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Demigod High

A story about if Camp Half-Blood was a Highschool and if the gods were the teachers. Made by Luke 12346 and DaughterofTerpsichore (People that are not in the Percy Jackson series will be included so message me (Luke 12346) if you want your character a part of it.

This story is about a young 15 year old named Percy Jackson and his experiances and trials of Highschool, dating and adulthood.

Currently looking for writers.


Chapter One: I get beat up by a girl

Um....hi my name is Percy Jackson, i'm 15 years old, i guess you could call me just an ordinary guy with ordinary of them is getting myself into trouble.

I recently got myself expelled from my sixth school after a...... "Accident" involving a field trip to an old revoulutionary war zone, a cannon and a bus.

My parents are running out of places to send me, my dad, a guy called Poseidon (Yess just like the god) was really mad but he never shouted at me, he just walked onto the fire escape and stared down at the streets like he did when he was mad.

My mom, a wonder women called Sally Jackson, made me my favourite dinner, blue fries along with blue steak........i guess i should kinda explain the blue, my dad said it was possible to eat things that were blue, my mom tried it and he was right and they ate it ever since.

She came to my dad and they whispered something which spelt B-A-D in my mind.....Not another school.

Dad then came up to me and sat next me "Ok champ me and your mum have come to an decision, your uncles have recently opened a school right here in Manhattan and have offered me a place as co-headmaster...I'm gonna have you enlisted into the school" I stared at him for a while, a piece of blue steak hanging from my mouth "Dad i don't want to go to another school! I'll just get expelled from that one just like the rest....i can't risk disappointing you again" Poseidon looked at me, sympathy in his eyes "Don't worry son, i'll make sure your not expelled"

Another word for I won't allow you to.

5 Days later i found myself in my fathers car on my way to my new school called Halfblood High.

I stared out the window but i couldn't help glimpsing myself in the mirror, My untidy black hair was neatly combed (Thanks mom) and my green eyes seemed to sparkle like the sea just like my dads.

My school uniform was a orange blazer, a white, buttoned up polo shirt, a orange tie and brown trousers.

My backpack was on the seat next to me, loaded with all my school books like science, geography, history and even home ec.

Soon the car came to a stop in front of a big, marble building with gold lettering spelling out Halfblood Highschool.

People in school uniforms hanged around a large fountain in front of the building, i caught a glimpse of a girl with long, curly blond hair and grey eyes like a storm cloud, she wore a yankees cap and in that split second our eyes met.

And in the next second i lost sight of her when we passed a huge pine tree which a girl with short, black spiky hair and a guy with short cropped blonde hair and a scar above his lip sat, talking.

My dad opened the door for me and i climbed out, he then pulled out his briefcase and walked into the school before saying "I'll see you later son"

I lugged my pack over to the pine, ignoring the girl and boy on top of it and sat there, watching all the other students.

"Hi" I looked up to see the smiling face of the black haired girl "I'm Thalia, Thalia Grace" "H-Hi i'm Percy" She jumped down from her branch along with the blonde boy and shook my hand "This is my little brother, Jason" Jason shrugged "I'm the mature one" Thalia then punched him in the arm "Yeah right, remember when you were little and tried to eat a stapler" Jason put his finger to his scar and rubbed it "I was 3" I held back a chuckle "Stapler....yeah great source of calcium and metal" Me and Thalia laughed and after a second so did Jason.

"I can tell we're gonna be great friends" Jason said and he helped me up, Well the school year seems to be heading on track, i got two friends already.

Thats when things went wrong.

"Oh look its the son of Poseidon Jackson" Came a voice with humor in its sound, it was a female voice.

I turned to see the most ugly girl i've ever seen, she had rippling muscles that i was afraid would rip her shirt sleeve and she carried a switchblade knife with her.

"Clarisse" Thalia said with obvious hate in her voice.

"Whats up Goth girl" She said, completly ignoring me "Your daddy buy you a mansion yet?" I looked at Thalia quizzacly and she gave me a look which meant Tell you later.

Jason stepped forward "Get lost Steroid Girl, we're not here to cause trouble" I chuckled quietly but Clarisse heard it, she grabbed a fistfull of my shirt and raised her fist "Think its funny huh new guy?" And she punched me stright in the nose.

I fell onto the grass, a mettalic taste in my mouth..... blood

I got up, my sight was weird, there were two Clarisses?

I raised my fists to fight her off but she was quick, she punched me in the gut as fast as blink of the eye, grabbed my shirt again and head butted me, knocking me on the floor again.

I crawled, trying to escape but i felt her hand grab the back of my blazer, i was hurled into the pine tree, i coughed up what looked like blood, i looked up but suddenly everything went black.
Percy jackson girls

I woke up to the face of a cute girl staring down at me, she put a bandage across my forehead then she noticed i was awake "Oh good your awake" I then relised it was the blonde girl i saw at the fountain.

" i dead?" She laughed and i thought i died and gone to heavan "Nah, close but no, your in the medical room, Miss Hestia is consulting Mr Jackson and Grace about what happened"

I nodded and looked around to see shelfs of medical stuff like needles and band-aids "I'm Annabeth by the way" "Percy" "Nice to meet you Percy" I looked towards the door and saw two figures arguing, one was my dad and another which i reconized as Uncle Zeus.

"I am so expelled" She shook her head "Mr Jackson wouldn't allow it, he gave Clarisse about a months detention and talked to Mr Grace about i don't know what"

I nodded "Wait...what time is it?" She checked her phone "3:40" "I've missed 4th period?" "Yep" "Awesome" She giggled "You still have fifth and sixth to go" I sighed in frustration.

"Come on Seaweed Brain" She took my arm and helped me up "Can you walk ok?" I tested my feet and nodded "I'll be fine" "What lesson you got?" "Maths" "Oh cool i have the same, i'll walk you there" "Shouldn't that be the other way around?" "Do you want Clarisse's gang to beat you up on the way there? If i'm there she'll stay clear of you"

"Great...i'm being hunted by a crazy muscle girl on steriods and my bodyguard is a cute blonde girl"

Chapter Two: The Robson Siblings

I walked down the white hallways, bronze lockers on every corner, there were no people in the hallways but i got the distinct feeling i was getting watched.

"Make no moves, their watching us" Annabeth whispered "Who?" "Clarisse's friends, they've been trained in military tactics by her father, Ares La Rue, he's the gym teacher but used to be a seargeant in the US Army"

"Oh great, not only is she a heavy weight champ but she's trained in how to kill a guy with a spoon" Annabeth laughed again.

Soon we came to a door that said Maths Class 5: Mrs Athena Chase

We walked threw and i was stunned to see how many people were there, the class reminded me of a Greek Amphtheatre, the desks were made of oak and they were spotless.

"Wow..." I mouthed then i heard Mrs Chase stop teaching and turn to us.

She wore a simple grey dress and had a blue brooch in her long hair, she had grey intense eyes like Annabeth and i almost thought she was Annabeth's twin.

"Ah Mr Jackson, Mrs Chase i see that your back from the medical room" "Yes miss" "Well take your seats"

Annabeth took her seat right at the front then whispered to me "I'll save you a seat at lunch" I then walked over to a empty seat in the very back, along with two other guys.

They both had dark lines around their eyes but they looked pretty differant, One had untidy blonde hair and looked like he was about 16, he had a face that i swear all the girls were staring at or looking at pictures of him on their phone, he had the build of an athlete but he didn't seem to care, he didn't wear the blazer, he just wore the shirt and the tie (which was untied) He was tapping his finger on the desk, looking out at the sky, a pair of headphones in his ears.

The next one was a boy about my age, he had untidy black hair and wore an aviator's jacket instead of the blazer, he wore the shirt and tie though, his brown trousers were ripped and he wore combat boots.

I sat in the desk between them "Hi...i'm Percy" The black haired boy looked at me "Hi, my names Nico, this here is my friend Hope Robson" I nodded "So...." "Heard about your fight" I stopped and looked at him "Don't worry, i think she's a total b*tch as well"

I sighed in relief, i didn't want another person hating me or possibly beating me up "It wasn't my fault" "I know" I looked at him, confused "I was watching from the top of the school roof" "How did you get up there?" "My dad let me in" "Who's your dad?" "Dr Hades Di Angelo, Co-Headmaster along with uncle Poseidon"

I suddenly thought of something "Does this mean....we're cousins? My dad is Poseidon" Nico stared at me for a second then nodded "Yo Cousin" i laughed and just at that moment the bell rang, Hope was the first to stand up, he pushed his books into his satchel and walked out of the door (I swear the girls were watching him leave) Nico got up and i noticed a solid silver skull ring on his finger and his belt was made of chains "Later Percy" and he left me.

Annabeth came up to me and smiled at me "Lunch time, come on Seaweed Brain" "Whatever you say Teachers Pet" She laughed again, we then walked threw the crowded hallways towards the cafeteria.

The whole cafeteria was packed with people, some stood at the trashcans and talked, others ate their lunches and talked.

I was about to go to the lunch line when Annabeth grabbed my shoulder "Are you crazy?" I looked at her, annoyed "I'm hungry" "Look" She pointed to the farest table on the right, their sat some of the most ugly and buffest kids i ever saw, at first sight i thought that they were the wrestling team but i reconized the leader....Clarisse.

She glared at me and gave me a sneer "If you went to the line she would have come too and got her revenge" I sighed "So what am i ment to do then? Starve?" Annabeth pulled out a sandwich from her bag "I'l give you half" I could tell i was blushing but i hid it, i nodded and she split the sandwich.

We sat on a table on the far left, as far away from people then i could tell, i munched into my sandwich "Yum cheese sandwich!" "Yeah its my favourite" She said, munching at her sandwich as she read a paperback novel.

I looked around the cafeteria, everyone looked normal, i then saw that Hope guy walk over to a table with two other guys, one had jet black hair, green eyes and wore a red bandana, the next had black hair too but he had sky blue eyes.

Hope sat with them and he sipped on his soup.

I turned to Annabeth "Who are those guys?" Annabeth glanced up at the three guys "Those are the Robson brothers, the red bandana guy is Andrew, he's the eldest, Hope is the second eldest and the guy with blue eyes is Sabre, he's the youngest" "They're brothers? Hope looks nothing like them" "Hope is adopted, Andrew and Sabre are the real brothers" "Adopted? Why?" "His parents were murdered, Mr Robson adopted him when he turned twelve and he's been living with them ever since"

"Mr Robson?" "He's Mr Grace's uncle" " old is he exactly?" "89" "Wow!" "Yeah" "So does that mean Sabre, Hope and Andrew are Thalia and Jason's-" "Cousins? Yeah"


I looked back at her "That Hope kid, how come every girl looking at him?" Annabeth seemed to blush "Do you not see his face, he looks like a god!" I shut up after that, i just don't like girls going on about how handsome guys are, its shallow.

After lunch we headed outside "The only safe place for you is on the roof" Annabeth told me "The roof? Don't i need permission?"

"You were given permission, your father suggested it when we took you to the medical room"

"Oh....ok" The roof....i wonder if i'll meet Nico up there.

We came to a winding staircase upwards and soon we came to a door which said "Roof, Do not enter without permission" Annabeth pulled out a key from her blazer pocket and unlocked the door.

The roof was just as awesome as the school, it was made of solid marble and had railings at the top so you could see the bottom, it also had lots of vents, which we could just sit on, watching everyone down in the yard.

As i suspected, Nico was there.

He was standing by the railing, watching everyone below, he turned towards us "Oh hi Percy, Hey Wise Girl" Annabeth glared at him "Its Annabeth" "Yeah whatever Annie" he then went back to staring at the yard.

Annabeth shaked away her anger then turned to me "You can just stay here till the bell rings, your dad will then come to collect you and take you home" I looked at her "Wait...after lunch its time to go home?" "Yes" "Isn't it-" "This school runs differantly" ""

Annabeth smiled then turned around "Wait!" I said "Your not staying?" She turned to me "I just taught you how to stay alive at this school, your on your own now"

I stared at her, feeling...i dunno, like have just been stabbed to the heart "Um...ok, fine" I turned my back to her, should have knew it...a girl like her would never like a guy like me.

Suddenly i felt something press against my cheek, a pair of lips, then the next second i saw Annabeth flash a wink at me and run down the stairs.

I must have been standing there for awhile, red as a tomato, because the next second the bell rang. Nico passed me by "Bye Perce, see ya tommorow"

I waved goodbye and sat on a vent, waiting for my dad.

I hate to admit it...but i was kinda scared...i mean come on, A girl who looked like she had a steriod addiction was after me and i was alone on the roof of a building...who wouldn't be scared?

I heard footsteps come up the stairs, for one dreadful moment i thought it was Clarisse but the next second my dad came up, a ton of Textbooks in his bag.

"Hi Percy, ready to go?"

"Yeah dad"

Chapter Three: The New Girl

The next day i woke up to the sound of someone packing my bag, i expected it to be my mum but you can imagine the surprise when i saw Annabeth there.

I jumped, and i went red because i was only wearing shorts, Annabeth turned to me, ignoring my half-nakedniss and smiled at me "You drool in your sleep you know" I blushed and wiped the drool from my mouth "What in the world are you doing here?!" "My moms here" I stared at her for a minute "All the teachers are here" she finally said.

I jumped out of bed and pulled on my school uniform "What are they doing here anyway?" "Welcoming a new teacher"

"Whos the new teacher?"

"Mr Hyperion Milan, he brought his daughter too" I looked around, expecting to see her here too "Wait...does that mean that Nico is here too?" "No he, Thalia and Jason are at school" "Wait...then whos at the school?" "Argus, he's the janitor/security at the school"

Ok...that school was weird "Why are you in my room?" "I came to say hello and organize your bag, do you just throw everything in?"

"Uh...yeah, is there another way to do it?" "Oh yes, in fact there are 20 ways" I sighed "By the way, who is this girl?"

"This Girl has a name" came a voice behind me.

I turned around to see a girl, about my age with long blonde hair and red eyes wearing the school uniform and skirt, staring at me.

" sorry, I'm Percy" "Mr Jackson's son?" "Yeah" "I'm Reya, Reya Milan" I sort of blushed, she was...cute.

"So...who's your dad?"

"He's the new Science Teacher, Hyperion Milan"

"Oh is cool" She then smiled and i swear i thought i would go blind, this girl had some major shiny teeth!

She then came over to me and clapped me on the shoulder "Annabeth here told me about your little fight with Clarisse yesterday" "More like a massacre..." I muttered "Don't worry, i'll stay by your side and make sure your not turned into a pancake"

"Gee thanks for the support..."

So we sat around talking, all three of us, apparently Reya had been living in Manhatten along with me, her father had been looking for a job for a couple of weeks and Halfblood High had been the only ones that had said yes to his application.

We talked like this till a man with short, honey colored hair and golden eyes came into the room "Reya dear its time to go to school" Reya flashed me a wink and walked out the room with her dad and Athena and Poseidon entered the room.

"Come on you two" We stood up and left the room too and soon we found ourselves in the same car, heading to Camp.

Poseidon and Athena argued, i could tell they didn't like each other much.

I stared outside most of the time because Annabeth was doing something on her phone...I think it was some kind of Architecture app or whatever.

We soon came to the parking lot and i split away from Annabeth, her mom taking her to her office and i had Science for first period.

I grabbed my pack and walked down the hall, careful to stick to the crowds so Clarisse or any of her gang wouldn't see me, i quickly ducked into the classroom

I caught a glimpse of Reya, sitting in the corner of the class while her dad wrote some formula's on the chalk board.

I sat next to her, she smiled when she saw me "Whats up Perce?" "Hey Reya" "See you haven't been beaten up" "Woohoo for me"

We laughed then suddenly someone i did not wanna see came towards us

"Whats up Punk?"

Clarisse and two of her goons faced me.

Chapter Four: My First Day of School

Reya's POV

"You must be Clarrise. Heard you beat up Percy yesterday. That wasn't nice."

