Nightshade and Artemis

Artemis and Zoë feelings for each other but to scared of admit, fearing of what the other might think.  Told in first person! 

Zoë POV:

I walked to the tent at the far end of camp, I waited for my lady, Artemis let me in! I guess she knew I was there, because she said to enter, so I did! 

"My lady, Alice said thee wanted to see me?" she stared at me, looking so lost in thought. Then she snapped out of it. 

"huh? Oh yes! Here" she handed me a sliver necklace. 

"what is this for?" I asked

"a small surprise!" she looked like she wanted to hug me, but she just said: it's your birthday tomorrow, right?"

"my lady, my birthday is not for another month!" I knew that she knew when my birthday is, but she looked confused. 

"oh, that's right!" I turned to wa…

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Sky0150 Sky0150 4 April 2019

Percy J

Percy J is not the “Ordinary kid” Percy or as Perseus Jackson has dyslexia. 13-year-old Percy is also a demigod. His mother Sally Jackson and father position. Percy is in cabin,3.

Percy was not really spotted to be born (not to be rude.) He was a target for most monster’s

Zeus and Poseidon are brothers. Thalia is Zeus' daughter and Percy is Poseidon's son. Thaia is also a demigod. She was born on December 22. Percy’s other cousin is Annabeth.

“Families are messy. Immortal families are eternally messy. Sometimes the best we can do is to remind each other that we're related for better or for worse...and try to keep the maiming and killing to a minimum.” -Hermes,

“She has long, curly blond hair "like a princess." Percy Jackson said that she looke…

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Jercabethlove12 Jercabethlove12 8 March 2019

With HIM?

Nico never thought this would happen. He was going to highschool with Percy Jackson. Yes, yes, we all know that Nico told Percy that he used to think of him as more than a friend, but listen. We were going to Goode. All Percy's mortal friends would be there. Well, if you really want to know the reason he was going, he vollenteered. Will made him. Chiron made one person go to Goode with Percy. Peer Pressure away! Yay.(A/N Hey, that rhymes!) Well, there was no turning back on this now. He got out of the CHB van and waved to Argus. Longinly. He saw percy talking with one of his friends. He had the same friends, but this was a different school year for both of them. (A/N Im not going to focus on school, but more about friendship.) "PERCY JACKS…

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Jercabethlove12 Jercabethlove12 5 March 2019

How to kill (Emotionaly) Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase

  1. Tell him that you hate cookies. 
  2. Tell him you hate pizza.
  3. Tell him you hate all blue foods (Low Danger.)
  4. Tell him Frazel is the worst ship ever.
  5. Tell Annabeth that Percy dosen't love her and would rather keep her in Tartauras. (HIGHHHHHHHHH DANGER WARNING AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU WILLLLLLLLLLLLL DIEEEEEEEEEEEE SHE WILL DO THIS TO YOU: -----------------> )    
  6. Tell Annabeth Perachel RULES.
  7. Tell Annabeth and Percy you love Octavion and he is your favorite.
  8. Tell them Posiden and Athena should be together. (This might not annoy them on second thought.)
  9. Said the seven died.
  10. Remind them of Bob and Damend.
  11. Tell them they really didn't beat Gaia and she disroyd both camps==
  12. Tell Percy that Calypso is dead of sorrow 'cause Percy left her. =
  13. Remind them b…
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Ariana evans Ariana evans 19 February 2019

In defence of Hera

Whenever we think of the Queen of the gods ,we try to resist the urge of strangling her. Which is rational, given what she has done.But take a moment and think,"Did Hera ask Zeus to marry her?". The answer is no. Hera didn't want to get married to anyone in the first place.Zeus tricked her into doing so.

After their marriage Zeus cheated on her several times. Her children with Zeus were both disappointments. Athena was his favourite child. Heartbroken and worried that Zeus would leave her, she tried to leave Leto in labor so that she wouldn't give birth to Artemis and Apollo.

She was the the world's most terrible wife, cruel mother who threw her own child off a mountain, but we never see why she did it. She was the goddess of marriage and fa…

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Laylahll Laylahll 7 November 2018


Hey Reader!

So, I've been thinking of what to contribute to the Percy Jackson Fanfiction Wiki, and I thought about a collab! If anyone is interested in trying this out, please contact my user.

