Claire at age 10 when she first came to Camp Half-Blood

Claire Yew
is a demigod.


She has black hair and blue eyes rather then blonde like most Apollo children.

Name Claire Yew
Weapon of Choice: Sunblade
Hair Colour: black
Eye Colour: blue
Height: short
Birthday: 1997


She can be a little hot-headed being the granddaughter of Ares but mostly she's shy. She can see the past.

The Unforgiven Series

Claire is the main character. It takes place a week after Sea of Monsters. Claire is 10 years old. Claire's mother is murdered by Luke. Claire sees him in the past and tries to run after him. Whether by complete accident, the Fates, or magic, Claire ends up at Camp Half-Blood where she meets Percy. Then she meets Thalia. She also has a quarrel with Annabeth that leaves Claire out for blood. At the end it is a mystery who she wants to see. You learn in the sequel that it is her brother Michael, who she hasn't seen in 2 years because he never came back from camp. She has her drama of life at camp. Then, a year later, she sets out on a quest and retraces Luke's steps before he became a servant of Kronos. She journeys to the garden of the Hesperides and comes back with a little surprise. Will she also turn out to be a loyal servant to Kronos? Will she join the Hunters of Artemis? Who will she fight for in the Final Battle? Could a brother or a friend influence her? To find out, you'll have to read!

Claire at age 12 when she returns from a quest.

Unforgiven and Forbidden-

this was originally written by Leafy.

Unforgiven and Forgotten

Unforgiven and a Face-Off

Unforgiven and Family Trouble

Unforgiven and Fainthearted

Unforgiven and Furthermore

Unforgiven and Free-falling

Unforgiven and Father-Daughter Bonding


The Garden of the Sunset you shall penetrate

You will bear a mark once you leave through the gate

You shall be lucky enough to return from the quest

and realize your journey was only a test.

Known Family

-Apollo (father)

-Jenna Yew (mother)

-Ares (grandfather)

-Michael Yew (full brother)

-Maria Bell (half-sister)

-Lee Fletcher (half-brother)

-Molly Mcnelly (half-sister)

-Teresa Houston (half-sister)

-Kate Song (half-sister)

-Kyra/Kiwi (half-sister)

-Will Solace (half-brother)

-Kayla (half-sister)

-Austin (half-brother)

Other children of Apollo (half-siblings)