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  • Stories must finish at a place that makes sense to the readers (to be continued is acceptable)
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  • Try not to nominate a story by a user who has already had their article as the Article of the Month (its okay if you do though, but we want to give every user a chance to have their article picked)

December, 2010- Darkness Rising and Oh, For the Love of Coffee!

January, 2011- Love

February, 2011-A New Path

March, 2011- Nolan Swift: My Story Begins

April, 2011- Son of War

May, 2011 - N/A

June, 2011 - N/A

July/August 2011 - Dream Once

September, 2011: What If

October, 2011: Rick Spade

November, 2011: The Jackson Legacy

December, 2011: The Game of Life for a Demigod

January, 2012: Dark Reflections and A Dark Cloud Over the Future

February, 2012: Olympian Facebook

March - July, 2012: N/A

August, 2012: The Flaming Dove

December, 2012 - February, 2013: The Questers: Paper Planes

March, 2013: Your Intentions Were Gold

April, 2013: This Self-Inflicted Prison

May, 2013: An Aviator's Dream

June, 2013: N/A

July, 2013: Carmen Deorum

January, 2014: Ebony Wings

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