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Percabeth is the romantic pairing of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. It is the most supported couple in Percy Jackson and The Olympians. This pairing rivals others as well including, Prachel (P/ercy and Rachel), and Lukabeth (Luk/e and Ann/abeth)

They started off with a love/hate relationship; Constantly arguing but it would show that they have a strong friendship.

Throughout the first book of the first Camp Half- Blood series, The Lightning Thief, they are shown two fight about the smallest things and that Annabeth has a crush on the Son of Hermes, Luke Castellan. In the end both seem like best friends as Annabeth departs to live with her father.

In the second book, The Sea of Monsters, they are shown as close friends who still fight a bit. They go on a quest together again to find the Golden Fleece that was the quest for the mythical hero, Jason. At the end, Annabeth wins the Camp's Chariot Race and kisses Percy on the cheek.

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