The Deus Humana Timeline is a vast timeline that lists the events taking place before-around, during and after the events of the Deus Humana Cycle.
Timeline Encyclopedia (Deus Humana)

The era is split up into three categories:

B.D.H- Before Deus Humana

D.H.E- Deus Humana Era

P.D.H- Post Deus Humana

Before Deus Humana (B.D.H)

OCTOBER 29, 1927; 18:04- Jessica Silverwing becomes a Hunter of Artemis

Deus Humana Era (D.H.E)

DECEMBER 22, 2012; 19:34- Typhus Gravemore is born

DECEMBER 22, 2012; 19:37- Raven Gravemore is born

DECEMBER 22, 2012; 23:52- Selina Gravemore dies infront of Camp Dimidium Sanguinis

NOVEMBER 9, 2029; 16:27- Raven Gravemore and Jessica Silverwing unleash a flock of avis daemoni

NOVEMBER 9, 2029; 16:34- Raven Gravemore discovers the Hand of Hades

Post Deus Humana (P.D.H)