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Elena Q

Elena Melissa Quinn is a fifteen-year-old demigod daughter of Athena.

Hell Is For Children

Elena's father left when she was six years old. He claims to have left because he got his mistress pregnant.

Ever since their father left, Elena and her sister Olivia were physically abused by their alcoholic "mother." When Olivia was four and Elena was nine, they ran away from home.

A satyr named Ice finds the sisters and takes them to camp. Elena is quickly claimed by Athena.

Elena is shocked and quite upset when Ares claims Olivia, partly because this means they're not related, and partly because Ares is such a cruel and violent god.


Elena is 5'4 and underweight at about 95 lbs, due to six years of homelessness (most of the food she managed to steal went to her younger sister). She has a fair complexion, long black hair, and stormy grey eyes.


Elena is smart. She likes reading and science. She is quite protective of her sister, largely due to the way they were treated by their mother. Elena has grown to like being outdoors, where she has spent most of her life. Her favorite color is green.

Known Family

  • Dean Quinn (Father)
  • Athena (Mother)
  • Mary Quinn (Stepmother)
  • Olivia Quinn (Adoptive sister)
  • Dean's mistress (Stepmother)
  • Half-sibling (Child of Dean and his mistress)


  • Elena and Olivia are not related by blood.