Gwendolyn Maddie Robson
I can't forgive Rome for what they did....
The Kind One
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Ancient Rome
Current age 17
Gender Female
Family Julius Robson (Father)

Hazel Darius (Mother) Marcus Robson (Big Brother)

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Light Brown
Height 5'8
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Weapons Bronze Staff
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Appearances None
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Daughter of Julius Robson and Hazel Darius, Little Twin Sister of Marcus Robson and granddaughter of Hestia on her mothers side


Lived with her parents and her older brother, she was born minutes after her brother so she is the younger sibling, for 14 years until a group of Roman Soldiers from Rome were sent to the house to collect a long and forgotten debt their father made with a wealthy landlord.

Their Father didn't have the money so he was slaugtered on the spot, their mother was ravished by the soldiers then murdered as well and would have done the same to her if Marcus hadn't slashed the Captains eye and helped her escape.


Was kind and clever, she loved animals so much she kept a rabbit that had got its leg broken by a horse as a pet, she loves her family, her father taught her in healing, such as stitching up a wound and treating people who are sick.


Light, short brown hair with brown eyes, she wears a white dress with a faded leather belt rapped around it, she also wears a brooch which was her mothers.


Carries around a bronze staff she can use magic with


  • With her bronze staff she can perform magic, mostly healing magic
  • Good at telling peoples emotions