In other news, have you read Rick Riordan's most recent Trials of Apollo book? If you have, what were your thoughts on it? I think that it was as funny as ever and definetely as covered in twist and turns like... well, if you haven't read it, I won't spoil anything, but if you have, you'll probably know what twists and turns I'm talking about.

Anyways, if you have any recommendations or want to try out the collab, let me know!



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Eli Seaglory Eli Seaglory 17 May 2018

Funny pictures, memes, and videos about percy jackson (not hurtful things though)

to start this off, ill put a funny picture here.

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Nyx'schild Nyx'schild 20 April 2018


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Kronium345 Kronium345 3 April 2018


  • 1 Home
    • 1.1 Contents
    • 1.2 Welcome to the Pjofanficwikia Markus Henderson (Arcane Chaos) WikiEdit
    • 1.3 History Edit
      • 1.3.1 Early Life Edit
      • 1.3.2 Arrival at Camp Half-Blood Edit
      • 1.3.3 Quest to retrieve Lord Boltfarter's Nightlight Edit
      • 1.3.4 Defeating Khione and meeting Savitr Edit
      • 1.3.5 Quest to save Grover and retrieve the Golden Fleece Edit
      • 1.3.6 Training with powers, attaching runes and doing several missions. Edit
    • 1.4 Personality Edit
    • 1.5 Fatal Flaw Edit
    • 1.6 Appearance Edit
    • 1.7 Powers and Abilities Edit
    • 1.8 Weapons and Items Edit
    • 1.9 Relationships Edit
      • 1.9.1 Family Edit
        • Friends Edit
        • Girlfriends Edit
        • Companions Edit
        • Mentors Edit
        • Gods Edit
        • Titans Edit
        • Enemies Edit
    • 1.10 Trivia Edit


Markus Henderson[1] {| |Son of Poseidon |…

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XxSingingFishxX XxSingingFishxX 2 April 2018

Why am I doing this?

What in Tartarus is the point of blogs?! And why the hell did I start one? This stupid blog thing is closed forever. Now.

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TheAmericanDream TheAmericanDream 12 August 2017

A Glimpse into the Future: Introduction

15 years has lapsed since the conclusion of the Heroes of Olympus. Percy and Annabeth Jackson now run Camp Half-Blood. Their son and daughter, Charlie and Bianca, live with them in the Big House. Chiron, the previous Camp director, has retired and Dionysus has been freed early from his sentence at Camp Half-Blood.

Camp Half-Blood has grown. With a total of 28 cabins and over 200 campers, the camp is buzzing with life.

The past fifteen years have been (mostly) uneventful. Only minor quests have been given since the Prophecy of Seven, and the gods have only been relatively bothersome.

With the characters we know and love spread across the globe, a new generation of demigods will come together for a new quest. Will this new rag-tag team succeed,…

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Near is god Near is god 1 August 2017



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123Lou321 123Lou321 1 August 2017

Guess who decided to pop up

Whoops. Hey guys!!!

and people I don't know

and don't know me....

I know it must probably be weird to see a random stranger suddenly make up a blog OUT OF NOWHERE just to stop by and say hi. But for the people who still remember me (by now, you'll probably realize how old you guys are omfg), hi again!

I just really wanted to stop by and say hi to all of you! Ohkaay, I know it's just kinda awkward reading this weirdo's blog post, but yeah. I just wanted to say how amazed and surprised I am to see that after all these years... (always) this community that I've come to love and grow in is still here and it's amazing to see a lot of new users around here. Not that there weren't any people when I was around... Uh... Anyways, AAAAND I am shookt to s…

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TheUltraFamine TheUltraFamine 2 May 2017

The Horror of Hades Chapter 3


The trident didn't leave his head until he got to the woods. Percy had looked in awe at the note. "My mom-my mom she never told me. I-I never knew." Peter looked into his eyes. "Yeah, sure. I show up two years younger than you, and you had no idea. That can't be true. Did she hide all the squeaky toys?" Peter had never felt more angry in his life. Son of Poisedon......then how could he feel death?

