Damian Ranwood
Son of Hephaestus
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth January 3rd
Current age 17
Gender Male
Family Diana Ranwood (Mother)

Jason Ranwood (Older Brother, deceased) Angela Ranwood (Younger Sister)

Status alive
Eye Color light brown
Hair Color short cropped chocolate brown
Height 5' 11"
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Species Greek Half-Blood
Home Baltimore, Maryland
Appearances None
Quests None

Early Years

Damian grew up in a middle-class, very close-knit family. His older brother was always his playmate, and his younger sister was his little angel. He was very close to his mother, although she did work rather hard as a nurse, with many night shifts that resulted in a solitary life for him and his siblings at home. His earliest memory is of constructing a giant tower of blocks with tacky glue, and getting is all over his fingers, only to begin to lick off the glue. That was the first time his brother swore, thus he was give the name "Damn" by his older brother Jason. Up until his brother went into the army, he had little information on his godly parentage. Though once Jason died, Damian met his father, whom gave him a task, if he chose to accept it. Locate every forge in the United States that his father had created, and make something in it. Anything really, but still, Damian had to make it with his bare hands. Of course the boy lightly accepted the task, unsure of what he was getting into, and left home at fifteen, roughly a month after his brother's death. After a few months of roughing it out on his own, he then found Camp Half Blood, and has been training and trying to get a quest ever since.


He used to be a rather very family-oriented person, though now he isn't exactly super trusting. Though when you need a friend, he is there, and is very loyal as well as charming. Damian also has a bit of a humoristic side, and is very open to teamwork, though he can work on his own as well. His flaws include being rather spacey at times, lost in his own thoughts or ideas. He enjoys to read and create new inventions, particularly based on the works of Leonardo Da Vinci.