Dohohoho Crackfic! YAY! It's about Annabeth and Percy's kid being a brat. My friend and I made it up last night at our sleepover. Her name is Tiana. She's five in this. TATN / Thalia! 02:28, January 31, 2010 (UTC)


Percy's POV.

There was a warm hand on my shoulder, gently shaking. I stirred but didn't awake. Then there was a cooing. "Daddy? Daddy, I can't sleep." My eyes fluttered open and I saw the small figure of Tiana, her dark curls and her sea green eyes.

"What? What is it, darling?" I asked, my eyes needing to be held open.

"I can't sleep, daddy." She spoke softly.

"Have you tried?"

"Yes, daddy."

"Go to bed, Tia." Annabeth murmured.

"I can't sleep, mummy!" Tiana shrieked.

Annabeth and I shared a wince. I turned back to Tiana and sat up.

"You know, you can sleep here for a half-hour if you want." I offered the child. I could feel Annabeth glaring at me but I ignored her.

Tiana crawled in beside me and in moments she was asleep. Annabeth told me to take her back to her room. I protested, saying that I would just wake her up if I touched her. Annabeth gave me the 'why are we married?' look.

"Take her. She's kicking me." Annabeth grumbled, rolling over.

"As you wish, Lady Annabeth." I retorted.

Gently, I lifted her. Her green eyes fluttered open to look at me. "Why'd you wake me, daddy?" She murmured, voice thick with sleep.

"Because you needed to be put back in your own bed, sweetheart." I put her in her Disney Princess's blanket and kissed her forehead.

When I got back to the bedroom, Annabeth was sitting upright, looking at me. She gave me the 'you get the couch' look. I stole the top blanket, the warm comforter. I really hope this didn't mean a divorce.

Chapter Two, Fish Breath Or Seaweed Brain? Decisions...

Annabeth's POV.

By morn, all things had cleared up as usual. Tiana was happily playing with Barbie's. Percy was... being Percy. And I was making breakfast. Percy offered his help but only ended up with a kiss.

"Sorry, seaweed brain." I muttered. "No boys allowed... What smells like fish?"

Percy blushed. "Me."

"No. You smell like freshwater."

"My breath."

I laughed and continued making breakfast. I gave some to Tiana. She ate it contentedly. A peaceful morning flew by and I had taken to calling Percy 'fish breath'. He cringed every time. One time, Tiana said, "I like daddy's fish breath."

We both stifled laughs. Now, old seaweed brain, is fish breath.