Demetre Julius
Son of Neptune
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth June 9th
Current age 22
Gender Male
Family Julia Iovita (Mother)

Otho Gregory (Younger Brother) Regulus Otheo (Younger Brother) Neptune (Father)

Status alive
Eye Color sea blue
Hair Color sandy blonde, medium length
Height 6' 1"
Alias "Dem" "Tre"
Affiliation The Pyrrhic War
Weapons "Nero", Trident
Species Roman Half-Blood
Home Venice, Italy
Appearances The Pyrrhic War
Quests None

Early Years

Demetre was born and raised in the beautiful, growing city of Venice, where he was always fond of both water, and art. He was trained like any other "able-bodied" young boy of the Roman Empire, to become a warrior and fight in the wars. Though, Demetre preferred to be with his family, or out at sea. By the age of twelve, he knew of his parentage, as well as his desire to be at sea for most of his life. Settling upon this, he was sent on one of the few ships the Roman Navy had to offer, where he homed in his skills of ships, the ocean, and a fond usage of the grand trident.


He is very family-oriented, a loyal friend if you happen to get on his good side. Though, Demetre has quite an eye for people, and tries to be very social with ones he finds pleasing. Compared to other sons of Neptune, his intelligence is remarkably high.