"Shut up, newbie. Unless you want to go to the imfirmiry like Percy did yesterday."

"You know, I'm good." Clarrise raised her fist to punch me, but my dad broke into the argument.

"What is going on here?"

"Nothing, Dad. Clarrise was just playing around. Right, Clarrise?" Clarrise nodded her head.

"This isn't over, newbie. I'll see you at lunch." Clarrise and her cronies walked away. My dad started teaching class and everyone settled down. After all my classes, I headed to lunch. I got some food from the line and then sat down by Percy and Annabeth.

"Hey, Reya. How was your first day?"

"Pretty good, actually. Almost got beat up, but I handled it. Pretty easy."

"You stood up to Clarrise! Do you want to get killed?" Annabeth freaked out.

"It wasn't that bad."

"You are crazy. Positively crazy."

"Thank you. That touches my heart." We all cracked up laughing. Then someone bumped into the chair I was sitting on and spilled their food all over me. "What the fuuu-!" I looked behind me and standing there was a boy with blonde hair with a scar over his lip.

"Sorry. I- I accidently bumped into your chair. Hey, Percy."

"Hey, Jason. Have you met Reya. Her dad is Mr. Milan, the new science teacher."

"Hi. I'm Jason Grace. Sorry 'bout that. At least it's not spaggehti day." He sat down next to Annabeth. We ate our lunch, then I went to my dad's classroom to wait for him to be done so we could go home.

Chapter Five: I go on a date with two girls

I walked down the halls, they all seemed deserted and i didn't get the feeling i was being watched so i knew i was safe.

I then saw Reya sitting in her dads Classroom, so i went in.

Reya was surprised to see me but it was kinda hard not to laugh, her uniform was covered in stains and lone bits of food when Jason spilled his lunch on her.

"Come on, you gotta get yourself cleaned up" I took her hand and we went down to the girls bathroom "See you in a minute" She said, slipping threw the door.

I waited outside for what seemed like hours, how long did it take girls to change clothes?

Suddenly Annabeth popped out of nowhere, she walked down the halls, reading a book when she saw me "Oh Percy!" She came over to me "I was wondering, do you wanna go out for pizza later?" "What?" "My treat" "Um.....sure" She smiled then walked down the hall.

Did she just ask me out?

Soon after that Reya came out in casual clothes, a dark jacket and t-shirt along with jeans and sneakers "Thanks Percy" "No Problem" She seemed to blush "You wanna...go for something to eat, I got a text from my dad and he's working late so..." "Oh um..." "I would really appreciate it"

Two dates with two girls? Ok this really didn't happen to me! I couldn't be!

"Um sure...wanna go for pizza?" "That sounds great!" she looped her arm threw mine and we walked down the hall.

What am i gonna do? Annabeth never gave me a direct time, she could come at any second and that would be the end of that relationship.

I nibbled on my pizza, Reya was talking about the lessons she was gonna take next year, saying she enjoyed Chemistry and Art but she also like Science but thinks its just not for her.

I tried to stay interested but it was hard while looking at the front door, expecting your other date to walk in and see me with another girl.

Finally Reya got up "Gotta go to the little girls room, won't be long" She gave me a wink and walked off, I put my head in my hands, i was in a really tough situation.

"Hey Percy" I jumped, there, looking beautiful, was Annabeth, her blonde hair in a braid and she was wearing a plain white t-shirt, jeans and sneakers so she looked pretty normal but to me she was like a goddess.

She glanced at my table "You already ate? Awww you ruined your appetite" "Uh sorry, you took your time" Ok i was freaking out! Reya would soon come out and that would be the end of that relationship too!

"I'm gonna go order, see you in a minute" She then walked into the crowded line till she was out of sight, Reya chose that time to come back out "Sorry i took so long, had to re adjust my make up" I chuckled "You wear make up?" "Every girl wears makeup Percy" "Never thought you would, i had you for the....rebel, i don't care what i look like type"

"Well...some girls want to look great sometimes" She blushed.

"Wait...your doing this for me?" She smiled at me then punched my arm "Ow!" "Tell anyone at school and i will kill you" and she smiled again.

She then got up "I gotta go, my dad is probably home by now" She kissed me on the cheek "See ya later Perce" And she left.

I was saved! Now i could be on my date with Annabeth!

Annabeth came back with a full sized pizza "Yum" she took a bite "Want some?" "Nah thanks, just ate" She smiled and ate on.

We talked, surprisingly she and Reya talked about the same things, She wanted to take Art, Maths, History and Science next year and she's joining the chess club, math club, archtecture club and pretty much all the clubs.

We talked for so long that i didn't relise everybody leave "Oh god is it that late, i better get home" She grabbed her jacket and put it on "Do you want me to walk you home?" "I'm trained in martial arts Percy, i can handle yourself" I smiled "Bye then"

The next second she kissed me.

I melted in to it but it was quick and the scariest bit, when i pulled away i saw Reya, not Annabeth.

"Percy?" i shook my head "Its nothing" She stared at me then decided it was nothing "Night then"


Chapter Six: Percy confesses His Feelings

(Reya's POV)

I walked home alone. The date with Percy was awesome. I turned a corner and was grabbed from behind. I grabbed the hand and flipped the person over me. I looked to see who it was. It was, "Percy? What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to make sure you were okay. It's getting dark out. I was afraid Clarrise and her goons would come after you. At least I know you can protect yourself."

"I'm a black belt in karate. I'm a black belt. Here, let me help you up." I grabbed Percy's hand and pulled him up. "Well, see you at school tomorrow."

"Sure, I guess. 'Night."

"'Night." I gave him a peck on the cheek and then turned to walk home. When I got there, I changed into some PJs and went to bed.

The next day I woke up and got ready for school. When I got there, I looked for Percy, but he seemed to be avoiding me. I went to my classes, but at lunch I went straight to Percy. "Are you avoiding me?"

"No. Why would you think that?"

"Well, I was looking for you all morning, but every time I saw you, you ducked away to avoid me."

"Okay, I have to tell you something. Last night, both you and Annabeth asked me out. I didn't want to be rude to either of you, so I didn't say no. Are you made?"

"No. You tried being nice. I get that. But that wasn't the only reason you said yes to both of us. You like us both."

"What? That's crazy." I gave him the eye. "Okay, fine. I like the both of you, but I don't know which one I like-like."

"Yes, you do. You just can't face the truth. Now, stop avoiding me. Got it?"

"Yes, Ma'm. I will stop avoiding you. Can we eat now?"

Chapter Sevan: I Cause the Great Half-Blood High Food Fight

I ate my lunch in quiet, i glance at Reya and Annabeth and my heart hurt.

Reya said i knew which one i liked...But i don't know if she's right, when i looked at them i felt my heart skip a beat but i just couldn't decide.

Finally i finished my lunch, i stood up and walked towards the rack which you put your trays on and slided it in, i was about to head back to my seat when two Ugly guys blocked my way.

"Clarisse would like a word with you"

I sighed, not again! Come on i've had enough of this "Why don't you find someone else to torture, or how about you two stop bashing your heads against the wall, it seriously isn't helping your appearance dudes" Thats when they lost it.

One tried to punch me in the face but i ducked and pushed him away, i tried to get away but the other big ugly guy (Lets just call them BUG's) grabbed me by my blazer and threw me into the air and i crashed into a trash can.

"Percy!" I heard voices, angry shouts, painful grunts and when everything came back into focus i saw the BUG on the right having Reya on his back, pouring milkshake on his face and Annabeth, dodging cupcakes and throwing a mystery meat burger into the BUG on the left's face.

I staggered up and the next second i saw Thalia, standing on one of the lunch tables, running to help, a custard pie in her hand.

She leaped from the table and face planted the BUG in the face with the pie.

I saw Jason slide threw the BUG which had Reya on his back's feet and kick him in the family jewels, Reya then jumped off and together they punched him on each side of his face, sending him spiralling to the floor.

It came apparent everyone was following their lead cause food was flying everywhere and there was excited shouting.

I saw Clarisse, her clothes splattered with food, i could tell she would have killed me if she hadn't taken a mince pie to the face (Thank you Reya)

I pulled myself towards the door, a painful feeling on the back of my head, everything seemed to be going in slow motion, i saw food flying threw the air, kids slipping on the wet floors, Clarisse's gang trying to fight the chaos but taking food to their faces.

I pushed threw the door and fell to my knees, something was wrong...what's happening? I felt someone touch my shoulder and saw Reya, Thalia, Jason and Annabeth staring down at me, talking. Their voices were deep like darth vaders...ok some serious was wrong...

Everything felt numb a second later then everything went black

Chapter Eight: I lose some blood, but Percy gets more

(Reya's POV)

Oh, god. The back of Percy's head was bleeding. Annabeth, Jason, Thalia, and I brought him down to the nurse's office. "This is not good. He has a cut on the back of his head. Pretty deep. Didn't get through the skull, though, so his brain is fine. Reya, call 911. We need to get him to a hospital." I grabbed the phone and dialed 911 as quick as I could.


"Hi, yeah, we have a boy here with a serious cut on the back of his head."

"What is your address?"

"1236 Broadway, New York City."

"How long ago did this happen?"

"A few minutes ago."

"Okay, we'll have the nearest hospital send an ambulance over as soon as possible. But we have a few more questions. Is this boy still consious?"

"No, he blacked out."

"How deep is the cut?"

"I can see bone, I can tell you that."

"Thank you. We'll tell the hospital that too. Good bye." They hung up and soon we heard sirens heading down Broadway.

"Guys, they're sending an ambulance. They'll be here any minute." Right on que, the doors to the school burst open and a couple men and women with a hospital bed thingy came runnin down the hallway. We helped get him on.

"Okay, we need an adult and a couple witnesses to come with us." Annabeth and I stepped foward. Annabeth's face was all red and and she had tears running down her face. I rubbed my eyes and I noticed I was crying too. The nurse also stepped foward to go with. "Thank you. Come with us." We ran out to the ambulance and we got in the back by Percy. He moaned and opened his eyes just the littlest bit.

"Reya? Wha- what happened?" He reached for my hand.

"You have a cut on the back of your head. It's bad, Percy. We're in the ambulance, we're takin you to the hospital."

"My head hurts, Reya." He closed his eyes again. We arrived at the hospital and the nurses wheeled him inside. One of them stayed beind with us.

"Here, please sit in this room right here. We'll have the boy's doctor talk to you. Who is this boy?"

"Percy Jackson." Annabeth and I said it at the same time. I grabbed the remot for the TV in there and turned it one the news.

" We just got reported that a young 7th grader got stabbed in the back of the head at school. He is currently in the hospital. The police are questioning students and teachers at his school. HIs parents have been notified, and it turns out this boy's father is the co-headmaster of this school. We all hope and pray that this boy lives. Now for our weather report."

"How could the media know already?"

"THey have people everywhere. If a singer misses one note, the media is saying that she or he is losing their star potential, right when they do it. Now let's hope Percy doesn't have any serious damage to his body. And please turn the channel on the TV. How about MTV or something?" Just then the doctor walked in.

"Well, Percy doesn't have any serious damage. He lost a lot of blood. He needs more. Would any of you donate some to him?" I raised my hand. I would do anything to protect Percy. Even donate precious blood. The doctor ushered me out of the room down to see Percy. He was lying in his hospital bed, his head wrapped in bandages. I sat in a chair by his bed. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson were already there. "Well, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, we have a volunteer for blood. This young lady right here. I waved hello to them.

"Thank you Reya. You have no idea how much this means to us." Mrs. Jackson reached over and hugged me.

"Well, we already know your blood type, Reya, and it's the same as Percy's. We can take the blood right now, if you're okay with it. First we will contact your parents, but parents always say okay to drawing blood for a friend." The doctor picked up his phone and called my parents. "Hullo? Yes, Reya's okay. Well, the student that got cut in the head needs more blood, and your daughter offered hers. Is that okay with you? Great. Goodbye." He turned to me. "Well, they said okay. I have the tools right in here." The doctor grabbed a syringe and had a nurse wipe my arm so it was clean. The doctor inserted the needled into the inside of my elbow. There was pressure on it. It felt really uncomforable, but good at the same time. It got a little pale around my elbow, but the doctor pulled the needle out. The syringe was full of blood... my blood. I almost threw up looking at it. The nurse gave me a cup of water. I gulped in down. "Well, that's all we need from you, Reya. And before we went into the waiting room to get you, the police called us. They know who stabbed Percy.

"Who was it?"

"Clarrise La Rue."

Chapter Nine: I Have my feelings get more jumbled

I woke up to the sound of beeping, the mumurs of talking sad crying.

I opened my eyes to see Reya, her red eyes staring down at me "Percy!" she then crushed me in a bear hug "Ah...come on i took a stab to the head, i don't want my ribs fractured!"

She laughed and let go of me, i then noticed Annabeth, asleep on a chair right next to me "She didn't leave your side for one minute, she fell asleep about an hour ago" "An hour? How long have i been here?" "Like 7 hours, your mom and dad are outside in the waiting room, they let us stay because i gave blood for you"

I stared at her "You gave blood for me?" "Just 2 litres" She pulled up her sleeve to show bandage on her arm "Oh god...Reya i'm sorry" "You take a knife to the head and you say sorry to me?" I laughed.

"Wait...did they find out who stabbed me?" "Yeah...but you'll not likIe who" "Oh let me guess....Clarisse" She nodded "They took her to the station but her dad has a relationship with the police, i don't think she'll stay there long"

I sighed "At least i'm free for a thy days" "Your off for a whole 2 weeks so you can recover" "Yay for me" She laughed then looked at me, a sad look in her eyes "You do look bad Percy" "Oh thanks alot, remember you asked me on a date"

Reya laughed "No, you do look unwell Perce" I nodded "Feel like i had the back of my head sucked into a leaf blower"

Reya chuckled then held my hand "Hope ya get better soon" I smiled at her "Thanks" She then leaned forwards, i expected another peck on the cheek but she kissed me full on the lips.

It was just like when i kissed Annabeth, i melted into it.

She pulled away 19 seconds later and smiled down at me "See ya later Percy" She got up and left the room, leaving me with the sleeping Annabeth.

Annabeth looked like a little angel asleep, she looked like she had been crying alot.

I sighed then closed my eyes, thinking that kiss would just make my mind get more confused, couldn't girls give me a break?!

Chapter Ten: I get my first boyfriend

Reya's POV

It wasn't the same at school without Percy. Clarrise wasn't there either, but that was a good thing. At lunch, everyone was crowding us, asking about Percy and asking me why I gave him blood. (I still don't know how they found out about that.) We just said he was fine. I visited him every day after school, checking on him. Sometimes Annabeth came with. One day, when I got to Percy's house, Mrs. Jackson said he went to my house to talk to me. I ran there, wondering why he would go over there. When I got there, Percy was sitting at my kitchen table, chatting with my dad. "Hey, Dad. Hey, Percy. What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to talk. It's something really important." I stared at my dad, givin him the eye. He walked out of the room, even though I knew he would stay where he could hear us.

"What did you want to talk about?"

"You know how you told me that I knew who I really liked? Well, I know now."

"Who is it?"

"It's you. I reallly like you, Reya." He scrunched up like he was expecting a punch. "Please don't hurt me." I didn't hurt him. Instead, I kissed him. I melted into the kiss. Percy was surprised at first, but then he leaned into the kiss. I pulled away.

"I really like you too, Percy."

"Really?" I nodded. "So......... Would you like to be my girlfriend?"

"YES!" I kissed him again. Best. Kiss. Ever.

Chapter Eleven: The Calm Before the Dodgeball Storm

I gotta tell you, that weekend was the best of my life, i mean i've never had a girlfriend before (Stop laughing!) but Reya, she didn't make me have to scrunch up my brain to know the answer to something she just...she just made everything happy.

We spent the entire weekend together, I came over to her house and we spent hours sitting on the couch or in her bedroom, talking and sometimes kissing.

