Fawn Starks
Life isn't a game, Just go for it.
Child of Aphrodite
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth December 20th 1998
Current age 14
Gender Female
Family Greg Starks - Father

Aphrodite - Mother

Status Alive, Single
Eye Color any
Hair Color chocolate brown
Height 5'6
Alias Directioner
Affiliation ...
Weapons Knife
Species Demigods
Home Camp Half-Blood
Appearances Mint green dresses or greek dresses
Quests ...

Fawn Starks is a daughter of Aphrodite who's 14.


Fawn was a little girl when she didn't know her mother she was 1 well that happens to every demigod. Fawn was raised by her father and as she grew up she was put into a academy but ran with a gang of other demigods when she knew she was a daughter of Aphrodite.


Fawn isn't pretty like other Aphrodite children. She's sort of like Piper but she's beautiful but not so much. She has brown sort of choppy brown hair and her eyes change into any color. She likes vintage dresses


Fawn is outgoing, brave, friendly, pretty imaginative and eccentric. She's usually bumping into people since she's clumsy.


  • She hates pie and make-up
  • She is a child of Aphrodite
  • She is thinking about joining the hunters
  • Her father died
  • And she likes vintage dresse