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Haley Lily Morgan was born on December 12, 1980. She is a quarter-blood daughter of Jakob Morgan and Lillian Morgan (nee, Kerwhalt).


Haley's parents were Demigod children. She was born a while after WWII. Her father almost died in the War. When Haley was 10 years old, her parents were killed by a Hellhound. She grew up to age fourteen and then had Jade with an unknown god. Ever since, she's raised her daughter well.

Fan Fictions She Appears In.

Love Kills.

It is seen in Love Kills that Haley loves Jade very much and wants her to have a good experience at Camp Half-Blood..


Haley has violet eyes and light brown hair. She is said to be beautiful, like her mother.

Known Family/Relationships.

  • Hermes (Lover, once upon a time.)
  • Jade Morgan (Daughter.)
  • Thalia Grace (Aunt.)
  • Any Aphrodite kids (Aunts/uncles.)
  • Jakob Morgan (Father.)
  • Lillian Morgan (Mother.)
  • Zeus (Grandfather.)
  • Aphrodite (Grandmother.)


Haley's theme song is 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' by Greenday.