The Cezran Pantheon is the collection of gods of the Cezran Universe.


The gods are a collection of supernatural entities of immortality, immense power, and influence. Considered the supreme race of Cezra. While to humans and other magical creatures they are considered gods the word god is a relative terminology to describe them. The Cezran word for them is Et’etra. The word Et’etra can mean several things including god similar to the Japanese word for Kami. The word can mean spiritual being, immortal, divine among others. The gods aren’t of one direct lineage and there are different clans with their own histories.


The first gods were Almar and Aza also called the Mety Treion Et’etra (Great Original Gods) the Gods of Light and Darkness and the Eraden or The Infinite Ones. To Almar and Aza humans and even gods are considered as no more powerful or important than bacteria. The creation of the Almar and Aza was best attested by the poet Jujih. “Birth from himself, all and none was Almar. And he was the light given to himself and was infinite. Unbreakable from the light he was the Light and the light was him. Birth from himself, all, and none was Aza. And he was the darkness given to himself and was infinite. Unbreakable from the darkness he was the darkness and the darkness was him.”

They two brother were twins of infinite power the emerged inside the nothingness of the Ars-Ah the eternal void of Cezra. They emerged at the same moment being exactly the same age. However, Almar is attested as the older twin for this reason. When they emerged it marked the Beginning of Time within Cezra. However, Almar came into existence complete while Aza didn’t. While Aza emerged he was for lack of a better word unstable or fickle in his form. He would switch in and out of his form for eons, while Almar would patiently waited.

When Aza finally decided on a form he and Almar began being in harmony and balance. The brothers were the first powers and thus were infinite. Almar was Light, Creation, Bravery, Patience, Hope among others. While Aza was Darkness, Destruction, Cautious, Recklessness, Despair among others. However, when Almar wanted to implement creation and began making worlds for the brothers to rule over. Aza would send in calamities to erase them. This caused the Annünul or the Great War which ended with the Big Bang and the emergence of the Mety Et’etra.

During the Annünul Almar and Aza clashed constantly wounding one another. There blood remained in the Ars-Ah. When Almar defeated Aza and both came to agreement to both work on implanting creation, they created the event now called the Big Bang by current terminology. However, during the Big Bang the remaining blood in the Ars-Ah produce three new gods. From the brothers’ mixed blood came Tós. From Aza’s blood alone came Nevemev. Finally from the blood of Almar alone came Vitalal. These new gods were not as powerful as Almar or Aza but strong enough to help run the newly formed universe.

When the universe was created it was given a dualistic existence. There is one universe but it is split into two parts being in the same place separated by a magic and metaphysical barrier called the Veil. Like the two sides of a coin is how the universe exists. One one side is the Material World which is the physical dimension containing the billions of galaxies. On the other side is the Spiritual World which is the spiritual dimension being opposite in nature to the physical dimension. Between the two is the veil that which keeps both connected by separated by an infinite distance. Tós was given lordship over the universe to rule the Space-Time continuum that surrounds both parts of the universe as his power was already able to control it being made from blood of both Eraden. Nevemev had death powers more akin to ending life and bringing destruction to what existed in the Material World. So he was given lordship over the Spiritual World. Finally Vitalal with her powers of life was given rule over the Material World and to influence life over the cosmos. Tós became the God of Time, Nevemev became the God of Death, and Vitalal become the Goddess of Life.

However, Aza grew bored with there creation. He saw the pace of the universe was too slow. That it would take too long for lifeforms to be birthed to give the gods something to rule. So Aza retreated back to the Ars-Ah where he slept for eons. Almar stayed and watched patiently for the first lifeforms. It would be during this time that Aza during his sleep would look beyond Cezra and saw two other universes. One which would be one day called Riodanverse and another called Elenatin.

Riodanverse and Elenatin was new compared to Cezra. While Riodanverse had many mythologies and very similar to Cezra, Elenatin was the most different. Unlike both Elenatin was a dark hellish realm of fire and blood. From this primordial corrupt came demons. Which sought out to destroy the other two.

Divine Laws

The universe of Cezra that was created by Almar and Aza was written and willed into existence by the formation of the Divine Laws. These laws are the agreements that Almar and Aza came to when creating the universe. Tós the God of Time told Percy Jackson that the Divine Laws are necessary even when they seem unfair and even cruel.

