Brorius Desismus Danie
Rome shall rule the world with a iron hand or it shall burn underneath it
Captain of the 100th Legion
The Man With One Eye
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth December 8th
Current age 30
Gender Male
Family Mars (Father)

Sarah Danie (Mother)

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 7'8
Alias Captain Danie
Affiliation Rome
Weapons Gladius, Dagger and Spear
Species Roman Demigods
Home Rome
Appearances The Pyrrhic War
Quests None

Son of Mars: Roman God of War and a brothel girl called Sarah Danie


He was born in a brothel in Rome to Sarah Danie, she told him when he was 11 that his father was a daily customer at the brothel, a soldier by the looks of him but when he found out that she was pregnant he disappeared.

Brorius left the brothel and enlisted into the Legion where he slowly grew in rank using his skills of treachery and strength until he became the captain of the 100th Legion.


Long brown, matted hair with blue eyes....well eye, when he annihilated a family's farm a small boy slashed his eye with a knife and ran away with his sister so her wears a eye patch.

He usually wears full gear of Roman armor


He is a evil, Treacherous and sadistic person, would do anything to get what he wants and thats what made him become the Captain (lets just say the last captain didn't live....long)

He is cruel beyond anyone and would happily watch a baby cry in pain without flinching


Gold Gladiuss along with a ceremonial dagger, he carries around a long bronze spear.