Caroline as a teen, around 11-14.

Caroline C

Caroline Minerva Chase Castellan (born February 2, 2016) is the quarter-blood daughter of Luke Castellan and Annabeth Castellan (nee Chase).


In the year 2015, Luke reformed and got together with Annabeth. A year later, they had a baby. It is currently unknown how Percy and Thalia feel about this.

In Different Choice, Carol is a talkative three-year-old with a stealing problem.


Carol looks more like her mother than her father. She has a fair complexion. She has curly dirty/sandy/honey-blonde hair, like her mother, but the same piercing blue eyes as Luke and Hermes. She is 2'11 and weighs 42 pounds.


Carol is a friendly and outgoing child. She is very talkative, despite having a toddler vocabulary. She is a kleptomaniac (a person who steals compulsively) like her father, and intelligent like her mother. She likes bugs, Barbies, animals, and cartoons. Unlike Luke and Hermes, Carol and Hermes are actually on speaking terms. Her favorite color is purple. When she gets to be older, she has more of a skater girl style.


  • Carol is basically "an alternate version of Whispers in the Dark's Taylor Grace minus the tomboyishness, temper, and bossiness, plus Annabeth is her mother instead of Thalia."
  • Carol's middle name, Minerva, is "Athena" in Roman.
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