Diana Holoman
Daughter of Hecate
The Jaded Sorceress
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth July 19th
Current age 18
Gender Female
Family Hecate (mother)

Mitchell Holoman (father)

Breeana Dean-Holoman (Step-Mother)

Nikolai Fencer (Boyfriend)

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Auburn-Brown
Height 5'5"
Alias "Dee"
Affiliation Zo̱ntanoús nekroús


Weapons Infinite Magic Source
Species Demigod
Home Los Angeles, CA
Appearances Zo̱ntanoús nekroús
Quests None

Diana Holoman is one of the supporting antagonists in the collab fic Zo̱ntanoús nekroús, where she assists her boyfriend and one of the leading generals of the undead forces, Nikolai Fencer. She was just recently told of her magical abilities inherited from her mother, Hecate, and as managed to tame them quite well.


Early Life

Diana's father remarried when she was around one year old. He was in his forties by then and married a twenty year old woman, and while Diana instantly disliked her, she lived with it for a while. Later on in life, when she entered Elementary school, she noted how protective her step-mother's behavior over her father was toward her. After a few troubling weeks of almost practical isolation, she met with the school guidance counselor. This particular day, however, the guidance counselor was out sick, and Hecate changed forms and filled in for her. She gave her daughter a strong speech and showed her a few magic tricks to brighten her spirits, and that certainly made her happier. From then on, she vowed to make everyone happy and extroverted, just like she was. She met Nikolai in the fourth grade, and from then on, she was always trying to coax him out of his furious studying habits.

Zo̱ntanoús Nekroús (Part 1)

Diana is seen briefly in Chapter Four, disguised along with her boyfriend as the average human mortals. She is said to change shape shortly after Nikolai does, and appears in her true form - a beautiful young lady with jewels beaded in her hair and a long black dress. She and Nikolai soon escape after he calls a horde to attack Eleanor, who is still on fire, and Carter..


By Parentage

  • Kinetisis
  • Night Vision
  • Ecological Empathy
  • Levitation (although this is extremely damaging to her energy pool)
  • Shadow Manipulation
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Animal Morphing (This could possibly killed her if used too long)

Animal Familiar

Diana's animal morphing is extremely dangerous - so she tends not to use it. However, as she has been told by both Hades and Nikolai, her familiar form would be the only form she can turn to in such a case. Her morphing procedure should only be done when she's nearing death or a loss to a more powerful enemy.

When in this form, she morphs into the animal that represents her mother - a large black dog, extremely thin and wiry but otherwise incredibly strong. She can sense who is her enemy and her attacks are unbridled - no mercy.