Honestly i never been this happy, well...until school started again...on that morning on Monday.

I walked threw the school yard, my arm around Reya, everyone rushed towards me and asked if i was ok and if me and Reya were a couple.

Some even touched the bandage on the back of my head but it only let out small numb sensations, i saw Nico on the roof, stairing down at me but he gave me a thumbs up and he gave a small smile.

I saw Jason and Thalia sitting in the same tree that they were in the first day and they smiled at me, mouthing Welcome Back.

The only one who wasn't thrilled to see me was Annabeth.

I spotted her by the doors, she was holding her school books so tight her knuckles were turning white and she had this look on her face....betrayal? Jealousy? Sadness?

I don't know because the next second she stormed inside.

Reya steared me towards the dumpsters, the only private place in the yard and she kissed me, I kissed her back but my mind was still on Annabeth, I know we had one date but...i didn't figure she would react like that after my choice.

Reya felt my hesisitation and pulled away "Percy, you ok?" "Uh...yeah everyone kept touching the bandage" I smiled at her, she believed me and stroked the back of my head "That feel better?" "Yeah" I purred, it really did feel good.

I kissed her again, with no hesitation, making my mind forget all about Annabeth and i melted into it.

I only relised how much time had gone past when someone tapped me on the shoulder, i turned to see a guy with long blonde hair that was tied into a ponytail and blue eyes, tanned skin and the build of a surfer, wearing a grey uniform which had a name tag saying "Argus"

He grunted and tapped his watch, Reya checked hers "Oh god we'll be late for Gym!" She grabbed my hand and we ran away from the dumpsters towards the Gym, i could feel Argus's eyes on me, man this dude see's everything.

We seperated when she went into the girls changing room and i went into the guys.

I saw Jason and Nico their, also that Sabre kid, he looked like he was about 13.

I put down my bag and pulled out my gym clothes, an old grey t-shirt, some white sneakers, white socks and black shorts.

Jason came towards me, he had already got changed "How ya feeling Perce?" "I've felt better" He laughed " and Reya..." I nodded "I really like her"

"I had always thought that it would be you and Annabeth" "Me and Annabeth? We only went on one date, and it was a pizza date" "Didn't you read the signs?" I stared at him "The signs?" "She likes you dude!" I stared at him "She does? no way we only had one date, and it wasn't even a date, we went as friends" "But did she do anything at the end?"

I hid my feelings, Annabeth had kissed me at the end of the date...but my brain had made it feel like Reya.

"Nothing, nothing happened, we just said goodbye and went home" Jason looked at me, i could tell he didn't believe me but he nodded "Ok then, must have been mistaken" He patted me on the shoulder and we went towards the gym along with the girls.

I know its weird, the boys and girls being in the same gym but this is a weird school.

That was the first time i met Clarisse's dad, he had the build of the Hulk and he was freaking tall! He wore a leather jacket, ripped jeans, combat boots and sunglasses, He had an army hair cut, shaved and he had numerous scars on his face.

He gave me evil smile as i entered the gym and i knew that i was in trouble "Ok cupcakes!" He bellowed when we all came in "Today we're gonna have a good, nice painful game of Dodgeball, you can have teams of 5, two teams will face each other at once, the rest will sit in the bleachers and watch till its their turn, now get pairing!"

I saw Jason run towards two kids, one of them was a guy about Jason's age, he looked like a Latino Santa's elf, he had black hair and his fingers were tapping away on his side.

The other was a immensly beautfiful girl with choopy brown hair in braids, she had eyes that were a mixture of differant colors and she smiled brightly as Jason approached them.

Reya came towards me "Wanna be in my team?" "You made a team already?" She shook her head "Annabeth did"

Oh god...i am in trouble.

Chapter Twelve: World Foodwar 2

(Reya's POV)

I. Hate. Dodgeball. It's so painful. I made sure I was on the same team as Percy to make sure he didn't get hit in the back of the head. Annabeth chose to be on a different team, though. The other kids in our team were Jason, a girl with really good looks and choppy brown hair, and a Latino boy who looked like an elf. "OK, cupcakes. First game will be Jason's team VS Annabeth's team. Rest of you, bleachers!" Mr. La Rue poured a pile of dodgeballs in between us. Annabeth grabbed a ball, staring at Percy. Mr. La Rue blew his whistle, and the game began. I began just throwing at random people, hitting them most of the time. Annabeth's team did the same. Soon, on our team it was just Percy and me, and Annabeth was the only one left on her team. She grabbed a ball and threw it right at Percy. I lunged in front of him and caught it. I threw it at Annabeth, and it hit her in the face. Mr. La Rue blew his whistle. "Winners, Jason's team!" Jason and the rest of our team came fron the bleachers and tackled us in a bear hug. WE all headed for the stands, waiting for the other teams to be done. When gym was finished, we headed for lunch.

Annabeth wouldn't sit by us. I was happy, because that meant privacy for Percy and me. Thank goodness Percy didn't get hit in the back of the head during dodgeball. Percy and I were talking durin lunch when someone stood on their table and shouted, "FOODFIGHT!" He threw a pizza in the Latino elf's face. To get him back, the elf threw a chicken pot pie in his face and threw his water on him. I took Percy's hand and led us out of there.

"My dad will probably be okay with us eating in his classroom. He let's me anytime I want, and he really likes you." We grabbed our trays and headed down to room 14, my dad's classroom. "Hey, Dad. Can Percy and I eat in here? There's a foodfight in the cafeterium and we don't want a repeat of the last one."

"Sure, sweetie. I just need to get some quizzes corrected, so I don't need to work late tonight."

"Ok." Percy and I sat down in two desks right next to eachother. Percy and I didn't really talk that much because my dad was in there. We ate our lunches then brought our empty trays back to the lunch room. When we got there, it looked like a huge pizza had exploded in there. Thalia was plastered with pizza sauce. Jason looked like a chicken basket. We ran to put our trays away then ran back out of their, getting hit in the process. Once we got out of there, we thanked god for not letting us get nailed in the head.

Percy came over to my house after school. We went in my room and talked. "Annabeth seems kinda different, don't ya think? She really liked you before, but today she wanted to hit you in the head. Kinda weird."

"Yeah, weird... Okay, there's something I have to tell you. Annabeth liked me too, and she's made that I picked you." I gave him a blank look.

"I already knew that. A girl can tell when another girl has a crush. It's the way she's taking it that's kinda weird. I've had crushes on boys and they picked other girls. I don't try to hit their bandaged head with a dodgeball. I just take it like a woman. That is, crying about it with a friend, then the next week going on to another boy. That's how you deal with a broken heart."

"You should tell that to Annabeth. I don't think she's handling this that well."

"Well, it is Annabeth we're talking about."

Chapter Thirteen: To The Beach!

The next thy days seem to blur by and i found myself with Reya, sitting in my dad's car about ot head home for the weekend.

Reya placed her head on my shoulder as the car drove threw the parking lot and onto the main road.

"Hey Percy?" "Yeah Reya?" "My Dad and me are heading to beach tommorow...i was wondering if you and your family wanted to come?"

I silently cheered in my head, i loved the sea and swimming, At my old schools swimming was the only thing i was good at execpt being expelled.

"What do you think dad?" I asked, my dad smiled and nodded "It would be a nice change from marking tests all Weekend and i'm sure your mother would love to come too Percy" I nodded "Well theres your answer, is anyone else coming?" "Yeah, Jason, Thalia, Leo and Piper are coming and so are they're parents" I looked at dad "That means Uncle Grace is coming dad" "That will be fun" He smiled.

Reya smiled then kissed me "We'll have a great time"

The next day i found my self wearing shorts, sandals and a plain white t-shirt, i carried a bag full of sandwiches, towels and sun screen (What the hell mum!?!)

My dad wore pretty much the same thing and my mom just wore a simple blouse as we got in the car and drove off towards Reya's house.

They were ready too, Reya wore a jacket over her blue bikini, her dad wore a wet suit and carried a surf board, I smiled as the got in the car "You guys ready?" "Yep, lets go!"

In a thy minutes we parked in a crowded parking lot and walked down a sandy slope and over a grassy hill and we saw the most beautiful view of the ocean i had ever seen, it was peaceful.

I saw Thalia, Jason, Leo and Piper down there, all in swim wear and their parents, One was a lady and man who looked like they had just come out of a supermodel magazine for swim suits, The guy, which i think was Pipers dad, had perfect smile, dimpled chin, twinkly dark eyes and closely cropped black hair. He wore designer trunks and sandals.

The other was the most prettiest lady i had ever seen, I remember her name was Aphrodiate McLean (Fitting name), She wore a bikini.

Leo's parents looked like they had just gotten out of the oil bath, His dad had a short brown beard and matted brown hair but he was sort of handsome if you got past all the grease stains and his mom was sort of the same (not the beard!) She wore a one piece.

I recoinzed Uncle Zeus from the pictures, he looked real young for his age, he had some stubble on his chin and he had long, greyish hair and a stern face.

They all smiled at us when they saw us "You ready for the funniest day of your life?" Reya asked me, holding my hand.


Chapter Fourteen: Best Beach Day Ever

Reya's POV

I love the beach. I wore my favorite blue bikini. Percy and I ran into the water right away. I had brought some salt-water goggles so I could see. I saw a huge sting-ray swim in front of me and I squirmed out of the water. Percy bobbed up and down in the water laughin. "It's just a little sting-ray. It won't hurt you unless you hurt him. Come on, get back in." I ran back into the water. I went underwater and when I came back up, I had a huge conch shell and a sand dollar.

"Look at the size of this thing! Biggest conch shell I've ever seen!" I blew into the small hole at the bottom and a sound like a trumpets came out. "That tastes really bad. Never drink salt water."

"Here, hold my hand. I wanna show you something." I grabbed Percy's hand and he dove under the water, with me trailing behind him. We swam by a shark and a coral reef.

"Wow. This is beautiful."

"We aren't there yet." We kept swimming. Soon the water started getting shallower. We came upon another beach. Percy and I sat down on the beach. I rested my head on Percy's shoulder.

Percy put his hand under my chin and turned my head towards his. he leaned in and put his lips to mine. I leaned in and put my arms around his neck.You know how I said that one kiss with Percy was the best kiss ever? Scratch that; this was the best one in the history of the world.

Percy and I swam back to the beach. Our parents had been looking for us. I grabbed my surfboard because the waves were picking up. I swam out to the biggest wave ever and stood up.

I shredded that wave. I put my hand in the water. The wave made a tunnel and I went through it. It was sureal. The wave crashed down on me, but it didn't hurt. I bobbed back up, grabbed my board, and swam back to shore. I sat down by Percy, thinking about what I would do later.

Chapter Fifteen: The Day Goes From Good To Bad

Everything was great! I couldn't believe Reya had just surfed that huge wave! Now its my turn to show her how to surf.

I grabbed my surfboard and swam out to a huge wave and stood up, I swerved so i was at the very top of the wave, I then waved as i passed Reya by, leaving her wave in the dust.

The wave crashed down but i was still shredding till it slowed down and i fell off.

Reya came over to me "Nice landing" I splashed her with water and we laughed.

I glanced to my right to see the others but everything went wrong when i did, Annabeth was walking down the hill with her parents.

She saw me and that same look she was giving me for the past week returned, mostly because i was in the water with Reya.

She stormed to the other side of the beach and sat on the sand, just staring out to sea, sometimes glancing at us.

"Wonder what she's doing here?" Reya said, she must have noticed her as well "Everyone loves the beach, even Annabeth as it seems" "Do...Do you wanna get out of the water?" She asked "No, lets not let her spoil this, i'm having to much fun" I smiled at her, ignoring that dread feeling i had.

We swam around alot, Jason and Thalia had brought Super Water Gun 2000's with them and were quietly hunting us down, their water guns full of salt water.

We swam under the water, hiding from Jason and Thalia, We found a little sandy outcrop, kinda like a small cave and it was easy to hide in.

We surfaced into the sandy cave and watched as Jason and Thalia passed, we then sneaked behind them and ambushed them.

"Yay! We win!" Reya cheered as Jason and Thalia ran from it, their faces drenched in sea water.

We kissed each other, i lifted her off the ground and spun her in the air, i was seriously happy.

But Annabeth chose that time to come over

Chapter Sixteen: Clarrise comes back

Reya's POV

"Hi, Annabeth. What are you doing here?"

"It's a public beach, Reya. I can be here."

"Okay.... Well, I think we're going to go now...." Percy and I swam away. We went to the beach and surfed some more. Then my dad called us to the beach.

"We're going out to eat. What do you guys want? We can have Chinese, fast food, pizza."

"Pizza." Percy and I said at the same time.

"Okay, pizza it is. Go get ready."

"Okay, but Dad, can Percy ride with us?"

"Sure." Percy and I went over to our stuff and put our clothes on. We went over to my car and got in.

"You know, this was a really fun day. Too bad we have to go back to school again. I wish it were summer."

"Me too. Then we could go to the beach every day. Well, at least we get pizza."

"Yep, gotta love pizza."

The next week went perfect. I was sitting at lunch one day when a girl came over. "Hey, punks. Miss me?" Clarrise.

Chapter Seventeen: I Get In A Fight

My stomach filled with anger from seeing Clarisse again, I mean she had stabbed me! In the back of the head!

Clarisse flicked out her switchblade, it had dried blood on it and i could tell it was mine, i felt sick but i held it in "Clarisse, i hoped they'd keep you your cage... I mean cell" She glared at me "Don't push me Jackson, you saw what i can do, i could just drive my little friend here into your heart and my dad would get me out of jail"

"Oh so your hiding behind your dad now?" Her nostrils flared and she grabbed me by the scruff and threw me onto the cafeteria floor.

People stopped eating and stared as Clarisse, twisting her new knife in her hand came towards me.

"Percy!" Reya tried to grab Clarisse but a BUG grabbed her from behind, Jason and Thalia too.

I caught Annabeth's eye and she stared at me, a mixture of dominace and horror in her eyes.

Clarisse raised her knife above her head "Think i'll take a little off the top...maybe your whole head!" She brought the switchblade down.

I would have been a goner right there if i hadn't rolled out of the way and jumped back to my feet, grabbing a metal tray from someone and using it as a shield as Clarisse slashed wildly at me.

Reya had been privately taught me some defensive moves so i knew what to do when someone came at me with a weapon.

I swung the tray and her knife was sent flying underneath one of the tables, i then smacked Clarisse in the face with the tray and jumped towards the BUG that was holding Reya "Let her go!" The BUG smirked then threw Reya to the ground, he then lunged at me, throwing his fist.

I ducked and pushed him into a table, kids threw food at him as he fell.

Clarisse had recovered from her dazed state and came at me, grabbing me from behind and slamming me against the glass wall, showing the main street and the city.

I noticed a hairline fracture in the glass as she kept slamming me into the glass, if she kept this up the glass would brake completly and i would be sushi!

I lashed out with my foot and i felt her grip loosen as she gave a grunt of pain, I then pulled free from her and pushed her away.

Reya was just getting up, she looked dazed from being thrown on the floor, she saw me coming "Reya! Lets go!"

I felt my whole body go numb, I turned my head and saw the sneering face of Clarisse, her knife was impaled into my left shoulder.

Everything went silent for a second, i then blacked out.

Chapter Eighteen: Percy ends up in a hospital... again

Reya's POV

I'll bet you ten bucks Clarrise can't go a day without stabbing somebody. But why did it always have to be Percy? I brought Percy to the nurse and I went to the headmaster's office. The only one there was Mr. Jackson. "Hello, Reya. What brings you here?"

"Oh, nothing. Clarrise got mad, beat up someone, stuck her knife in Percy's shoulder. So yeah, nothing." Mr. Jackson got an angry/sad look on his face.

"Where is Percy?"

"Nurse's office." Mr. Jackson got up and went out the door. I followed him. Once we got there, Percy had the knife out of his bandaged shoulder and was laying on one of the cots. At least he was awake. The nurse was talking on the phone, probably calling a hospital. I went and sat by Percy.