Forbiddance of Sexual Assault: One of the very first laws written by Almar and Aza. As their compromise which was Aza could assist Almar with implementing creation, they decided on this law. As it was always their plan to have both the mortal and immortal races obey and worship them. They believed as the creation of the universe was a result of their willingness of godly love for each other, than any kind godly sexual assault on the mortal races is a mockery to the universe. As while gods hold tremendous power and immortality something had to be made for mortals that is too sacred to violate. Gods of Love, Sex, and Attraction influencing desires or passions aren’t breaking this law instead are enforcing it. So Almar in particular wrote most of this law while Aza wrote the punishment. If a god assaults a mortal in this way, either they are killed or stripped of their power and made human.

Forbiddance of Timira Orchestrating the Death of a God: The Timira the Goddesses of Destiny and Fate help the Mety Et’etra run the universe. However, even they have limitations. One being that while they can influence and orchestrating any mortal or immortal’s life. They are forbidden to write a god’s death. All beings with the exception of Almar and Aza have Books of Death metaphysical records of every living thing. Mortals have black books that write and rewrite themselves. Immortals like gods have golden books that only write the god’s life but not the end. They don’t dictate an immortal’s death as being immortal they are suppose to exist forever and it’s never known if they will ever be killed. The Death Books are written and rewritten based on factors and events resulted from the flow of time, the choices of the individual the book is about, circumstances, and whims of the Timira. As the Timira can will almost anything to happen Tós the God of Time stated that gods can’t be killed by the whims of the Timira. This law was written to persevere free-will. While Destiny and Fate can be written it can also be unwritten which only free-will can do that.

Existence of Light and Darkness: The oldest law of Cezra that was written from the result of when Almar and Aza imaged themselves into existence. Due to the infinite cosmic and universal power they possess and are, they are absolute immortals and are required to existence for all of eternity. Nothing in creation in any circumstances can destroy them and they cannot be disempowered as they are literally their power. Only Almar or Aza can destroy one each other and only with their consent. If one is destroyed it will release chain reactions on a universal scale. The other one can keep these chain reactions at bay. If both are destroyed than chain reactions are release on creation and will spill into the other universes.

Existence of Time, Death, and Life: The Mety Et’etra or Great Gods are required. They help to run the universe and it’s fundamental forces. Despite being immortal like any god and possessing power on a galactic level to even being able to influence their fundamental force over the universe, the Mety Et’etra can be destroyed. If they are destroyed all their power will seek out a new host. However, it is random and not even the Timira can influence it.


Mety Treion Et’etra

  • Almar the God of Light is the original supreme ruler of Cezra. Imaged itself into existence alongside Aza at the Beginning of Time.
  • Aza the God of Darkness is the twin god of Almar, imaged itself at the exact moment Almar did.

Mety Et’etra

  • Tós the God of Time and Space. Emerged from the spilled mixed blood of Almar and Aza.
  • Nevemev the God of Death. Emerged from Aza’s blood alone.
  • Vitala the Goddess of Life. Emerged from Almar’s blood alone.


Et'etra Court. Also simply called the Court is the main governing body of gods on Earth. Selected from the strongest of gods of all the clans. They rule the world and its inhabitants.

Aessorn (single Aessor) : Gods of Honor, Oaths, War, and Protections.

  • Tígo the God of the Hunt, Manhood, Lordship, Magic, Law, Knowledge, and Work also King of the Gods.
  • Kir Goddess of Womanhood, Marriage, Childbirth, and Oaths Queen of the Gods.
  • Laxo God of Lightning, Thunder, Storms, Rain, and the Air and Lord of the Sky. The firstborn son or Tígo and Kir.
  • Belevem God of the Harvest, Plants, Agriculture and Wildlife, Lord of the Earth. Secondborn son of Tígo and Kir.
  • Coron God of all bodies of water, Lord of the Ocean. Third born son of Tígo and Kir.
  • Emmed Goddess of War and Conquest. First Daughter of Tígo and Kir
  • Terle Goddess of Innocence, Chastity, and Childhood.
  • Durok God of Warriors, Combat, and Athleticism.

Oanir: Gods of Mysterious Acts.

