To make our wiki a user-friendly space, here are some simple regulations for pages.


The format is up to you. Whether you want multiple pages with one chapter each, or one page with the whole story, it's your choice.

Stories with multiple pages Example: The Unforgiven Series

  • Please put the category "Index Page" on the index page of the story.
  • Put categories pertaining to the story (eg. "Quests") on the index page only. This helps prevent clutter.
  • Add a link to the next chapter on the chapter pages. Whether you use the template or create your own link, it doesn't matter, but this really helps those who're reading your story!

Collaborations Example: The Audaces

  • Put the "Collaboration" category on the index page only (if the story has multiple pages).
  • The User Category can go on the individual user's chapter as well as the collaboration. It's up to you if you want to use both or not.
  • If multiple pages, please do not make a separate category for your collaboration for the chapters to go in. That's what the index page is for.

Stories with One page Example: Falling

  • Please put the User Category on it.
  • Any categories pertaining to the story (eg. "Quests," "Short Story," "Action") (please don't go crazy).


  • Adding the category "Children of _____" is recommended.

OC Clubs Example: The Questers

  • A separate category for the specific club is allowed.
  • Pages pertaining to the specific OC Club should have the club's category on it.


  • Categories such as "Characters with Blue Eyes," and "Moon Travel" are not necessary and just clutter up the site. Please refrain from creating such categories.
  • Also, please refrain from creating categories that already exist, such as "Male" and "Males."
  • For User Categories, it must be the Username only. I understand the creativity aspect, but it becomes confusing for users. This makes it simpler and more organized.
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