"Am I dead? Are you an angel? You're a really pretty angel." I rolled my eyes.

"No, you're not dead, and no I'm not an angel. I'm your girlfriend. Stop being so silly." Percy smiled and I couldn't help smiling too. At least he was well enough to smile. Could be a lot worse. The doors for the school burst open and four nurses with another rolling bed thingy came. I helped Percy onto the bed and went with them out the door. I asked Mr. Jackson to tell my dad where I was. I rode in the ambulance with Percy. I was allowed to stay in the hospital room where Percy was. I stayed by his bed and held his hand.

"Well, Percy doesn't have any major injuries. He will be fine in a little bit. He will have to have his shoulder wrapped up for a couple weeks, but that's it. Clarrise will be going to jail, and she can't get out. They won't let her."

"Thank god." I wrapped my arms around Percy, avoiding his shoulder. I was so happy he was okay.

Chapter Nineteen: Exam Day

I guess i was lucky that i didn't have any major injuries and the wound did heal quick...but the most unluckiest thing is that the day i get back to school its Exam day.

"Oh no! I've been in the hospital for two weeks! i haven't studied at all!" I exclaimed as Reya told me "Yep, if you flunk these exams you'll have to take make up classes, practically missing Summer Vacation"

I freaked out "No no no! I can't miss summer vacation! If i do i'll explode!" "Your exaggerating" I sighed "I know...its just its my first Exam day and i don't wanna fail...i'll disappoint my dad"

Reya smiled at me sympaheticly "We have two periods to study...maybe i could help you?" "With Science, Maths, Geography and History?" She thought for a moment "I see your'd need a super computer for a brain to absorb all that information"

We stared at each other "Annabeth"

Chapter Twenty: I take an exam

Reya's POV

We both knew Annabeth was the only one who could help us. We raced down the hall and looked for Annabeth. We found her in study hall. "Annabeth. Annabeth. Over here." I whipser-shouted. She came over to the door.

"What do you want."

"I need help with studying. I was gone for two weeks. I really need help." Percy got a really needy look on his face.

"Why should I help you?"

"Because if you don't I'll fail and then I'll have to go to summer school. I can't let that happen. Please?" Percy got a puppy dog look on his face.

"Fine, come on." We walked into the classroom and got out our books. I read them on my own while Annabeth was working with Percy.

Time for the exams. Percy and I walked to Science first. We sat in our desks and got out a pencil. My dad handed out the papers. I started. Question one- Where are the eggs in a female plant? Easy. Ovary. The rest of the questions were easy too. I finished soon. I handed in my exam and waited for next period. Then I did that exam and the rest of them. I looked for Percy and found him outside talkin to Jason. "Hey, guys. Whatca talking 'bout?"

"We're were just talking about the exams."

"I totally think I passed. It was so easy. I felt like it was an elementary quiz."

"Yeah, me too. After Annabeth helped me." I hugged Percy and congratulated him.

"Well, I gotta go. See ya."

Chapter Twenty One: Summer Vacation! Woo!!!

I sat in my desk in my home room, the teacher was going to get here anytime soon and announce our scores in the tests.

My nails were digging into my desk, i glanced at Reya, on the other side of the room and she mouthed It'll be ok

Suddenly our teacher, Mr Boreas, walked threw, his hair was icy black and his eyes were icy blue, he had stubble all over his chin.

He had papers in his hand...our scores!

He announced the scores one by one:

Jason Grace - Score: 77% (B+)

Thalia Grace - Score: 89% (A)

Annabeth Chase - Score: 100% (A+)

Reya Milan - Score: 90% (A)

Nico Di Angelo - Score: 40% (D+) (Guess i should've known)

Then it came to me, i silently prayed to god: Please...just a B+ or higher...please

Percy Jackson - Score: 95% (A+)

I stared in disbelief....i had done it! "YESS!!!!!!!" I stood up from my chair and cheered, then i noticed everyone laughing at me.

"Very funny Mister Jackson, please take your seat" Said Mr Boreas.

I blushed and sat back down, i glanced at Reya and she was still giggling then gave me a thumbs up, I had done it! I had passed my Exams and now it was Summer Vacation! well after Lunch but it still practically was.

Lunch seemed to blur by and the next second everyone was running outside, cheering because the school was over for 2 months!

Me and Reya walked towards the Parking lot "See you tommorow?" Asked Reya "Absoloutly, meet me at the beach" I kissed her and she smiled.

This was gonna be a great summer

Chapter Twenty Two: Talent Show

Reya's POV

I was so happy! The next day, I packed my things and put on my swimming suit. I rode my bike down to the beach with my surfboard strapped to my back. I had a bag with snorkeling gear. I arrived at the beach right when Percy's family got there. I locked my bike to a tree and ran down to the beach with my surfboard. "Ready to catch some waves, Percy."

"Count me in." Percy grabbed his board and dove into the water. I followed him. I beat him to a huge wave and stood up. I swerved to the top and caught masive air. I did a 720 and Percy just sat there in awe.

"Try beating that!" I rode the bottom of the wave and jumped off. I grabbed my board and let Percy have his turn. He went to the top and tried doing a 720, but he dropped in the middle of his second turn. He bobbed back up, but his surfboard broke in two.

"Aw, come on! That was my favorite board!"

"It's just a board, Percy. Come on, let's go to the beach." Percy and I layed down on the sand. Then a flyer flew past us and I grabbed it. "Look at this. 'Are you a talented youth? If so, come to the New York Youths Talent Competition! The grand prize is $500,000! Come on, you know you want to!' We should totally do a duet in this! It would be awesome. What song should we do?"

"HOw about 'Payphone' by Maroon 5?."

"Sure. We can have Jason do Wiz Khalifa's part. I'll play the drums, I know Thalia can play guitar, and I heard Piper can play piano. "

"Perfect! I'll sign us up as soon as I get home. Let's go swimming" Percy and I dove into the water, and my mind was set on winning that money.

chapter 23: Shine 5

Reya's POV

Percy came over to my house the next day. We had decided a name earlier that day. "Hey, Reya. I got the form for signing up right here."

"Yes! One step closer to winning! Let's fill it out. I called Jason, Thalia, and Piper, and they all said yes!" We started filling out the form.

Preformer/s- Shine 5 (Percy Jackson, Reya Milan, Jason Grace, Thalia Grace, Piper Mclean)

Name of prefromance- Cover of Payphone by Maroon 5

Signature/s of parents/gaurdians- Zues Grace, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, Hyperion Milan, Tristan and APhrodite Mclean.

"Finished!" We had gotten our parents' signatures earlier. We went to the post office and mailed it in. "Shine 5 is in business!"

Members of Shine 5

Chaper 24: The Competition

Reya's POV

I was so happy! Shine 5 was now in bussines! I practiced my drums everyday after we mailed in the form. Shine 5 got together three times a week to practice. We were getting really good. Then the competition finally came up. We brought our things down to the theatre and set them up. I scoped out the real competition. There was a boy who was diong karate, a girl dancing, Annabeth acting a scene with Nico, a teena- wait, Annabeth? "Guys, we have a problem. Annabeth is here." I pointed to her and they all got a nervous look on their face. "Just try not to let her see you." They all nodded and we went to go get our outfits on. We had white shirts saying Shine 5 in black with glitter on them (the boys refused to have glitter on theirs, though) and whatever else we wanted. I wore acid washed jeans and black converes with rainbow laces. I wore my favorite black hat and my black leather jacket. Percy just wore the shirt and jeans, Piper wore a jean skirt with hers and Jason wore shorts and and the shirt.

"Okay, prepare to be amazed! Now is the hottest new band to hit greater New York! They will be doing a cover of 'Payphone' by Maroon 5. Now welcome to the stage, Shine 5!" Our equitment was already out there so we just went to our instument. Piper started playing her piano and the rest of us followed her lead.

"I'm at a payphone, tryin to call home, all of my change I spent on you. Where have the times gone, baby, it's all wrong, where are the plans we made for two?" Wow Percy was good at singing. (AN- listen to this song right here-

We did the rest of the song and then headed off the stage.

"Next is Annabeth Chase and Nico di Angelo doing a scene from Les Mis!" Annabeth headed onto stage, purposley bumping into me. I didn't let Annabeth let me down. I grabbed Percy's hand and kissed him. he lifted me up off the ground and spun me around. I could tell he was just as happy as me.

Chapter 25: The Winner of the Talent Competition is......

Soon all the other acts had done their stuff and the presenter called us back on the stage.

I whispered in Reya's ear "Your really good on drums" She smiled and whispered back "And i never knew you had such a good voice" I grew red and smiled at her "Yeah, singing in the shower has its advantages" We silently laughed as the Presenter congradulated all of us for our execellent piece of young work.

He then pointed his finger to those who didn't make it to the final three, he did this till it was only us, Annabeth and Nico and some rap group who were quite good.

Some model then came up to the stage with a white envelope with a star on the front, i glanced at the stands and saw my parents, giving me thumbs up and mouthing they love me.

The presenter then pulled out a piece of paper from the envelope and looked at it, i took a quick glance at Nico and Annabeth, Nico was staring at the ceiling, not a care in his face but Annabeth was holding his hand pretty tight and she gave me this dirty look.

The Presenter then smiled brightly "The Winner of the New Yorks Youth Talent Competition is....." he paused for suspence.

"Shine 5!"

Thalia yelled a cheer and Jason hugged Piper who looked bewildered, Reya jumped into my arms and i kissed her, The Presenter then got out this real huge check from the model and handed to us, a newspaper reporter then came up on stage and took a picture of all of us holding it.

Our parents ran on and congradulated us, we then went back stage and cheered on, we had won! i can't believe it!

Piper was crying in joy and Jason was still hugging her.

Thalia and Reya high fived as they lugged the great big check towards the exit.

I glanced back to see the Presenter hand my dad a smaller check which i guessed was the real check, i saw Annabeth too and i could swear she wanted to kill me, Nico had slipped away as well because when i last saw him he was on the roof.... How the hell does he do that?

We pulled the check into the car, Thalia and Jason lugged their equipment in the back and i pulled the guitar.

Soon me and Reya were in a car together, heading towards a pizza shop to celebrate.

Could things get any better?

Chapter 26: To Shine 5

Reya's POV

I couldn't believe we had won! Since we had won $500,000, all of us got $100,000! I could get a better drum set, instead of still using that piece of junk that almost fell apart during the song. Percy and I went to a pizza place to celebrate. We got a x-large half-mushroom, half-pepperoni.

We brought it to Percy's house where the rest of the band was waiting. We also had gotten a couple 2 liter bottles of root beer and Sun Drop. "To Shine 5!" We toasted. I finished my pizza and then we rented a movie.

"How about Journey 2? Hunger Games? Percy J- Wait... This show is about a dude named Percy Jackson! I wanna see what it's about." Percy pressed Rent and then the movie started. It started with a dude that looked like Mr. Jackson going up to the top of the Empire State builing and arguing with a man that looked like Mr. Grace. Then it had a boy that looked like and older version of Percy going to a museum and getting attacked. Then he met a girl named Annabeth. "Wow. I wonder if they're going to have a girl named Reya in there." We watched the rest of the movie in silence. Mr. Grace and Mr. McLean picked up Jason, Thalia, and Piper. I was going to spend the night at Percy's house. We camped out in his living room and went to bed.

The next morning my dad picked me up. "See ya later, Percy." I got into my dad's car, still jumping with excitement from last night.

Chapter 27: Eddi Omona

I went to pick up our mail from our mailbox and in there was bills, bills, a letter for me, and bills. I opened the letter and it was from a famous agent, Eddi Omana. to Shine 5- I was at the competition to scope out new talent for the music industry. You guys were amazing I would like to give you a recordin contract and be your agent. If so, I have a gig at the beach on hold for you. Please reply. Oh my god! Eddi Omana wanted to represent us! I ran inside, put the bills on the counter, and grabbed my cell phone. I called Percy and he picked up on the second ring. "Percy! Guess what? Eddi Omana wants to represent us! He already booked a gig! At the beach! And he promised us a recording contract! Should I call him?"

"Yes!" I heard four other voices say.

"Percy, did you put it on party call?"

"As soon as you said Eddi Omana, I called them. Well, call him!"

"Okay!" I put them on hold and dialed Eddi's number. I put it on party call so he could talk with the rest of Shine 5.


"Hey, Eddi. Yeah, it's Shine 5."

"Oh, good. Are you going to have me represent you?"

"YES!" We all shouted.

"Great, I will book that gig. Now, I will come to Reya's house tomorrow at noon. All of you come."

"Got it."

"Great, good bye now."

"Bye!" Okay, now Shine 5 was officially in business!

Chapter 28: The Meeting and The Gig!

The next morning i pulled on my old red jacket, black shirt, jeans and sneakers and ran out the door "Bye mom, bye dad! Heading to Reya's!" I grabbed my toast and ran down the stairs then grabbed my bike and peddled towards Reya's house.

I ate the toast on the way, i locked the bike by Reya's door and ran inside, Jason, Thalia and Piper were already there.

"Hey guys" "Hey Percy" they all said, I walked over to Reya "Hey Reya, when did Eddi said he would be here?" "Some time at noon I think" "Should be here any minute then" At that moment a knock came at the door.

Jason opened the door and a guy in a leopard striped suit, sun glasses and a head full of miscolored hair (He had strands that were green, strands that were blue and strands that were red) He smiled at me and Reya "Hello there, your awesome new manager is here"

Something about this guy rubbed me the wrong way but he was offering us a once in a life time chance so i said "Hi Eddi, i'm Percy, Percy Jackson the lead singer" I held out my hand and he stared at it in distane "How old are you kid?" "15..." He thought for a moment "Young talent, great!" He then sat down on the couch with Thalia "Ok butterflys, the gig is at tonight, everyone will be here"

We all stared "But...we haven't decided on the song yet and how is everyone being there?" "First, the reason everyone is gonna be there is because of this" He held up a highly colored poster with us on the front, i relised it was the picture of us the Newspaper guy took

"And second about the song you better get thinking because it cost alot of money to get you this gig" He then got up and wiped his shirt even though it was spotless, like being here was making him dirty "Ciao!" He then left in a long limo.

We stared after him "I hate that guy" muttered Piper "Same here" Everyone else said.

We sat on the kitchen table, discussing plans "We should totally do Dynamite by Taio Cruz!" said Jason "Oh i love that song!" Reya said "Ok so we'll do that, everyone know how to play it?" They all nodded "Good then the song is decided" We then went back to our houses to grab out gear.

We met at the beach at 2:30, Eddi had rented us a huge stage in the middle of the beach, we were in our Shine 5 outfit but i had added my red jacket instead of the leather jacket because it felt more comfortable.

Eddi came up to us as we just finished setting up our gear "Ah butterflys! You decided on the song?" we nodded "Good good! Just to give you warning i get a 50% split of the ticket prices" We stared at him "We didn't even know we were selling tickets" "Oh then i'll just take all the prices, see ya then good luck!" He then left before we could protest "Should we fire him?" "If he does it again then yes"

We went back stage and watched as crowds of people, including our parents and i reconized some people from school, Including Annabeth, Leo and Nico.

We walked on stage, people cheered as we picked up our instruments.

I looked at the others and they nodded, Thalia started playing the guitar, followed by Piper and Reya then i started singing "I-I-I-I I came to dance, dance, dance, dance, I hit the floor 'cause that's my plans, plans, plans, plans, I'm wearing all my favourite brands, brands, brands, brands, Give me some space for both my hands, hands, hands, hands!"

We did the rest of the song and as we stopped everyone cheered, i glanced at Annabeth and smiled at her and she blushed but to my surprise smiled back.

We headed back stage and out parents ran towards us "That was groovy son!" my dad told me "Dad seriously?" "Sorry i forget that they say awesome now" I looked behind him and saw Annabeth "Hey Seaweed Brain" I smiled "Your not mad anymore?" She flashed me a smirk "Oh i was never mad" I glared at her but laughed.