  • Carvina Goddess of Magic, Knowledge, and the Hearth. Wife to Laxo.

Gianoto: Giant Gods.

  • Heetr: Gainoto of Fire. God of Fire, Blacksmith of the Gods and King of the Gainoto Race.

Types of Gods

The Cezran gods are immensely powerful immortal godly entities comparable to the Greco-Roman, Egyptian, and Norse gods of Percy Jackson's world. The parallel many things from Norse Mythology especially where the gods come from different tribes.

  • Aessorn: The members of this tribe of gods were created by Vitala and Nevemev’s thoughts given form.
  • Oanir: The members of this tribe of gods were created by Vitala and Nevemev mixing their godly blood together.
  • Gianoto: The members of this tribe of gods were created by Vitala and Nevemev taking material from Earth forming it and giving life to it. The Gianoto race of gods is the source of the Titans of Greek Mythology and the Jotunn of Norse Mythology.
  • Zrunon: Creations of Aza and were believed to be primeval gods of necessary human misery. After his compromise with Almar he created powerful Et’etra predating the very world themselves. Being almost as old as the Mety Et’etra
  • Timira: The Goddesses of Destiny and Fate created by Tós, Nevemev, and Vitala.
  • Ant’gela: The celestial guardian-esque gods created by Almar after the laws of the universe was made, the first beings to be born within the universe.

Magic & Abilities

All gods use magic for their powers. While each clan or tribe of gods has their own magic there are some shared abilities. All magic of the Gods is considered a type of God Magic.

  • God Physiology & Immortality: Gods are able to stay eternal youthful via their endless God Power. According to Carvina the Goddess of Magic immortality is built in their power. To the Et’etra they become immortal once their divinity is fully matured and once it has they can appear however old they want. The Mety Et’etra were born with fully matured God Power and thus can only be destroyed by Almar or Aza or themselves. However, the Mety Treion Et’etra are absolutely immortals being literally made of their God Power which is truly cosmic transcendental. To where as long as they exist they don’t age or can be destroyed by anything or anyone. As Aza put it, Almar and him exist outside of time. According to Tígo to all non-god races such as humans or Mageceza (Magic Creatures) gods are indestructible as only God Power can kill another god. The type of god is dependent on many factors. Such as Laxo, Belevem, and Coron the Gods of the Sky, Earth, and Oceans. Their powers developed from their natural affinity towards certain phenomena.
  • God Power: God Power is the everlasting source of a god’s power. It’s something akin to a seed or wellspring of magic within the individual god. A god doesn’t run out of magic, except if they either give their power away or give their entire being into creating something. The power of even a lesser god is enormous, to the point that the power of 1000 Master-Level Mages combined couldn’t match one. Kir stated God Power is what makes something a god, without it they become mortal.
  • Physical/Spiritual Form: Gods have the unique ability to transform into a spiritual form to enter the Spiritual World and to conduct other spiritual affairs. The ability to transform freely between being a physical or spiritual god is only possible via immortality. As without if a god attempted to become a spirit they would die.
  • Immense Strength: Gods typically have hundreds if not millions of times more strength than a human.


  • God Vs God: Like the Egyptian and Greece/Roman gods the Cezran gods simply will themselves immortal once their divinity has matured. Mety Et’etra were born with their divinity fully matured. Mety Treion Et’etra are absolute immortals as they are infinite powers. However, a god can kill another god, non-gods can harm or banish but can’t kill gods.
  • Laziness: While not requiring worship the gods being lazy is a concern. Whenever a god neglects what kind of god they are and thus their duty. Such as if a god of war doesn’t actively try to influence, start, or stop a war, it overtimes weakens them. This is because according to Tigo, gods have to be active otherwise without a purpose their existence is worthless. While usually not a concern if a god becomes extremely lazy it can cause them to fade. This is such laziness that they lose the will to live on. Gods like Vitalen don’t have to worry about this as much. As almost any action a god of Vitalen’s level is focused on her duty. Almar and Aza aren’t affected by this at all.
  • Oaths: An oath is considered a powerful magic contract between a god and something else. Gods can exchange for services or as a wager can make these contracts. An oath is a magical binding agreement and a god can’t break it. They can’t even try as it will prevent them from even starting. However, loopholes exist, primary in the form of a reading of the contract. An example is Vitala made an oath to herself to never directly kill any living creature, god or otherwise. However, loopholes such as fighting, non-living things, or birth things that can kill aren’t bound by this. Also, a god can’t make an oath that affects another god without that God’s freely given concest. Almar and Aza can break oaths as they are said to ''Transcend the Rules''.
  • God Magic: While the magic of humans or magical creatures can harm, bind, or banish a god. Only God Magic can kill a god. Tígo states only an immortal and fatally harm another. Humans typically can’t use God Magic as it is simply magic powered by God Power.
  • The King's Power: A singular power originally owned by Tós and given to Tígo after his victory against the armies of Gianotos. This power gives absolute authority over Cezra. To make laws and degrees that even the gods have to follow and are based on the magic of oaths. Almar and Aza are beyond this power and the only ones that can ignore it.
  • Divine Laws: All Gods with the possible exceptions of Almar and Aza have to obey the Divine Laws.