"Peter", Annabeth said. She made it better. She was a beautiful blonde princess, like an older version of Rachel. Peter's shoulders stopped tensing up at her touch. "My boyfriend's justs surprised, like us all. We thought he was the only son of Poisedon." Oh, COME ON! She was dating his BROTHER? This is an ultimate failing demigod love story. …

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TheUltraFamine TheUltraFamine 21 April 2017

The Horror of Hades Chapter 2


Peter felt like his eyes were closed forever. He felt the heat of the fireballs about to be thrown. And then....he heard a shink sound and the heat went down a bit. Better now than never, Peter thought. He opened his eyes. He saw a pile of ashes, to surprised fire giants, and Rachel. He also saw Mr. Hill, but half-goat.

Yep, he remembered it from Greek mythology. His extremely obssesive social studies teacher was a satyr. "I heard you and Harry fighting something", Rachel said. She reached down and pulled her sword out of the ashes. " I decided to help." "Actually", Mr. Hill said," she was begging to help. I said it was too dangerous, and she said, Oh no but Peter's gonna die. So I let her. Then-" "Shut up", Peter and Rachel yelled at him.…

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TheUltraFamine TheUltraFamine 2 March 2017

The Horror of Hades Chapter 1


Peter was having a bad day before he got blasted with a fireball. He and his friend Harry had gotten expelled. The girl he liked, Rachel, didn't seem to like him back. And last but not least, his school was taking a trip to a cemetery. For dead people. Of course Peter always found dead thing interesting. Like if an ant died, a girl would scream but he'd look at it and say "Hey, cool ant." But dead people were different. He could somehow hear the power of them resonating in his ears. It gave him a splitting headache.

So did water. Anytime he was near it or in it, he felt like a dolphin. A disoriented, unhonorable dolphin.

Washington D.C. was a beautiful site. The White House stood far off tall and imposing. The Washington Monument stretc…

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TheUltraFamine TheUltraFamine 2 March 2017

The Chaos of Sky Fanfiction Series

These are the five fanfictions in the Chaos of Sky series that I'm making.

Book 1#: The Horror of Hades

Book 2#: The Children of Chaos

Book 3#: The Quest for Hermes

Book 4#: The Pieces of Sky

Book 5#: The Battle of Finality 

I'm not giving many spoilers, but the Horror of Hades will be narrated by Peter, Rachel, and Harry. You will soon find out their parentage.

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Near is god Near is god 20 February 2017

9000+ pages

We've officialy done it, our page count is now OVER 9000!

also i might be returning i really want to finish near's pr0tips and near theory and i also waant to reboot percy goes


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Near is god Near is god 25 December 2016

merry christmas

what the blog title says

i hope to be more active here soon

i have some ideas

until then merry christmas and happy new year

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SonOfZeus1200 SonOfZeus1200 5 September 2016

Pokemon Teams

Hey guys, so two months ago Pokemon Go came out and most of us have probably downloaded the game.So it jump started me thinking of what my ideal Pokemon team would be if I was a gym leader which then shifted somehow to thinking of what some of my characters' Pokemon teams would be.

Xaro Leitz: Xaro's team is mainly based off his Psychic/Dark type powers and I'm sure they refelct his personality very well.

]] 00:09, September 5, 2016 (UTC)

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Hazelcats Hazelcats 21 July 2016

Chat Bug


I messaged wikia about the message sending issue on chat and they looked into it and didn't see anything wrong with it. Don't know what happened or how it got fixed, but chat's working again. Yay!


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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 21 May 2016


I'll be giving up my admin rights shortly.

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Lover of the Muse Lover of the Muse 2 April 2016

mythologies to be explored

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BasicInsanity BasicInsanity 3 March 2016

The Strata of Half-Bloods

After the second war, Demigods were put under a new government system and military force at CampHalf-Blood.

The Strata of Half-Bloods: Is the government structure and military force of Camp Half-Blood. It was a redesign of Greek Forces and government. It is lead by up to five Strategos, with twelve Taxiarchs, and nine Lokahgos. 

The Rankings:A branded tattoo mark that is used to show status, identify the godly parent, and to show that the demigod has pledged themselves to the Gods and Demigods.