I grabbed Reya and kissed her as we walked off stage.

I could tell this was just the begining.

Chapter 29: Today, New York. Tomorrow, the World!

Reya's POV

Eddi walked over to us. "That was amazing, butterflies! Tomorrow we have another gig that you're gonna do. This one cost twice as much as the last one, so you need to tweak yourselves to get better." We all looked at eachother and we knew we were all thinking the same thing.

"You're fired." We all said at the same time. "I have Yazmin O'Deli on hold for being our manager, so bye-bye." Percy told him.

"Ah, you kids are so funny these days."

"We're not kidding, Omana. You're fired. You sold tickets without telling us, got all the money, and then booked us another gig? I talked to Yazmin about this earlier and she said she wouldn't do anything without telling us."

"Fine. I have other clients that are much better than you." Eddi walked away and we all turned to Percy.

"You talked to Yazmin O'Deli? Why?"

"When I met Eddi, he kinda rubbed me the wrong way. So I asked her. I told her I would fire him if he did that again. So we already have a new manager. I'll text her right now to tell her." Percy got out his phone and texted her. "Done. We have a new manager. She wants to meet the rest of you tomorrow. She's gonna cancel our gig and have us meet at Starbucks at 1:00 tomorrow. She said she might be able to get us to Madison Square Garden by December. We'll be famous by September, though." We all high-fived.

"Today, New York, tomorrow, the World!"

Chapter 30: Starbucks

Reya's POV

The next day we all went to Starbucks to meet Yazmin. We sat at a table outside and ordered some coffee. Yazmin arrived shortly after we did. "Hi. I'm Yazmin. Are you Shine 5?"

"That's us."

"Great. I really want to be your manager. I could make you stars. When would you like to record your first CD?"

"A CD? Really? Well, it depends on what songs we're doing."

"You choose the songs. I recommend the two songs you did already and then maybe some Selena Gomez?"

"Sure! How about 'Hit the Lights'? I love that song. And then we should have Percy and Jason sing 'Good Feeling' by Flo Rida. And then we should do 'Summer's Not Hot'. There's a bunch of good songs out there! How many songs should we do?"

"10 or 11, I would say. Take most of them from the Top 10 Songs of the year. I'll write down what songs you want to do. Okay, so we're going to have some songs sung by women, so we need to have Reya, Thalia, and Piper sing."

"Umm... One thing. I don't sing. Neither does Piper."

"Okay then Thalia. I guess Reya will have to sing. Let's choose some more songs."

"Domino by Jessie J."

"HOt Chelle Rae, I like it like that'

"Something to Dance for by Zendaya."

"Katy Perry, Part of Me."

"Year 3000, Jonas Brothers"

"Okay, kids. That's 10. Unless there's on more you want to do, that's all"

"How about ET by Katy Perry with Kanye West?"

"Great idea. Then we'll have Reya and one of the boys."

JAson spoke up. "One thing. I just rap. That's it."

"Okay, then we'll have Percy and Reya do ET. It's perfect! Well, I have to go tell the recording company that you'll be ready in... How long will it take?"

"Prabably about three day's for a song. So it would we would be ready in three days with three of our songs since we already know two of them."

"Perfect. I'll go tell them. Ta ta!"

"See ya!" YAzmin walked away. "You know, I like her." Everyone agreed. "This isn't going to be even close to when we had Eddi. It's going to be better!"

Chapter 31: We record some music

Reya's POV

We practiced all day. We worked on ET the most. Yazmin came by to see how we were doing and on the third day, she brought us to SupahStah Recording Studios. "Okay, we already have the cover made, we just need to record you guys. We have the instruments set up in the recordin booth already. Follow me." We walked though a bunch of hallways and then went into a booth. Thalia picked up the coolest guitar I've ever seen, Piper sat at a piano with lyrics all over it, I sat at the best drum set I've ever seen, and Percy and Jason went to the microphones. "First, you're going to record Payphone. That all right?"

"Perfect. Thanks." We started the song. "I'm at a payphone, trying to call home, all of my change I spent on you. Where have the times gone? Baby it's all wrong. Where are the plans we made for two? If happy ever after did exist, I would still be holding you like this. All those fairy tales are full of it. One more stupid love song I'll be sick." We ended the song and the people in the recording booth clapped.

"That was awesome. We won't have to edit it or anything. It's just perfect. Okay, how about Dynamite?" Jason grabbed a bass guitar that he plays when he's not rapping.

"I came to dance, dance, dance, dance. I hit the floor cuz that's my plans, plans, plans, plans. I'm wearing all my favorite brands, brands, brands, brands. Make some room for both my hands, hands, hands, hands." We finished that one and then they said the same thing again.

"Okay, time for ET." I got off the drums and stood up by Percy. They started playing their instruments and Percy started singing. Once he was done, I started.

"Kiss me, k-k-kiss me. Infect me with your love and fill me with your poison. Take me, t-t-take me, I wanna be your victim, ready for abduction. Boy, youre an alien, your touch so foreign. It's supernatural, Extraterrestrial!" We finished and went home, ready to practice our other songs.

Chapter 32: The Date

The next day i sort of overslept, who was i kidding i was exausted from practising everyday, my voice didn't hurt but i was afraid it would.

We had finally finished all the songs and they were all recorded, Yazmin said it would be ready in 3 days so she said we should rest.

And i was ready to take her advise, Heart, Mind and soul....i was seriously exausted.

A knock came at the door and Reya walked in "Hey Percy" "Do you like coming into my bed when i'm still half asleep" I lay down on my pillow and closed my eyes, I felt Reya come sit on the bed "You sleepy head, don't tell me your tired" "I am and so should you, we worked hard these two weeks"

Reya made a tsk tsk with her mouth then kissed me "Come on sleepy head, and put on a shirt" I opened my eyes to see i was only wearing my camo shorts "Oh....thats embarassing" "Not really, you look like you've been working out" She ran her finger down my chest, i was surprised to say that i had been working out, everyday i get up, ride over to Reya's house, sing and play a instrument then i cycle back.

"Stop that it tickles" I got up then grabbed a black shirt from my drawer.

I glanced at the calendar, i had marked the day we go back to school and it was coming soon, that got me by surprise.

"Looks like we're going back to school in 5 weeks" Reya glanced at the calendar "Yeah, can't wait to go back everyone will treat us better, plus they won't think your weak because....well look at you, your all muscly now" I smirked then hugged her tightly "Ah!" I let her go and she took a deep breath "I'm not that muscly, your exaggerating" She nodded her head "So....wanna go on a date?"

"Sure, just let me get some jeans and trainers" She nodded then walked outside.

I got ready for our date.

Chapter 33: Grover, Shine 5's Biggest Fan

Reya's POV

I waited outside for Percy to get ready. He came out about two minutes later. "Where do you wanna go?"

"Central Park?"

"Sure." We walked out the door and down the street. But before we could get to Central Park, Steriod Girl and her BUGs came out from an alley. "Want to do you want, Clarrise?"

"Heard you guys are becoming famous. I wanted to throw you a celebratory dinner. What do you want for the main course? How about a knuckle sandwich." She swiped her fist at Percy's face but he ducked. She turned to me but I caught her fist in mid-air. I twisted her arm and kicked her in the knee. She fell to the ground. I turned to her goons and they ran away. They can be such babies sometimes.

"That was easy." Percy just started at me in awe.

"You- I... Okay, I'm really glad I have yoou as a girlfriend. Always wanted my girlfriend to be my bodyguard." We walked the rest of the way to Central Park. We walked under the trees and went to Harlem Meer. A person ran towards us and crashed into me. I fell to the ground and the person helped me up.

"Sorry about that. Hey... You're from Shine 5! When is your first CD coming out? I'm going to be the first person to buy it. Oh, by the way, I'm Grover. Grover Underwood. You're Reya Milan. And you're Percy Jackson. Where's Thalia, Piper, and Jason. Wait a minute... Are you guys dating?" Percy and I looked at eachother. It was our first crazed fan.

"Okay, first question, a couple days. Second question, that's a little personal. Well, we have to go." We started walking away, but Grover called to us.

"Before you guys go, can I have your autograph?" We turned back around and walked back to Grover. He held out a poster of us and a pen. We signed it: To Grover, Shine 5's bigest fan. Keep shining. I handed the poster back to Grover and we walked away.

Chapter 34: A Not So Peaceful Walk In The Park

We walked into a large plain of grass and trees, a dozen kids and teenagers were playing frisbee, soccer and baseball.

I turned to Reya "Do you think Grover came with them? If so do you think they are..."fans" as well?" She shook her head "They can't be as crazy as him, besides they don't look familliar" "Are you sure? You don't have the greatest memory" I said and she hit me "Ok, Ok i'm sorry!"

We walked onto the grassy plain and found a spot for ourselves, we sat down, i pressed my back against a large apple tree and Reya lay down, her head on my lap so i stroked her hair.

"You know....this is nice, i've never been here before" Reya said "Me neither...its peaceful, we should come here more often" Reya smiled at me but suddenly there came a shout


A Baseball sailed towards Reya's head, i don't know what i did exactly but it was pretty awesome, my hand snapped into action and caught the ball almost on instinct.

Reya stared at me in awe, looks like it was her turn, as one of the teenagers ran towards us "Wow sorry about tha.....wait...are you two..." "Shine 5, well two of them, yeah"

Thats when things got weird and not really peaceful, the kids and teenagers stopped playing and turned to us, i had the sudden urge to run "Um.....should we..." "Run, yeah" "Agreed" We jumped up and ran for our lives as the mob of fans ran after us.

Wow what a peaceful date right? Wrong!

Chapter 35: Yazmin Saves the Day!

Reya's POV

Percy and I kept running from the mob. We ran all the way from Harlem Meer to the Empire State Building. We ran inside and pushed on the doors to keep the crazed fans out there. "Imagine what it'll be like once our CD comes out. This is after two songs. We must be good."

"No, we're the worst band in the universe! Of course we're good! Why else would they be chasing us?" I bonked Percy in the head. "You can be so stupid sometimes." I got out my cell and called Yazmin. "Yeah, we're stuck in the Empire State Building by a mob of crazed fans. What should we do?"

"I'll come with some police escort. I better hire you guys some bodyguards." A couple minutes later, Yazmin arrived with a couple police. They pushed the crazed mob away and got us out of the building. We got in Yazmin's car and she drove us to Percy's house. "Once I get you two home, I'm going to hire you each a bodyguard. And whenever we go to a city for a concert, I'll make sure we get police escort. Well, here we are. Don't go outside unless you're with someone else. I've had a couple rising stars that went out by themselves... Well, have you ever heard of Mark Harold?"


"Exactly. Good bye now. I'll come by tomorrow. You're CDs will be ready then. They'll go on sale Thursday. Bye!"

"Thanks, Yazmin. See ya." We went into Percy's house as quick as possible. "Now I'm really glad we hired Yazmin. Eddi probably wouldn't have even picked up. Well, I better call my dad to come pick me up. See ya." I grabbed my cell and called my dad. He came and picked me up. Well, that was a bad date. I was glad Yazmin came. So Yazmin saves the day again!

Chapter 36: Luke and Rachel

Reya's POV

UGH! The next day was the first day of school. I walked there with Percy. When we got there, a boy with ice-blue eyes and a girl with red hair were talking to the rest of Shine 5. "Hey. Who are these guys?"

"This is Luke Castellan and Rachel Dare. They just moved here. Guys, this is Percy Jackson and Reya Milan." The blond, Luke turned to me.

"Hello, beautiful." He kissed my hand but I pulled it away.

"Sorry, I'm taken."

"Really? Who's the lucky guy?"

Percy spoke up. "He's standin right in front of you."

"You gotta be kidding me. You're kidding, right?"

"Nope. I don't kid." I noticed Rachel was staring at Percy. "What are you looking at, girl?"

"Nothing." She said kinda quickly. I decided I didn't like any of the new kids. One hit on me, and the other made googoo eyes at Percy. I just ignored them for the rest of the day. During lunch, I noticed Annabeth starin at Luke.

"Annabeth? You okay?"

"I'm fine. Don't you just love the way Luke smiles? It's so dreamy, just like his beautiful eyes."

"Oooo, someone has a crush on Luke! But I'm sorry to tell you, he kinda likes me."

"Who cares. Soon he'll see me, and he'll fall madly in love with me." Okay, it's official. Annabeth is off her rocker.

Chapter 37: The Surprise on the Roof

After lunch i walked up to the roof again, it had just become a permanent hang out for me, Nico wasn't there so he must still be eating his lunch.

I stood by the railings and stared down at everyone, i spotted Jason kissing Piper in the tree and Leo approaching with a bottle of water, he then poured it on the two, shouting "Cool off!" They pushed him off the tree.

I smiled but then i heard someone come up behind me, i turned, expecting to see Nico or Reya but i saw the new yeah.

"Um....hi Percy..." "Uh..Hi Rachel, i don't think your supposed to be up here" She looked at me quizzically "What about you?" "I have special permission, my dads Co-Headmaster" She stared at me in awe "Thats so cool!" She then rubbed her elbow and blushed.

"Um....I saw your band at the beach" I smiled at her "Oh, you do know that the CD has come out now you know" She smiled sadly "I was going to buy one after school but they're all sold out"

I thought for a moment then pulled out the copy Yazmin had gave us from my bag, i handed it to her "Here ya go" She stared at it, like this was the center of her life "Your...your letting me borrow this?" "No you can keep it...oh since your a fan" I pulled out a permanent marker and wrote To Rachel, Shine 5's Number 1 Fan, I then handed it back to her.

She smiled at me and then tackled me with a hug "Oh Thank you!"

then she kissed me

Chapter 38: I. Hate. Rachel.

Reya's POV

I was looking for Percy after lunch. I went outside to see if he was on the roof. I saw him, and someone else... Rachel. Percy handed her something. Then Rachel hugged her and then... KISSED HIM!!!! The nerve of that girl! I had told Luke that I was dating Percy right in front of her. So what the freaking heck! I ran up there, red in anger. I burst up to the roof. Percy pulled away right before I burst up there. He saw me and was about to talk but I put my hand up to stop him. "I know it's not your fault. Rachel! What the hell are you doing with my boyfriend!?" I slapped her in the face. I was about to slap her again but Percy pulled me back.

"Come on, Reya let's go." We walked back down to the main part of the school and out the door.

"Why did she kiss you?"

"She couldn't get a shine 5 CD so I gave mine to her."

"That's it? Wow. That girl gets way too overexcited. Well, I forgive you. But not her. I hate her. I can't even say her name. I HATE HER!"

"Okay, calm down. I don't really like Rachel either. I think we should just forget about that. I'm going to."

"Are you sure you have no feelings at all for her? At all?"

"Abosloutly. Come on, let's go to your house. Yazmin said she would get us some bodyguards. She texted me that she would bring them to your house today."

"Sweet. Now I won't have to be your bodyguard."

"yep. Now we have to pay some guys. Instead of paying you with nothing."

"Okay, let's go." And we walked to my house, avoiding the Shiners (that's what our fans call themselves) that would chase us.

Chapter 39: Bodyguards!

Reya's POV

When we got to my house, Yazmin was already there chatting with my dad about my contract and things like that. We met Jason and the rest of the band on the way there. "Hey, Yazmin. got our bodygaurds?"

"Yup!" She snapped their fingers and three women and two men came out of the kitchen. "Kids, meet your bodyguards! I picked each one myself. Percy, this is your bodyguard, Ryan. Reya, your bodyguard is Alicia. Jason, meet D'Shay. Piper, this is Rockie. Thalia, meet Bella. See how much your bodyguard looks like you? That's so the fans will think they're a family member and not a bodyguard. Pretty genius, don't you think?"

"SWEET!" I gave Alicia a high five.