The Cezran gods are an eclectic fictitious Pantheon, born of numerous inspirational sources. Some are the Pantheons of Greek, Egyptian, Norse, and Shintoism. As well as video games as Elder Scrolls, and series television series as The Magicians.

These gods are the only ones native to Cezran Earth. While the Cezran World is similar to the Percy Jackson world. With most places being the same, and possessing many of their mythologies. Thus mythologies are simply cultures of the humans of the Cezran Earth. Many were influenced by the Cezran gods or simply made up by people of the numerous nations. According to Tós the God of Time. The literally billions upon billions of galaxies have gods. But the Earth is by far the most favorite of the Timira, the Mety Et’etra, and the Eradeen.

The powers of the Cezran Gods do work in the Percy Jackson universe. Same as the ones of the Percy Jackson universe work in Cezra.

Humans can apotheosis into a god. Spellcasters being the most common kind of human have been elevated to godhood via several methods. However, heroes of legends and myth were given divinity. Even some animals were transformed into gods.

1. Transformed by another God. Cezra Gods can make non-gods such as humans into being gods. By creating a wellspring of magic within something, if it survives they will reach godhood. However, unlike the Gods of Riodanverse, making a god doesn't weaken a god of Cezra. A Cezran God will create and plant a seed of magic within someone. Over time the seed will grow into a full wellspring like the other gods. This method is a secret among the gods, as the spell to make a god seed is only known by the highest-ranking gods. Once the individual matures their divinity and develops immortality is when the individual recognized as one of the gods. Usually, this is only a reward for services given to the gods. The strength of this new god is based on a high number of factors. Such as if the god was a mage before. The strength and nature of the god making the seed is an important factor. According to Carvina, while making gods doesn’t weaken a god as their God Power doesn’t run out. Making a mortal into a god of equal strength would require enormous time and effort, so most gods only make very minor ones.

2. Self-Made divinity. Typically even a very weak god has roughly 1000 times the Magical Strength of a Master-Level Mage. However, if a mage were to channel enough Magic Energy into their body and can contain it into can turn into “fake” God Power. The magic will turn into a wellspring. However, unlike a God Seed, this method is crude and often unsuccessful. Even when it works pseudo-gods require Age Magic to maintain their immortality. As unlike true-born gods or those that were given God Power the immortality isn’t built in and require other magic to not age.

3. Consumption of the Fruit from the Tree of Life: While the most safest way to become a god, it is also the most secret. The Tree of Life is a magic tree that produces the greatest of all fruits often eaten by the gods. If a mortal eats one fruit, they become a god and are infused with the fruit’s God Power. If a god eats from the Tree of Life they become intoxicated and experiences euphoria.

The immortality and powers of the Cezra Gods were based on some of the mechanics of the magic system of the series The Magicians. Particularly the immortality, Gods in this series, are naturally eternally young as a part of their God Physiology. Also, Magicians can stay eternally young via Age Suppression Spells. Cezran Gods are immortal. However, artificial gods have to maintain their eternal youth through powerful Age Magic. Tígo states the reasons pseudo-gods have to do this, is because their divinity is self-made and thus needs to be refined otherwise it vanishes.