The mark is two crossed wreaths with the Godly parents symbol inbetween the wreaths. The Greek motto is placed under it in the greek language, the motto is 'Freedom or Death'. Under that are the markings using bared lines:

1st bar line: Being accepted i…

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DarkCyberWolf DarkCyberWolf 26 February 2016

Passing on the Torch

Hello. It has come to my attention that I have been inactive on the wiki for a while. One story that I said I was writing, Eternal Destiny, is one that I had planned to eventually pass on to another user. If anyone would like to continue that story, please let me know here so that I can privately give you all the relevant information.

Thank you. Why don't you make like M. C. Escher and get over yourself? (talk • contribs) 21:24, February 26, 2016 (UTC)

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Serpentking Serpentking 22 February 2016

Creativity Unleashed Wiki

It was awhile ago (two years, give or take). I posted a blog inviting people to come over to Creativity Unleashed wiki, which used to be a sister site to this wiki. As far as I could see, that hasn't had much of an impact. The main draw of the wiki is creating original works of writing. I know this community has talent, and my wiki had a lot of good talent, but our writers and critics have rapidly dwindled to nothing. To be honest, I'm kind of scared for my wiki, I've had so many good memories there, I don't want it to be forgotten. Please check it out. --Eternal Serpent King 02:00, February 22, 2016 (UTC)

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Oboebandgeek99 Oboebandgeek99 2 January 2016

new years update

whats up, i managed to be so inactive for so long but i guess im getting better. this is just an update of my life and whats going on.

now in terms of this wiki i do want to finish the arc that the mysterious poems are a part of. I like that some people (i.e. nearisgod) are speculating what the poems are about, but i will tell you, the poems are not the first part of the series. i wrote at least one story using the same characters im describing in the poems. just thought youd like to know. in terms of other stories, i might create a few from time to time to work on writing but mainly it would require me reading the books again (which were lost just after i joined the wiki). 

In terms of other writing, i've been trying to write for the SCP fo…

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 1 January 2016

Happy New Year!

I know I'm not actiive but I still love all of you happy new years

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Near is god Near is god 24 December 2015

Happy Holidays!

I wish you a merry Christmas, Hanukhuh, Kwanzaa, Mawlid al-Nabi, New Year's, Yule, Saturnalia, Rohatsu, Zarthost No-Dis, Dhanu, Winter Solstice, Newtonmas, etc.

I'll probably be inactive for a week or two b/c I'll be on vacation.

Happy Holidays!

- Near


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ArchieScotts ArchieScotts 23 November 2015

Book Club Session 3

Totally did not forget that I had to do this

Welp time for the third session of Book Club. You know the drill, read the book and then place your thoughts below as well as a review. 

The story we're doing this time is this


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Near is god Near is god 19 November 2015


Percy Jackson Goes has been cancelled.


There will be one last episode, priemering November 19th. Its about how Percy Jackson must struggle with the reality that the old sun must set for the new one to rise. 

And then there shall be no more.

But don't worry friends. 

If you ever want to reread them, a full list can be found here.


The series finale "Percy Jackson Goes Canceled " is up and posted.

Guys, no more Percy Jackson Goes anymore, forever.

lik dis if u cri evrytim

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 3 November 2015

My Novel

Shameless plug time. I've written a novel and it's out in November, most likely.

Webite here:

I appreciate your interest!

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ArchieScotts ArchieScotts 3 November 2015

Book Club Third Choice

(Alright, maybe third time's the charm) 

I'm reopening this because we have new wiki peeps and they might be interested in the old classics of the wiki. I might just open some of the old activities we used to do too

Anyway, for the new people this is where we choose what to read, here are the choices. I'll put up the choice around a week from now on a new blog where we will discuss the story/review it.

If you wanna add something else, just comment- though please let it be a completed story.

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StormWolfy StormWolfy 2 November 2015

My up coming Fanfiction

Hi people! I'm StormWolfy and I am new to this Wiki. Since reading the Percy Jackson Books, I have started to make a Fanfiction but I need a few characters. This blog is basicly asking if anyone would like their OC in the story. 

The story's name is The Wolf Princess and it is about a demi-god who is turned into a werewolf. Up until now I had thought I would just use canon characters along with my own OC but I have found this Wiki so I don't have to rely on canon characters anymore. 

These are the characters that I need:

A child of Athena, head camper, it would help if they don't like new things. 

