2018 ocs 

character name: christopher jackson

author: pickle the dark lord

user nominating:pickle the dark lord

award nominated for:


2011 Users

Username: SallyPerson

User Nominating: Darkcloud1111

Gender: I'm a guy, but I dont see why that matters

Award Nominated For: Most Upbeat user

Reason: I haven't been on here long and I most likely would of stopped writing after my first story if SallyPerson didn't keep complementing my stories so much even on the blogs and comments. She is also always trying to help other users and doesn't seem to ever stop. If that isnt upbeat I dont know what is


User Nominating: Karikamiya

Gender:Girl like Darkcloud why does gender matters?

Award Nominating For:Most Curious User

Reason:Okay when a fight was going on by well I forgot he asked why?Also he was really curious about what was this and that about.How this and that happen he always wants answers and I think it's really good to be curious like him.

Username: TheWiseOne

User nominating: Dagostino

Gender: Male (also wondering why this even matters)

Award Nominating For: Funniest User

Reason: Well if you've ever been on the chat with her, you'd understand why she's funny. It's really in the way she says things, and how she talks (or types, would you say?). She just has one of those fun personalities. So basically, TheWiseOne is probably one of the funniest people on the wiki.

Username: Karikamiya

User nominating: RoseKayAdams

Gender: I think it's pretty obvious that I'm a girl. Why does this even matter? Are they gonna separate boys& girls or something?

Award Nominating For: Kindest User

Reason: She left the wiki :(

2011 OCS

Character Name: The Questers

Author: Odst Greivous, Hermione6720, Kiwi 1998, Sallyperson Leafwhisker

User Nominating; Hermione6720

Awards Nominated For: Best OC Club

Reason: I'm biased.

Character Name: Megan Snow

Author: Darkcloud1111

User Nominating: Kakki10

Awards Nominated For: Best supporting character

Reason: Darkcloud really put a lot of depth into her. She has a thought-out personality and really adds a lot of credibility and spunk to the story. Plus, I like her.

Character Name: Josh Mclean

Author: Josh-Son of Hyperion

User Nominating: Karikamiya

Awards Nominated For: Character with the Hardest Life

Reason: He was abandon by her mom when he was 11 then everyone tease him because of his height to make the matters worst his dad is Hyperion a titan. His first girlfriend Fuuka was out to kill him then his mom was kidnap twice.Then his next girlfriend Kari Kamiya turned out to be a vampire. The worst of all is that his mom made him a slave when he is 5 years old.

Character Name: Madelyn Sparks

Author: XXTorunnXx and EvanescenceLover

Awards Nominated For: Character with the Hardest Life

Reason: She was abandoned as a baby on the streets to die. She never had a normal, or nice family. One foster mother even locked her in the trunk of a car because she broke a dish. She was feared by everyone because of her height, and her permanet glare. Being a daughter of Ares made no difference.

2011 Stories

Story Name: Dora the Demigod

Author: Hermonie6720

Award Nominated For: Best Crackfic

Reason: Just love it. So funny how dora even in danger is so stupid.

Story Name: The Chiaroscuro

Author: Too many to list. a lot of members between Dark Circle and Center of Light. The authors are listed on the main page.

User Nominating: Dagostino

Awards Nominated For: Story with the most Plot Twists.

Reason: Well, if you read it, it had a TON of plot twists!

Story Name: Pray

Author: Evanescence and XXTorunnXx

User Nominating: $MeSsWiThMeIfYoUdArE$

Awards Nominated for: Funniest Story

Reason: All the characters have such fun attitudes. They are all (usually) upbeat, and made really funny jokes.

2010 Users

Username: SallyPerson

User Nominating: Kakki10

Gender: F

Award Nominated For: Best User

Reason: She is such a great person I could nominate her for just about all these awards. So instead I nominated her for best user.She is nice and funny and always tries to help people. She writes AMAZING stories and has contributed a lot to the wiki. What a great user! 8^)

Username: Hazelcats

User Nominating: Hermione6720

Gender: F

Award Nominated for: Funnest User

Reason: Hazel is very fun to be around, I hope she wins!