"Okay, now I want you to get to know your bodyguard, and the other's. Got it?"

"Absoloutly." Alicia and I sat down on the couch and started talking.

"Nice to meet you. I think we'll get along really well. Soo... I heard you were dating Percy." I felt my cheeks get red.

"Uuh... Yeah. Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No. I wish I did, though."

"I think I know someone who would really like you." I got a devilish smile on my face.

"Okay, I just met you, but I can already tell you have a twisted plan."

"Maybe. Do you know Luke Castellan?"

"Who? Is that a crazed fan? If he is, I need to know what he looks like so I can keep him away. Who are the other crazed fans you guys have?"

"No, Luke isn't a crazed fan, and pretty much every tennager and kid that doesn't go to Half-Blood High. Yeah, we have a lot of fans."

"I know. Some people on the way here thought I was you!"


"REally." Then Yazmin called out.

"Okay, bodyguards, time to go. We'll see them again tomorrow! Come on!"

"Seeya, Reya."

"Bye, Alicia." And they walked out the door.

Chapter 40: I Trade Clothes With My Bodyguard

The next morning was just an average morning, i woke up, got changed, ate breakfast and brushed my teeth, i then grabbed my bag and walked out the door.

The only differant thing was that my bodyguard, Ryan, was waiting for me in the elevator "So you get an apartment?" I asked him as i pressed the button for the ground floor "Yep, right next to yours so if theres any trouble i will be there" "Cool"

He was dressed like an average teenager, a blue long sleeved shirt, skinny jeans and boots, he also had a satchel like mine at his hip.

"You know...its weird how much you look like me" I said as we passed the 10th floor "That why Yazmin hired us, in case we are surrounded i will be a decoy while you escape" "Oh...i still don't really get it" At that moment the doors opened and a girl with a t-shirt that read Shine Forever Shine 5! and a thy of her friends, when they saw me i gulped.

"Its Percy J!" Ryan pushed them away before they could charge and pressed the button on the elevator, closing the doors.

Ryan looked at the floors and found that we were heading to the 5th floor "Quick! give me your blazer!" He said "But-" "Just give it to me!"

I pulled off my jacket and handed it to him, he pulled it on and buttoned it up, hiding his blue shirt, "Now hide in the corner by the door and don't come out no matter what!" I nodded and went to the corner.

When the doors opened Ryan jumped out and i could hear girls scream as he ran down the stairs.

I sighed in relief as the elevator closed and took me down to the entrance.

Wow what a morning!

Chapter 41: Drama Rumble

I walked down the walkway down towards school, I had told my dad i would walk to school today because i could use the exercise (Shut up Reya, i am not fat!)

I slipped through the gates and walked towards Reya who was talking to Alicia who was dressed in the uniform as well, they turned to me "Um....Percy where's your blazer?" "On Ryan, running threw some alley" Alicia sighed then pulled out a phone from her pocket "I'll call him, see if he's ok"

While she did that i saw Clarisse, standing at the entrance, smirking at me

Oh great, they let THAT thing back in school.

I looked around for Annabeth but didn't find her "Where's Annabeth?" Reya looked at me then around the yard "Weird....she was here a minute ago"

I felt myself pale then i glanced back at Clarisse but she had disappeared, I turned to Reya and she was looking where i was "You don't think..." "I wouldn't put it past her" I pulled off my tie and walked towards the entrance "Percy wait! We should get Alicia!" "It may be too late! We gotta go help Annabeth!" I ran threw the entrance, leaving my satchel with Reya as i followed Clarisse's shadow.

I found myself entering the Drama clubroom, it was sort of like an old fashioned theatre stage with loads of seats, but instead of singers Annabeth was tied to one of the seats, duck tape over her mouth and a terrified look on her face.

"Annabeth!" I stepped forward but something grabbed me, before i could see what it was i felt myself in midair then a searing pain in my back overwhelmed me as i found myself lying on the 14th row of seats, facing the most least person i would have thought would want me dead.

Luke Castellan.

"Luke?! What are you doing!?" He smirked then pulled something from his blazer, a switchblade but he had his name on the blade which said LC.

I backed away as he approached "Luke! What the hell dude!" He slashed at me, i jumped out the way but the blade cut threw my shirt, tearing my sleeve.

I stared at the damage, there wasn't any cut but my sleeve was useless, i pulled the rest of the sleeve off and jumped to the 13th row, 4 rows away from Annabeth.

"Now come on Percy, don't make this harder then it needs to be!" He slashed again, i felt the blade nearly tear my ear off but i had just jumped onto the 12th row.

I kicked out, catching Luke in the chest and he fell, dropping his knife, i quickly grabbed it and jumped the rest of the way to Annabeth, i cut the ropes and pulled the tape from her mouth "Percy its a trap!"

"Yes it is" I felt something fly past my ear and a microphone clattered just next to me, I turned, seeing Clarisse standing there, her knife in her right hand and another microphone in her left.

"Payback time, Punk"

Chapter 42: The big, fat, yonkerdoodle, wacky loon of the week

Reya's POV

I ran after Percy. When i got to the drama room, Percy was dodging attacks from a person who's back was towards me, so I couldn't see who it was. He turned around and I saw it was... Luke. I saw Clarrise trying to get Percy, too. I got out my phone and went into the hallway, so they wouldn't hear me call Alicia and one of the headmasters. Alicia arrived with Ryan. Then Professor Di Angelo came down the hall. I showed them inside the drama room. Pro. Di Angelo shouted with an english accent. "What the bloody 'ell is going on in here!? Mr. Castellan! Miss la Rue! In my office. Now!" Clarrise and Luke stopped fighting Percy. "Well, Mr Jackson. What was going on in here?"

"Well, Mr. di Angelo. Luke and Clarrise had Annabeth tied up in here and I was trying to get her out. Reya came and called you."

"Well, then I need a statement from Miss Chase. How did you end up in here?"

"Clarrise grabbed me from behind when nobody was looking and put tape over my mouth. She brought me here where she and Luke tied me up. Then Percy came and untied me."

"That's all I need to know. Miss la Rue will most likely be expelled while Mr. Castellan will be suspended for a long time. This is the last thing Miss la Rue will do to any student of mine. I am going to have a nice, long chat with Mr. La Rue and Mr. Castellan. Thank you for calling me, Miss Milan. I must go now." He walked out of the room, Luke and Clarrise held by the back of their blazers. I immediently turned to Percy.

"Are you okay? Did Luke cut you?"

"yeah, he got my back a little bit."

"Let me see." Percy lifted up his shirt and I saw there was a gash. "Percy, go down to the nurse. It's not as bad as your other cuts, but you need it cleaned out and bandaged." Percy walked out of the room and went to the nurse. "You okay, Annabeth?"

"Yeah. Thanks for calling the headmaster."

"Your welcome. You know, Luke always kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Guess this proves I was right."

"Yeah, he rubbed me wrong too."

"Annabeth, you're the one who was making googly eyes at him. You were madly in love with him."

"yes. I was madly in love with him. Now I see him for what he really is.... a-"

"Big, fat, yonkerdoodle, wacky loon of the week?"

"Yup, or in other words, a psycho."

"Absoloutly. Well, let's get to class. I do not want to be late for gym. Mr. la Rue will kill me. Literally."

"I don't want to be late for my biology quiz, either." We laughed and walked to our classes.

Chapter 43: Music Class

I walked out of the Nurse's office, Miss Hestia had stitched up the gash on my back and given me a pass to skip Gym for 2 months while the gash healed.

Seriously, how do i get into these things? I'm just a normal guy! Why does so many people wanna kill me!

Miss Hestia had also given me a new shirt since my old one was torn up from Luke's knife, I pulled on my tie and walked down the hall towards Music.

I had Music only once a week but i sort of liked it, the Teacher really liked me, Reya, Jason, Thalia and Piper because we were in a famous band.

I walked threw the door and sat on at my desk, next to Reya and Annabeth "Hey Percy, hows your cut?" "Miss Hestia stitched it up, can't do Gym for 2 months so i won't have to face Mr La Rue about Clarisse for quite awhile" Reya and Annabeth smiled, Reya then handed me my satchel which i had given to her to keep while i went and got Annabeth.

I pulled out my music book as Mr Apollo walked in, Mr Apollo was a weird guy, he was obsessed in music and poetry, he had bright blonde hair and eyes that some people thought they were bright yellow, he wore mismatched clothes in differant colors, green, white, blue anything you could think of and he always came in with some kind of instrument.

Today he came in with a lute, he played a thy lines from Mozart then seemed to notice us "Welcome back to another fun lesson of Music kids!" We all said hello and Apollo smiled at me and Reya.

"I have heard that your new CD just came out" Apollo said to us while he had the rest of the class copy down music notes from Mozarts work.

"Um yeah, it came out last week" Apollo seemed to sigh in sadness, which sounded sort of made up "I was gonna by one but they all sold wouldn't happen to have one?" His personality perked.

I shook my head "I gave mine to someone" Reya pulled out her copy from her satchel "Here, i've already heard it" Apollo laughed cheerly as he clutched the CD as if it was the most precious thing in his life "Thank you so much Miss Milan!" He then skipped back to the front of the class.

The rest of the lesson went quite well, we had one more lesson before lunch then we left...i prayed to god that nothing would happen, that it would be a normal lesson.

Well you all know my luck.

Chapter 44: Clarrise is leaving!

Reya's POV

After music, I headed to my next class. Last one until lunch. I said bye to Percy and headed to the math room. That class went pretty easily, so before I knew it, it was time for lunch. I grabbed my bookbag and headed down to the cafeteria. I got my lunch and headed to the table where Percy was sitting. "Hey, Percy. How you doing?"

"Pretty good. Nobody tried killing me after Music, so I'm all good. How was math?"

"Pretty easy. Oh, great." Clarrise was walking over to us. "Hey, Steroid Girl. I thought you were expelled."

"I am, Music Freak. I don't have to leave until the end of the day. So I can do anything until I leave. They can't put me in trouble if I'm already expelled, right?"

"Whatever, Clarrise. You know, I like that nickname. Music Freak. Simply lovely." Percy was gesturing for me to stop, but I was just getting started. "Well, at least now the school will be safe and much better, now that you're leaving. And Percy might not be killed."

"Whatever. I'm out." And at the moment Clarrise walked away, a big mob ran through the doors. They were all wearing Shine 5 T-shirts and holding Shine 5 signs. They headed right to our table. "You're in trouble now, Music Freak." Percy and I got up and ran towards the other exit. The rest of Shine 5 followed. How in the name of God did they find out about us?!

Chapter 45: I Have Really No Idea How It Lead Up To This! Really!

Annabeth POV

I walked threw the halls, my satchel over my shoulder, the halls were all deserted because most of the students were either home or in the Cafeteria.

I pulled out my Architetcure book from my back and opened it, i looked at all the pictures of famous landmarks, the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower, even the Hoover Dam! i wanted to create things like that!

Suddenly the sound of screaming and cheering ran into my ears like a battle cry from hell, i dropped my book and covered my ears, just at that moment Percy came running down the corridor, a mob of cheering girls in Shine 5 T-shirts with signs running after him.

"What the..."

"RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He shouted, grabbing my hand and we both ran down the hall, i had to admit, it felt...good, him holding my hand but under the circumstances i didn't have time to blush.

We ran down the open hall, towards the entrance but the mobs were pouring threw the doors "Quick in here!" I said, opening a Utility Closet door, he hesitated for a moment then jumped in, i did too, pulling the door shut and pulling down the blinds so no one could see us.

The room was cramped, real cramped, in fact me and Percy had little room so we were pressed against each other, ok this time i did really blush.

He was blushing too, so we just stood there, listening as the mob of girls looked around the hall for Percy but finall gave up and ran away to find the other members of Shine 5.

I sighed then reached for the door knob but when i twisted it the door wouldn't open "Oh....i think its locked" "Locked!" Percy tried opening it but he didn't have much luck "Damn!" he started kicking the door but when he did he slipped on a old piece of cloth and fell onto me, i screamed and i felt something press against my lips.

I opened my eyes and found Percy ontop of me, his lips against mine, he stared shocked at me and i stared back but something...something felt good about it.

"Uh...sorry" He tried to get up but i grabbed his hand "Huh?" he looked down at me then i kissed him again, he stared shocked again

"Annabeth...but...what about Reya?"

"Forget about her"

"I can't....i...i love..." I put my finger to his lips, silencing him "Right now its just you and me in here, not you and Reya, so just shut up and kiss me" And at that i kissed him and he gave up trying to fight.

Chapter 46: Why Did This Always Happen?

Reya POV

I ran from the crazed fans, looking for Percy. I ran past a closet and heard a noise coming from it. I put my ear to the door and heard people talking... Percy and Annabeth. Then it went silent and I opened the door, looking right at Annabeth and Percy in the middle of a lip-lock. "What the...." Did this have to happen every day? Yesterday it was Rachel, and today it was Annabeth. Then Percy looked up and saw me standing there.


"Really? Because it's exactly what it looks like." I walked away from the closet and went to my locker. I grabbed my bag and headed to the front door of the school, tears in my eyes. I pushed the door open and walked home. I threw my bag on the steps and ran to my room. Then the tears started. I jumped onto my bed and layed my head on the pillow. Then my phone started ringing and i picked it up. "Hello?"

"Reya? I.. I'm sorry. Annabeth kissed me, i didn't kiss her. Please, forgive me."

"I'm not sure I can, Percy. I... I have to go." I hung up my phone and layed back on my bed. I thought about it, and it did look like Annabeth kissed Percy, not the other way around... I got off my bed and headed to the front door. I got on my bike and rode it as quick as i could to Percy's. I hopped off my bike and ran to his front door. Percy opened the door and wrapped his arms around me right away.

"Reya. Please. I'm sorry. Will you please forgive me?"

"Why else do you think I came here, Seaweed Brain?"

Chapter 47: The New Glamour Girl Arrives!

Percy POV

I dodged as Jason did a slide tackle, kicking the ball out of the way then jumping over Jason, i then took the shot as i neared the net.

Nico lunged for the ball but he missed it by an inch and the ball sailed straight into the net, the whistle blew, signalling the end of the game and i heard my team cheer from behind.

I walked off the soccer pitch, towards Reya who was waiting at the bleachers with a towel, i happily took it and wiped the sweat off my face "How was i?" I asked, she shrugged "Your getting better" I rolled my eyes and smirked at her "Like you can do any better" She laughed and punched my arm "Ow..."

She then poked my arm "Your developing muscles" I sighed and smiled "You act surprised" "Yeah, you were always the skinny new kid so its hard to see you with muscles" I glared at her "You are joking right?" She laughed and winked at me "You'll have to find out" She then walked off towards the main school building.

"How can i find out if you don't give me any clues..." I sighed then walked over to the changing rooms, stripping off my sweaty white t-shirt and shorts, pulling on my school uniform then grabbing my satchel from my locker.

I was in a hurry because i had History next and Mrs Demeter was always so serious, if anyone was ever late she'd make them eat....stale cereal.

Basically i would rather not eat a month old bowl of corn flakes so i basically ran down the hallway, when i rounded the corner i bumped into someone, causing them to drop their books on the floor.

"Oh sorry" i rubbed my head because i had accidently headbutted the person in front of me, i opened my eyes to see a girl with long, black hair in a braid, she looked asian and she wore a extra small skirt...was that even allowed in the school rules?

She was super beautiful but the weirdest thing was that she had purple eye liner which made it impossible not to stare into her eyes.

"Um.....let me get those" I bent down to pick up her books, i scooped them all up and handed them to her "Thanks Honey" Honey? was that a joke? She looked like a year younger then me,,,

"Um...I'm Percy Jackson by the way" I said, trying to stop myself from blushing "Oh so your the famous Percy!" "Wha? Famous....i'm not famous" "I heard it from the other girls here "The super cute new kid who picked a fight with Steriod Girl and lived! Your a legend around campus"


"I'm Drew by the way, Drew Tanaka, i'm a transfer student from Jupiter High" " nice to meet you" I extended my hand to shake but she pulled out a permanent marker from her pocket and scribbled something on my hand "My mobile number, call me cutie" She then kissed me on the cheek and ran down the hallway giggling.