Unlike in many mythologies, the Cezran gods don't typically marry or have intimate relations with family or at least the direct lines. Also, the races of gods created by Vitala, Nevemev, and Tós aren't related like brothers and sisters like the Greek or Egyptian Pantheons but like them the Cezran Pantheon Gods are made up of magic. The closest one could call the individual groups of gods related, would be distance blood related cousins like over ten times removed. Vitala explains it as, unlike humans when gods create gods using their bodies (outside of intimate relations) or powers they aren't seen as children. They are seen as creations. When a god has intimate relations, the offspring of those are considered those god's children and those children are considered closely related and are forbidden from sexual relationship. This was done, to prevent the incest often found in mythology. So while almost every god is technically related it's because they are all creations or children of Tós, Nevemev, and Vitala the first gods to be created after the emergence of the two godly brothers Almar and Aza.

According to Ben Summers, there is a cosmic level of difference between the strength of powers of the Et'etra, Mety Et'etra, and Mety Treion Et'etra. Such as Gods like Tigo are comparable to the Gods of Greek, Norse, or Egyptian Mythology of the Riodanverse. Gods like Vitala have the power to affect entire galaxies or even the universe to some extent. This strength is due to being born from the blood of Almar and Aza. Gods like Almar and Aza are able to effect entire universes effortlessly (at full power). However, he also states Gods of such power are often theoretically far easier to defeat. As for example, Aza's power is equal in strength to the despair he feel, so by making him happy renders him weaker and can render him with almost no strength. 

  • Vitala statements also give some insight. The Gods are basically Magic Power made flesh with a personality. She also states gods compare like this Tígo, Kir, Carvina, etc they are basically continents or planets, while Vitala, Nevermev, and Tós are galaxies, and Almar and Aza are universes. However, Almar and Aza’s full power is so great it is theoretically impossible even with Magic and an endless amount of time. To reach their full power like in Aza’s case it would take an enormous change within them, such a miracle would break all laws and release their true power. As even at 99% of his full power Vitalen, Nevemev, and Tós individually we’re still stronger albeit not by a great amount.
  • These were the inspiration for the Gods of Cezra. Gods like Tígo are to represent the classically well known gods like those of Greek, Norse, etc myth. Vitalen is to represent Cosmic Entities in comics books especially in D.C. and Marvel. While Almar and Aza are more original, representations of universal sources or powers that can’t be explained.
  • Cezran Gods are responsible and indirectly responsible for the creation of all the mythologies of the Cezra Earth. In particular the Norse Mythology. Was largely based off the history of the Et’etra. However, according to Carvina due to how humans are they added their own versions and terminology to the gods. Despite this the Cezra Gods don’t have split forms like the Greek/Roman Gods. Tígo explained it as it a god of Cezra we’re to do this, it would destroy them. As the conflicting personality versions would clash and eventually would make the god Fade.

The different clans of gods are classified by how they were made by Vitala, Nevemev, and/or Tós. Aza created the Zrunon dark gods of misery, while Almar created the Ant’gela or Angels a race of godly beings that serve him.

Unlike the gods of Riordanverse, the Cezran Gods aren’t manifestations of the world’s and nature’s power. Rather are immortal divine entities that possess powerful magic. However, whenever a Cezran god is killed usually by another god or some God Powered object or magic, it releases something as a chain reaction. The most common thing is an explosion or release of godly power. According to Tígo the separation of Pangaea was the Gainotoes that died. They destruction released such power it caused the continents to split apart. However, according to Tós the universe’s primal functions are linked to the Mety Et’etra that rules over them. For Tós he understands what happens simultaneously in the past, present, and all possible futures all over creation. Nevemev wrote the Laws of Death into the universe which created the Books of Death the metaphysical records of everything that can die mortal and immortal alike. Vitala wrote the Laws of Life and linked those laws to herself thus influencing life all over the Cosmos. Tós explained that despite being have power on a galactic scale the Material World is vast and needed to do this so they could rule the universe in all its infinite vastness. The laws effect the Spiritual World but are far more fluid. Almar also states the universe can run without any god, but without them it’s the Law of Nature. This is because life and death and all the natural phenomena of the universe were built to function without a godly presence. Example of this is Laxo. He is the Sky God of the planet Earth. His magic and whims are what causes the paths of the winds, storms, climate, etc. But if he were to leave or stop the world would simply pick up in his absence.

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