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Calypso 'Cally' Claire Jackson was born on August 18, 1993. She is an unclaimed demigoddess.


Calypso was raised to age four by her 'father' Sam Jackson. She was abused and beaten by her father after her 'mother' died. She ran away at age four with severe wounds. She has raised herself to age sixteen on her own.


Calypso is a Caucasian female. She has unkempt black hair with twigs and sap from not bathing for a while. Her sea green eyes are always said to be filled with pain and rejection. Her normal outfit is whatever she can steal off an outdoor show rack.


Being a runaway, Calypso is sour and shy. She isn't very kind. She mostly keeps to herself and stays out of people's way. Usually she begs for food and money.

Known Family.

Calypso does not actually know any of her family, she knows she is not related to Sam or her so called mother because they both had light brown hair and everyone in their family did.


Runaway Calypso Jackson has the theme song 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' By Greenday.

Her namesake is Calypso, resident of the isolated isle, Ogygia.