Um...was i just asked out?

Chapter 48: New Student, New Enemy

Reya's POV

I walked to my next class, and there was a girl I didn't recognize sitting where I usually sat. I walked over to my usual seat and looked at the girl. "Who are you?"

"Oh, I'm Drew Tanaka. I'm a transfer from Jupiter High."

"Okay, well it's nice to meet you. But this is usually where i sit. So could you go sit somewhere else?"

"Sure. I just wanted to sit here so I could sit next to Percy."

"Oh, you mean my boyfriend?"

"He's your boyfriend? Oh, I didn't know you two were a couple. Sorry." Drew got up and went to a different seat, and I sat down and got out my book and the teacher started teaching. The class ended and I grabbed my bag and went to my locker. It was time for lunch, so i headed to the cafeteria. My food in my hand, i headed for the table Percy and I usually sat at, along with some other friends. Then Percy came and sat down next to me and got out his lunch.

"So what do you think of that new kid, Drew?" I looked at Percy and asked.

"Oh... Uh... She's nice I guess. She gave me her number, for some reason. Wrote it on my hand."

"Really?" I grabbed Percy's hand and there it was, a cell phone number. "Well, she better keep her mitts off you. Or else she's a dead man." Percy wrapped one of his arms around me and squeezed me.

"I'm certain that you're going to kill her if she even looks at me."

"Oh, you know it."

Chapter 49: Guess Who's My New Neighbor

After lunch we all went home, Reya had a pile of homework to do (Thanks alot Dr Hades) so we parted ways at the crossroad between our homes.

I walked into my apartment building and pressed the button to the 8th in the elevator.

The next thing that happened when the door opened surprised me a great deal, when the doors opened to the second floor Drew was facing me.

For a moment i stared at her in surprise and she did the same then her expression turned to something else....was it triumph?

Before i could press the button to close the door she jumped in and pressed a random button and the elevator closed, trapping me inside with Drew. I tried not to look at her but she had changed eyeliner, now it was pink and it was even harder not to stare.

"So have you been?" "Um...i've been fine" "Good, cause i can make you feel better" She slipped her hand in mine and held it tight, i blushed and pulled my hand free "Listen, i have a girlfriend-" "You mean that blonde girl, Reya?" I nodded and she shrugged "She's just a proper tomcat, i mean has she even combed her hair before?"

I felt my anger start to build "Listen, thats just mean-" "But your so perfect, i mean look at you" she slid her hand up my arm and to my cheek "Super smooth skin, not a zit anywhere, lush green eyes and that irresistable untidy hair...your a girls dream" I didn't want to but i blushed.

The suddenly opened and i quickly jumped out and i relised it was my floor "Listen...i gotta go, this is my floor" She stepped out as well and looped her arm threw mine "This is my floor too" "Oh...uh great...can you let me go please?" She smirked "No chance honey, your gonna show me where you live" I sighed and just walked down the hall towards my apartment, Drew clinging to my arm.

When i came to my apartment Drew laughed "Whats so funny?" "I live just next door, by myself" she said the last part as if it was an offer but i just felt dread "Um...ok...bye" I slipped into my apartment and locked the door before she could get in and sighed in relief.

"Percy? is something wrong?" Called my mom

"Yes, i got a freaking glamour girl coming after me...why does this always happen to me?!"

Chapter 50: The Brit

Reya's POV

I walked to school the next day and saw a girl talkin to Percy. It wasn't Drew, because then Percy would be running away from her. I walked up to them and Percy noticed me. "Hey, Reya. This is Max. She just moved here to New York from London." Max held her hand out and I shook it.

"So does one of your parents work at the school?"

"Yes, my father is the new guidance counseler, Morpheus Hallie. You must be Reya."

"Yeah. Reya Milan." Then I saw Drew walking over towards us. "Hi, Drew."

She looked at me with a face of disgust. "Ugh." Then she turned to Percy. "So how have you been, Honey?" Wait, Honey? Who does she think she is? Then Max tapped her on the shoulder. "Who are you?"

"I'm Max. You do know that Percy is in a relationship, right?"

"What's with the accent? You from England or something?"

"London, to be exact. But I really think that you should leave Percy alone."

"Why should I?"

"Because Percy is dating Reya. Not you."

"Fine. But I'll be back." Drew walked away scowling.

"Hm. Easier than the glamour girls back in London." Then the bell for home room rang and we all headed inside. Drew went away this time, but I knew she wasn't going to leave Percy alone.

Chapter 51: I Get Trapped

The seemed to blur by till i was at my final lesson of the day, Gym.

I changed into my Gym Kit and walked out the changing rooms, we were sharing the lesson with the girls again and i saw Drew, her white shirt sparkled with weird glitter and her shorts were pink, she looked over at me and winked.

"Ok cupcakes!" said Coach Hedge shouted "Your regular instructor, Mr La Rue, is off dealing with a problem" Jason whispered to me "I bet the problem is Clarisse" I chuckled and Coach Hedge glared at me.

"We'll be playing baseball today, i need two people to go to the Equipment shed at the back of school to go collect the Baseball equipment, lets see....Miss Tanaka and Mr Jackson!" I swore silently as i stepped up from the guy group and Drew from her group, a triumphant smile on her face.

So thats how i ended up walking towards the back of the school, where no one could hear us...where no one could find us...oh god..

I opened the door to the shed and walked in, the shed was moderetly well lit and i could see the baseball equipment fine, i reached out to grab it when Drew stopped me "Oh come on!" i shrugged "Enough...I don't like you! not as a friend nor a girlfriend so please just leave me alone" She smirked "No chance Honey" she pushed the door shut and locked it, she then slipped the key into her chest pocket and smiled at me.

"Give me the key" "Give me a kiss" "I hate you" "Makes it better" i sighed "They'll come and get us" "Or Coach Hedge wll just use the spare equipment in the Coaches Office" My heart was certain that Coach would just get that equipment then come and get us after the lesson...that means i was trapped in here for an hour.

"No way!" i lunged for the key but she sidestepped and i fell onto one of the Gymnatic matts, she then jumped on top of me and pressed her lips against mine.

Her lipstick tasted like strawberrys so i knew she was preparing for lip-lock for awhile "Let me go" i pushed her off but she was surprisingly quick, she dodged me and kissed me again.

God...someone help me!

Chapter 52: Max's First Day

Reya's POV

"Coach Hedge? Don't you think Percy and Drew have been gone too long?" I got a worried look on my face, mostly because I didn't trust Drew.

"Yeah. Milan! Hallie! Go get them!" Max and I walked to the back of the school to the shed.

"Percy? Percy, you in there?" I heard noise coming from the shed and kicked the door.

"REYA! REYA! HELP!" I heard Percy yelling through the door, and i tried kicking down the door. After a few kicks, it finally came down (ha, that was easy. It was old wood, and it was about to fall off the hinges anyways) and I saw Drew trying to kiss Percy. "Reya! Max! Help!" I grabbed one of Drew's arms and Max grabbed the other. We pulled Drew off Percy and Max slapped her in the face.

"You have to remember that PERCY HAS A GIRLFRIEND, Drew. So cry me a river, build a bridge, and GET OVER IT!" I looked at Max weirdly.

"Where did that come from?"

"Hey, go to the school in London where I went, you're gonna be like that." I shrugged it off and looked at Drew.

"You have to face it, Drew. Percy doesn't like you." Percy nodded to that. "Come on, guys. We need to get back to Gym." I dropped Drew's arm and walked out of the shed. We headed back to gym and continued the day.

(Max's POV)

We all headed back to the gym, but class was almost over. By the time we got there, the class was heading into the locker rooms. I changed into my regular clothes and then went to the cafeteria. I sat at a table, across from Percy and Reya. There were a couple people i didn't recognize sitting at the table with us. "Max, this is Jason, Piper, Leo, and Thalia." Percy introduced me to all of them and they all waved. The boy that looked like a Latino elf, Leo, was kinda cute, and he winked at me. Right then i knew that i would like this school.

Chapter 53: Reya Asks Me A Question

Me and Reya walked home after school, for some reason it was raining, i guess the rain clouds had slipped in as we changed out of our Gym clothes so i grabbed an umbrella from my bag and held it up, shielding both of us.

She tapped her fingers against her bag "Um...Percy..." I looked at her "What is it Reya?" " dad is taking me on a boat Hawaii...i was wondering if...well...if..." "If?" "If you would like to come"

I stared at her "Me...come with Hawaii" She nodded "I've asked the others, Max, Jason, Leo, Thalia, Piper and Annabeth and they all said yes...its just you" I nodded, excited "Of course i would love to come! i've never been to Hawaii!" She smiled at me "Thank you so much!" She kissed me.

Oh god...i was going to Hawaii with my girlfriend...Best.Day.EVER!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 54: Boat Ride of Misunderstanding

Percy POV

I peered down the railings of the boat and stared at the fish as they past the boat or swimmed next to it "Cool!" Reya put her hand on my shoulder "Your such a little kid Percy, they're just fish" "I like fish, i love the sea" Reya laughed.

I peered behind her, Annabeth was sitting on a deck chair, wearing a bikini and reading a book, Reya saw me staring and punched me in the arm "Ow! sorry!" "Next time i'll pinch you" "Uh...ok" I rubbed my arm, a bruise was slowly forming as we walked down the deck of the boat, towards the very front.

Jason and Piper were sitting next to the railings, his arm was around her shoulder and they were making out "Get a room you two" i said, holding back a laugh and i quickly walked by before they could reply.

I stared out at the blue sea, the sky was clear and no clouds were seen, it was a great day to be on a boat "This is great" Reya lay her head on my shoulder and i kissed her cheek "Your the best" she said and i chuckled "We've only been dating" "Two months" "Yeah two months" She looked up at me "Is this your way of saying you want to break up?" "No! no i wasn't" She laughed suddenly "I was just kidding you dunce"

"Yeah...thanks alot"

I glanced over at the other deck, where our parents were either sunbathing or talking, Mr Zeus was writing on his journal while his wife was sunbathing, her eyes closed. My mom and dad were staring out at sea, Dad was pointing out various kind of fish and Mom was laughing at his long explanations.

I smiled "Never seen them so happy" Reya tucked a strand of hair out of her face and smiled at me "I'm guessing you guys don't go on vacation much?" "Our "vacation" was going to an old run down hut at Long Island and renting old horror movies...just so you know, Dracula never looked so fake after you watched him like 7 times" I smiled as Reya laughed.

I stepped back "I'm gonna go down to the kitchen and get a energy drink, what do you want?" "Monster energy" "Coming right up" I walked down to the lower decks and into the interior of the ship, it was quick work finding the shiny white kitchen, i opened the frigde and pulled out two energy drinks, it turned to leave but was immediatly blocked by Annabeth.

"Oh hey Annabeth" "Hey Percy..." she stared at the ground, she kept rubbing her arm furiously " got a itch?"

She looked up at me "Percy...what am i to you?"

I gulped "Your my best friend Annabe-" "I mean...did you ever have feelings for me?" I stared at her, sure i had feelings for her, when i first came to Half-Blood High she was all i could think of...before Reya

"Listen Annabeth...i did...have feelings for you...once" She looked up at me "What made you choose Reya then?" I rubbed the back of my head nervously "She...i dunno, when i'm around her...i just have this funny feeling in my chest"

The same way i feel about you, i wanted to say to her.

She nodded, as if she understood "I understand Percy...thanks for being honest" She smiled then leaned forward and kissed me softly and i couldn't help but kiss back.


Reya was standing at the doorway, her eyes wide in horror.

"Reya! its not what it-" "You liar! you lied..." "Reya!" But she had already run off.

Great....what a great way to start the vacation...breaking up with my girlfriend.

Chapter 55: Reya the Grumpy Pants

Max Pov

I was sitting next to Reya at dinner, at a large resturant on the ship. She just kept picking at her food, avoiding Percy's gaze as much as possible. It wasn't like her. I couldn't stand it, her being so quiet. "Reya? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." I, being a girl and knowing that 'i'm fine' is code for 'NO MY LIFE SUCKS', knew something was wrong

"is it something with Percy?" She nodded her head, tears filling her eyes. Oh god, if that was true... Percy was the one who made her life complete. Now she was heartbroken. "what happened?"

"i... i caught him kissing Annabeth..." My eyes widened, knowing Percy would never do something like that.

"Reya, it must be a misunderstandment. You and I both know he would never try to hurt you. He wouldn't kiss another girl within a million years."

"But he did! He kissed Annabeth! Right in front of me!" I sighed and shook my head.

"I'm going to get Percy's story later. Now eat, you look starving."

"Fine" Reya started eating her food and soon we went to our cabins and fell asleep.

The next day, i approached Percy, yearning for answers. "Hey Percy."

"Hey Max. I saw you talking to Reya yesterday. Is she okay?"

"Actually, that's why i came to talk to you. She's super sad. And i want your side of the story."

"....." was his response.

"Tell me Percy"

"fine... I was going to get us something to drink but on the way back, i ran into Annabeth. We started talking and then she just kissed me. And then.... Reya came..."

"oh..... i'll be right back" I ran to Reya's cabin where she had locked herself in. I unlocked the door using a bobby pin in my hair and saw her laying on her bed, her hair a mess and still in her pajamas. I jumped onto her bed and shook her shoulder, trying to get her up.

"whaaaaat?" she groaned. She pulled a pillow over her head.

"Someone wants to talk to you"

"uuuugh. fine" She got up and walked into her bathroom. She came out with her hair in a ponytail and a tank top and shorts on. But she was still grumpy, i could see it.

"let's go." I walked out the door, dragging her by the arm. When we arrived to where Percy was, she was swearing and cursing me. Then she saw Percy and started mega swearing. All i said was, "Hey Percy."

Chapter 56: The Break

I was sitting down when Max came in, dragging Reya with her. When i first saw Reya i stood up, nearly knocking the chair over as i did so.

"Hey Reya..." Reya didn't look me in the eye, she just decided her shoes were the most interesting thing in the room and stared down at them, Max looked from  her to me "I'll...leave you two alone" And she slowly walked towards the door, prompting me to say something to her quickly.

"Listen Reya...about what happened...i can explain-" "No you can't..." She cut in "This is the second time this has happened..." "Listen! i didn't kiss her, she kissed me!" "I want to believe you Percy but....i just...i just can't" I took her hand "Please Reya...i'm not lying, i did not kiss Annabeth, she kissed me"

She looked up at me, her red eyes lined with tears "I want to believe that...i truly do...but you hurt me Percy...i can't deal with this right now...i think...i think we need a break..." 

I stared at her, my hand slipping from hers "A break...Reya..." "I'm sorry Percy...i'm so sorry" She then ran out the room, the echoe of the door shutting filled the room....and i felt my heart shatter.

Chapter 57: Drowning

(Reya's POV)

I ran to my cabin on the ship, tears streaming down my face. I loved Percy, I really did. I just didn't want my heart to be broken over and over when girls kept kissing him. I opened the door to my room and decided to go to the pool. I grabbed my suit and put it on. I snatched a towel and headed to the pool. Luckily not very many people were there today. I put my towel on a lounge chair and waded into the wave pool. The water was cold. I got out and went over to the diving board. I got ready to dive into the water and jumped. I entered the water and the next thing i knew, my head hit the bottom of the pool-hard- and i lost all of my breath. I tried holding what little air i had and failed. Water entered my lungs.I struggled getting to the surface. I felt arms wrap around my waist and lifted me to the edge. My lungs burned. I looked at the blue sky and that was the last thing i saw before my vision went black.