A son of Hades, head camper, must be unavailable in some way (in love). 

A Satyr, no special requirements needed. 

If you want one of your OCs that do…

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Near is god Near is god 28 October 2015

Updates and Stuff

So bascially, here are my plans.

  1. Get started on 1718, I'm hoping to get the first few chapters in by mid November.
  2. Release a new Son of Reason every week on Wednesdays.
  3. Percy Jackson Goes and Kenny's Bizarre Day are both on hold for a while.
  4. A new Near's pr0tips will probably be releashed soon.  Probably.
  5. Comment more on other people's works.  Especially newer users.

A fancy signature proves nothing. ~ Near_is_god (talk • contribs) 22:09, October 28, 2015 (UTC)

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123Lou321 123Lou321 10 October 2015

Ohkay, Probably Good News for our Wiki

In the recent low activities of the wiki today, it's sad to see fanfictions drying out. But I'm just gonna cut to the chase because it would be hypocritical of me to say things like inactivity and lurking people. ANYWAYS, as my life as a big fan of the Percy Jackson series, (probably the only life I've had since middle school until now. Jk.) I have news. Maybe it's old but eh, news are news. Rick is making a new greek series called the Trials of Apollo.

I don't know about you guys but I am super excited about this. I've already got theories about this series and this series could possibly be a chance for our wiki to blossom again! It'll be published next year which is so near, I can already feel the book in my grasps. But next year for this…

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 5 October 2015

The Future of the PJOFFW Community

The wiki is dead, at least to me.

No more dwelling on it.

I just would like to propose we extend the community beyond this, and transcend the former limitation of PJO. Instead, I'd like to invite vets and people I know to join a group chat on our phones, where we can just talk about anything whenever and maybe talk about our own independent novels and writing.

Hope to see you all there!

I am a Warrior. 19:30, October 5, 2015 (UTC)

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Anikalovesnico Anikalovesnico 3 October 2015

Happy to be here!

Hiya! Anika here! I am soooo happy to be here and I hope that you will find me happy to!

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Beikeiai17 Beikeiai17 28 September 2015

News from Bei

Hi everyone, its Bei here. Its been a while since i've been on this site. Gods it could be for many reasons lol. But i'm just stopping by to let everyone (and anyone) known that i started posting this new story called Damon the Struggle on Wattpad. You could find it easier under the name ruben_cabrera. The story is about werewolves and there will be a sequel soon. I just wanted to get some avid readers and writers feedback so if you could please read it. Id really appreciate it.

Thanks and keep up the good work guys. Beikeiai out.

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Oboebandgeek99 Oboebandgeek99 25 September 2015

¯\ (ツ) /¯

Hey. For those of you that don't know me, I was a user that was mostly active from 2010 to 2012. At the time I was more than a novice-- I was downright terrible! Look at some of my old stories for a good laugh sometime. But in all seriousness, this wiki actually did a lot for me when I was just getting started in social media. Although I didn't know a lot of people personally, I felt like I had a connection with everyone and with this wiki. The wiki's problems were mine, and wiki friends were real friends. I mainly started becoming inactive due to my lack of creativity and motivation (plus I lost the PJO books in a box somewhere and I still haven't been able to find them... one day...). When I felt nostalgic back in 2013, I came back on he…

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Near is god Near is god 17 September 2015

is diz wiki deds and other polls

Be honest.

23:10, September 17, 2015 (UTC)
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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 10 August 2015


Im on an unexpected bacation with no free time or laptop.sorry. i will be back to editing and chatting ASAP

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 27 July 2015

Ideas to Restart the Wiki

So this wiki is dying, unfortunately. I don't see much of a chance of saving it, or even attracting new users, but here are some things we can do to at least gain some strength.

When that comes out, we want the influx of new readers, so we need to get ahold of the Magnus Chase Fanfiction domain if possible and redirect it to here. We're technically Half-Blood Fanfiction, right?

Bring back the sense of wonder and connection. Chat, comment on anything you can, write random blogs about whatever. Offer to do collabs with new users if you have the time and dedication. Start a new OC Club, even!

Whatever you do, keep writing, and read other people's stuff too. If it seems like reading and writing is rewarding, it will happen more.

That's all I have …

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