Casey Pound


___________________________________________________ Casey has the power to call opon fire or put fires out. He can raidiate pure heat or melt things just by touching them. He can build jut about anything just like other kids in his cabin. He was cursed by Haidies for being born becaus Haidies had insolted Hephestus by killing one of his favirite sons leo. Hephestus than found the mother of haidies's favorite/only son and well Casey was born. His curse is that on the full moon, every full moon, he turns into an unstopable force coleting souls for Haidies( Haidies had jus watched Ghost rider for the first time) His entire body became a black skeliton on fire. He can upgrade anything to his power level just by touching it but has no controle over himself when he is in this form.



Casey John Pound
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 10/26/1996
Current age 15
Gender Male
Family Tara(mom)
Status ok
Eye Color red
Hair Color black
Height {{{height}}}
Alias hothead
Affiliation son of Hephaestus
Weapons Bow and Stygian iron sword
Species human
Home Camp half-blood
Appearances Most of Doomsday's episodes
Quests None


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