I woke up what seemed like hours later but was only a few minutes. The first thing i saw were sea-green eyes, familiar eyes.I took a deep gasp of air, now that i was able to breathe. I started coughing and sat up. People were surrounding me. Someone was right next to me, gripping my hand. Percy. It was Percy.

Chapter 58: Forgiveness

I coughed, my t-shirt stuck to my chest uncomfortably and my hair stuck to my face, i pushed my hair back and saw Reya regaining consciousness. I held onto her hand tighter and hugged her "Oh Reya...your ok" She eventually hugged me back "Oh Percy..."

We must have stayed like that for awhile, the blistering cold was what tore us apart at last "I'm so sorry Percy...for everything" She said "No, i'm sorry...i should have explained to Annabeth that i liked you, not her" She pulled away and looked at me "Just like?" "Yeah..." "Not the other L word?" I stared at her, of course i did was hard to say.

"I lo...i lo..." She stared at me "You don't have to say Percy...we can keep on being friends but until you say it and mean it...we can never be anything more"

"No, i want this....Reya, I love you"

Chapter 59: Hawaii!

I stared at the golden beach that lay before us, the crystal blue waters that sparkled in the sun, it was truly a breath taking sight.


I ran down the length of the beach, savoring the warm feeling between my bare toes as the sand stuck to my soles, and dived head first into the water.

It had been so long since i'd felt the familiar feeling of salt water against my skin, don't get me wrong, i loved swimming in the pool on the ship but it just didn't compare to swimming in a real beach.

I found myself swimming the lengths of the beach, diving down and grabbing anything i found, shells, seaweed, even a little starfish i found under a rock. When i resurfaced i saw my friends and family having a good time as well, My dad and my mum were studying a sea shell that my dad said was rare and my mom laughed at his serious looks.

Jason and Piper were locked in each others arms, making out under a palm tree while Thalia, with a bucket of water filled with sea weed, sneaked up behind them and drenched them. I saw Annabeth reading a book (wasn't much of a surprise) but occasionaly she'd sneak a look at me and smile which made my stomach tie into knots.

Reya was hanging out with Nico, who was sitting on his own in the shadows with his dad (i swear, those two were like vampires) while Nico's mom, Maria, was happily talking to Aphrodiate and Tristan.

I had to admit though, seeing Reya with another guy, after saying i loved her for the first time, sent a pang of jealousy down my stomach but...we'd both agreed a break is what we needed.

It wasn't a break up but...we just needed time to meet new people...besides, Reya and i never seemed to be left alone together anymore...either my luck was terrible (which it was) or Reya was avoiding me.

I didn't have time to think about this however, since Annabeth, putting her book in her bag, walked into the water and towards me "Hey Percy, would you teach me how to dive for shells?" "Um...sure"

I spent most of the time teaching Annabeth how to find shells, how to find starfish and pretty much swimming together.

Thats when i noticed a familiar face walking down the beach, wearing a pink bikini and purple eyeliner.

Drew Tanaka, the glamour girl.

Chapter 60: Afternoon Diving

Leo’s POV

I was talking with Max, when I saw that pretty-phyco, Drew Tanaka,with pink bikini, walking down to the beach.I must have been looking at her weirdly and Max said ”Leo,what’s she doing here? Can’t we have fun for once?”

She took my hand and made me stand up, but she didn’t let my hand go when we started walking to Drew.

“You! What are you doing here?” Max shouted to Drew.

“Honey,nice to see you, too!” she answered.

“Can’t you understand that Percy is…” Max started saying,but she stopped, because she remembered Percy and Reya were in a break.

“Percy is what?” Drew asked. Meanwhile, Percy and Annabeth had walked out of the sea and came where we were talking with Drew.

“What do you want here?” Annabeth asked Drew, mad.

“Seriously, the beach is public!” Drew said.”So, Percy, what’s up?

"Don’t even think about it, Drew!” Reya said,who had come,too.

“Hey ,Reya, weren’t we in…” Percy started saying, but he was interrupted by Drew.

“You are in a what?”

“In a break.” Annabeth said.

“So, Max, Annabeth, Reya, get out of here I wanna talk with Percy. None of your business.”

“Wrong.” Max said and hugged Percy,who looked surprised. ”Percy’s girlfriend is me.Right, swettie?” Max said and kissed Percy on the cheek.

“R-Right.” Percy said who had understood.

“Uh!” Drew said and left.”We’re not finished Percy!” she said.

“Wow, Max, you’re good.!” Percy said.

“Drama is my favourite lesson.’ she said.

We started walking, me and Max, across the beach.

”So,Max,you like Percy?”I said.

“No,of course not.

”“Someone else?”


“Do I know him?’

“You know him very well.”She looked me for a few seconds.

“Me…?”I said.

“Of course!”she said,blushing .

“So,if I said I like you,too,would you  agree going on a date with me?”


“Max,I like you.Wanna go on a date with me?”

“Of course!”she said.

“Great! I mean,yeah,cool. Six o’clock,afternoon, I’ll take you from your room in the hotel. Now,I gotta go, my father's saying something and in ten minutes we’re going on a store, so see you in our date.”

I said and walked away. My dad wanted to ask me something about screwdrivers.Afterwards,we went to a restaurant,because my mam wanted to try the local food.

At six o’clock, I was ready for my date.I went to Max’s room and knocked the door.Unfortunately,her dad opened it.

"Hello, Leo. Max told me about your date.”

“Yes, sir. That’s true. We have a date.”

“I hope you’ll treat my daughter properly. Because you’ll find yourself hypnotized if you won’t.”

“Of course, sir.”


“Hey,Leo!”said Max,who had come to the door.

“Have a good time.”said her dad,serious and closed the door.

“Ready to have a good time?”I asked her.

“Of course.”

We went to a café near the hotel. We ordered coffee and started talking.He was very funny and laughed with my jokes(not many people do so) .

We went to walk to the beach, afterwards.

“So.Leo,do you like the ocean?”

“Sure,it’s fine.”

“I wanted to ask you-“. She never finished that sentence,because someone who was running fell on us and the next moment we were in the sea.

“My god!”Max said.”Can’t he be carefull?”. I was laughing, because her hair had been turned almost upside down,and the whole situation with the sea and the running person was funny.

”Why are you laughing, Leo?”she said, but in no time, she found herself laughing too.

“Cool date, huh?” she said, looking me in the eyes.

“Well,I hadn’t excpected ending up in the sea,but..”I said and kissed her.

She smiled.“Although now it got better.” She said and we kissed again. 

Chapter 61: A Surprise Visit

I was sitting in my room at the hotel, it was way cool because me and my friends had rented the top floor, I stared down at the small island and relised how much fun it would be, stuck here for a few weeks.

Suddenly someone knocked at the door, i walked over and opened it and nearly jumped out of my shoes when Drew appeared "Hey Percy"

"Um...Hey Drew, what are you...doing here?" Drew took something from her bag and handed it to me, they were photos "I took these this afternoon, i think you should see them"

I looked down and saw images of Leo and Max in a cafe drinking coffee and generally having a nice time, the rest were of them kissing in the ocean.

"So..." "I thought Max was your seems she's not that faithful huh?" she said, with a hint of triumph in her voice, I stepped back, why oh why did i open the door...

She stepped in, putting her hand on my chest "Maybe you should do the her up..." "You unfaithful with someone else..." That was going to be hard, i wasn't even dating Max.

"Yes...being unfaithful to her with me" She then leaned forward and kissed me, my eyes widened, she was wearing strawberry lipstick and a tremble went threw my body as i felt her tongue in my mouth.

I pushed her away "Ok the thing and Max aren't even dating" "So your single huh?" "Yes but theres Reya, we're still on br-"

Drew laughed

"Don't you know when a girl says we're on break means that she wants to break up? as far as anyone cares Percy...your single, and she doesn't care"

I thought for a moment, Reya was talking to other boys the way she talked to me when we were together....maybe...maybe she was moving on or something, in which case....could i show her up?

I shook my head "If i wanted to date another girl, it certainetly wouldn't be you Drew" She glared at me.

"Fine, but just remember, you could have had all of me" She stormed off, leaving me confused. 

Chapter 62: Moving On

The next morning we hit the arcade in the hotel, Nico and Jason were playing a Mortal Kombat game where Jason kept losing and Piper patted him on the back and kissed him on the cheek, Leo and Max were having a go at Dance Dance Revolution, where Max was pwning Leo.

I saw Annabeth playing somes Sims arcade game where she was constructing huge monuments and buildings, Sims Architecture it said.

Thalia was playing a Terminator shooting game, and Reya was talking to some guy at the back of the....wait what?!

They looked as if they were having a good time, the guy was handsome i guess...with wind swept dark hair and pale green eyes, he seemed to making a hit on her...and she was letting him? what was she doing?!

I was about to march over and shove the guy when i relised what Drew had said was true, Reya was moving on...she needed someone new in her life...someone she could depend not to be unfaithful on her.

But still, it hurt watching them.

I walked over to Annabeth and she smiled at me "What ya making?" I asked, looking at her 20 storie skyscraper "A new and improved Empire State Building, with better engineering, plumbing and bullet proof glass" "Bullet proof glass?" "Do you know how many terrorist attacks are targeted on this building? it always helps to be prepared" I laughed, Annabeth was obssesed with Arcitecture.

She glanced over at Reya then back at me "Are you ok with...that?" I shook my head "Not really, i mean...i told her i loved her you. I mean...doesn't that mean something? I've said what she's wanted me to say since we started dating, i mean she's said it to me plenty of times but i...never said it back" Annabeth turned away from her game and put her hand on mine.

"Maybe...there wasn't any real connection, maybe it was just physical attraction...i mean she is pretty" I shook my head "I thought we liked each other..." "You do....but maybe it'll never become the relationship you want it to be, maybe yous hould move on...find someone new, someone who's been waiting"

I looked at her and suddenly realised, she's been waiting for me all this time...she never knew if i would break up with Reya or if she would break up with me, hell what if we never broke up? what if we got married? would Annabeth then be still waiting?


She put her finger to my lips "You don't have to say anything now...i'll be around" She smiled then walked away, leaving me staring after her.

Was this...moving on?

Chapter 63: Disco in Hawaii

That night me, my friends and there families decided to go to a party that was happening just that night, i dressed up in my dark brown jacket with orange shirt and jeans with sneakers, i looked at myself in the mirror and tried to pull my unkept black hair down but it refused to even lay flat.

In the end i decided to give up on trying to comb my hair, Reya always said it was cute the way it was...Reya...I shook my head, she had moved on, she showed me that she had this morning. She was probably going to the party with that guy she met in the Arcade.

I pulled these thoughts to the back of my mind as i walked down from my room to the lower floors where the staff were hosting the party, i caught a glimpse of Jason, holding Piper's hand as they walked onto the dance floor, I saw Thalia sitting in the corner, helping herself to a plate of nachos.

I looked around and saw Leo and Max in the back, making out in the corner of the room. I smiled, good for them, i thought, they deserve each other.

Then i saw Annabeth, dancing alone on the dance floor, she looked stunning in her pure white party dress, her long blonde hair curled up into a bun on her head, She saw me and giggled then motioned for me to come over. I looked around and saw my mom and dad dancing some way away, they were doing some real old moves which made it embarrasing to watch so i looked back at Annabeth, who saw as well and laughed.

I walked over to Annabeth and she took my hand, putting it to her cheek, it felt weird, being the only ones not dancing in the middle of the dance floor.

Annabeth looked up at me, her eyes twinkling in the disco lights. She was wearing lipstick, we stared at each other for awhile, i was about to lean in and kiss her when i caught Reya's eye, she was looking at me from the corner, i couldn't see what her expression was but she stormed out before i could ask.

"I'll be right back" Annabeth nodded as i followed Reya upstairs, where she stood at the balcony, she was wearing a red dress much like Annabeths but with black streaks.

"Reya...what is it?" She looked at me, her eyeliner was running down her face as she stared at me "What is it? its you! you said there wasn't anything between you and Annabeth...i thought..." "You thought what? your jealous? i thought we split up Reya!" She stared at me in confusion and hurt "Percy...we were on break, it gave us time to clear our heads not...not go kissing every girl you see!" She shouted at me.

"What about that guy at the arcade? he was hitting on you and...and you let him!" She shook her head "He was asking if i'd seen his sister, she'd run away Percy, i'd never do that to you...but you never gave a second thought about me"

"But...when girls...when girls ask to be on break they mean that they..." "They what? that they want to break up? no Percy, thats only what slutty girls like Drew think...i honestly thought we needed time to we could have more fun together...but...but now you've gone and done it" She walked past me but i grabbed her hand "Reya wait"

"Let go of-" I pulled her into my arms and planted my lips upon hers, for a moment she tried to push away but in seconds she melted into it, wrapping her hands around me, i ran my hands down her back, rewarded by a small gasp of pleasure from her.

We parted a few minutes after, taking short, heavy breaths as we stared at each other "I never meant to hurt you Reya...i'm crazy about you, i love you..." She stared at me "I too" She then wrapped her arms around me and kissed me again.

Best Vacation Ever.

Chapter 64: Happy Birthday to Me!

I woke up feeling as if i'd just slept on a cloud, these hotel beds were seriously soft.

I yawned and got up, looking around at my hotel room, my dirty laundry was thrown casually on the ground and my room service meal plates lay uncleaned on the table, I chuckled to myself, who ever had to clean this up had their work cut out for them.

I looked at myself in the mirror, bare chested and my hair was a mess, I shrugged and walked into the bathroom and took a quick shower. As i came out i noticed my laptop was still on, damn, i thought, i must have left it on last night when i was online.

I walked over to turn it off when i noticed the date, August 18th, I smiled to myself.

It was my birthday.

I got changed and walked out, everyone was in the dining room eating a big breakfast, Reya saw me and smiled, handing my a plate of bacon and eggs, I smiled and kisses her on the cheek, I was so glad me and Reya were back together again. Then i caught Annabeth's eye, she was staring daggers at me, I sighed and silently cursed myself. I had hurt her twice now...

On the night me and Reya got back together I had been this close to kissing Annabeth, but then we had got back together and i had to explain to Annabeth that she was my best friend and thats all i saw her as...and she had slapped me.

That had been 3 days ago and everytime i saw her Annabeth looked like she wanted to murder me.

I took a seat next to my dad, who was in discussion with Uncle Zeus, he looked at me and smiled, adjusting his rectangle rimmed glasses "Happy birthday son" "Thanks dad"

Reya looked at me "Its your birthday?!" I nodded, Jason, who was sharing a smoothie with Piper, looked at me, grinning "Happy birthday, how old are you now?" "16" "Wow! your a adult now"

I laughed as everyone wished me a good birthday, even Nico seemed happy for me.

The only who wasn't happy was Annabeth, she finished her breakfast and left without a word, I watched her go then looked at Reya "I'll be right back"

She nodded as i got up and followed Annabeth, she was in her room, angrilly pulling books off her shelves, I walked over to her "Annabeth..."

She turned to me and threw the book she was holding at me, i ducked and it missed by a few inches "Woah! Hold on, I'm here to talk!"

"Get out of my room Percy"

"No, i'm not leaving till you tell me why your so upset! I explained how me and Reya-"

"Oh will you just shut up!! This isn't about that...i'm upset because you lead me on Percy, I thought you and I were...I thought that we had a chance to be more then friends there but you just threw it away for the same girl...when i've been waiting so long" She said, tears in her grey eyes.

"Annabeth i-" I started but she punched me, it didn't hurt much but the shock hurt more as she starting punching my chest "Idiot! Idiot, idiot. idiot!"


She kept punching


I grabbed her wrists, stopping her. She stared at me and I stared at her, she leaned in to kiss me but i stopped her "No...Annabeth...i love you but Reya has my heart..." Annabeth's wrists started to tremble, she put her head against my chest "Hold me"

"Annabeth..." "I know that we can't be together...but just hold me as if i was yours...please" I stared down at her then let her wrists go and wrapped my arms around her slim form, holding her in my arms as she cried in my chest.

What a birthday.