Username: Kiwi 1998

User Nominating: Oboebandgeek99

Gender: F

Award Nominating For: Kindest User

Reason: When i first found this wiki, i was a bit angry at Kyra when she called me a ransacker. I hadn't known then that an anonymous user had ransacked her character. When i found out, i forgave her and she forgave me. She also helped show me how things work in the wiki, along with other users. she is one of the best users and i hope she wins his category.

Username: Hermione6720

User Nominating: SallyPerson

Gender: M

Award Nominated For: Most Upbeat User

Reason: Michael always has a story or blog to entertain us. He was the one to organize this whole thing, and he was still there when the wiki was going through a rough patch. If he hadn't been here, I would've gone crazy on this dead wiki. Now the wiki is back in motion, and he is still here. He really deserves this award.

Username: Bard eric

User Nominating: Hermione6720

Gender: F

Award Nominated For: curious User

Reason: Bard always was asking me during the blog days. I think this award fits her.

Username: Leafwhisker

User Nominating: Nessanae

Gender: F

Award Nominated For: Most Loyal User

Reason: she loves this wikia,shes on it almost everyday.

2010 Stories

Longest Stories:

  1. Jack Rucker's story by CJSpalding
  2. Time and Time Again by LukeCastellan
  3. Dream On by Thinkaboutthisname

Most Edited Stories:

  1. Character and Couple Theme Songs
  2. Letter
  3. Natalie Cole

Story Name: False Love: An Enemy in the Shadows

Author: Hazelcats

User nominating: Oboebandgeek99

Award nominated for: Story with most plot twists

Reason: despite the fact that it's not even finished yet, it already has so many plot twists! the story starts in it's prequel, where we find out that the PJO books are wrong and that Percy isn't who he seems to us. after a recap of percy getting annabeth pregnant, we find that in the sequel, annabeth is married to a demi-god of hermes. percy shows up and wants one of her triplets. the child gets stolen anyways and then, we jump ahead seven years, where the siblings who grew up with each other finnally find the missing child. there is so much to come, and i just read that it weill be a Kane Chronicles crossover!

Story name: A Spring of Serenity


User nominating:Odst grievous

Award nominated for:Most Action packed story

Reason:The action in this story rivals that of Gears of War, But with the PJO twist to it that we all love. It's actually kind of scary that it's not even done yet, considering the fact that it has more action then the first five star wars the clone wars episodes. I'd take my hat off to you Warboss, but I don't wear one.

Story Name: The Short After Life of Bianca di Angelo

Author: Hazelcats

User Nominating: SallyPerson

Awards Nominated For: Sweetest Story

Reason: I just like the story. Its the perfect length, its well written, and its true to the books and everything.

Story Name: The Demigod Diaries

Author: LemonFairy

User Nominating: SallyPerson

Awards Nominated For: Best Story

Reason: Its amazing! Its such good writing!!!! READ IT!!!!

Story Name: OC's Together: The First Adventure

Author: Hermione6720

User Nominating: SallyPerson

Awards Nominated For: Best Story

Reason: Its a well-rounded story with plot twists, action, comedy, and everything you want to read in a story. Plus, its the perfect length. I just wish it had a better ending!

Story Name: Daphne's Diary

Author: Sallyperson

'User Nominting: 'Hermione6720

Awards Nominated For: Best Story and Most Upbeat Story

Reason: Funny and entertaining, this series is awesome!

Story Name: Oh, For the Love of Coffee!

Author: Kakki10

User Nominating: Aosh Hatchi

Awards Nominated For: Best Story

Reason: Absolutely an amazing story. Very original and interesting. I seriously wouldn't be surprised if

Stephanie Meyer wrote this herself. Besides, everyone loves Starbucks Coffee! ( Sorry if it's to late for this.)

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