Hero Emily Prentice (born October 1, 1997) is a currently unclaimed demigod.


Hero is a pretty girl with straight blonde hair and stormy grey-blue eyes. She doesn't wear much makeup, leaving at mascara and lip gloss, which her sister loves to steal. Her normal outfit is jeans and whatever t-shirt doesn't stink of sweat. Hero is a short 5'3 and weighs 110 lbs.


Hero is the main character in Lullaby.

Known Family.

  • Karl Prentice (Dad).
  • Andrea Prentice (Step-mum).
  • Mason Prentice (Half-brother, mortal).
  • Julia Prentice (Half-sister, mortal).
  • Libena Prentice (Sister, demigod).


Hero is a shy and kind girl. She loves doing homework and reading even though she has dyslexia. She's a very independent girl but still spends time with her family. She believes in ghosts highly, knowing there is probably some monster out there that's like a ghost. Hero is also very cautious and strategic. She rarely ever swears and will read any book. Her comforts are being wrapped up in a blanket, being under water, hugging her stuffed owl, and reading.


Hero's theme song is 'Like You' By Evanescence [1].

Hero and Libena share a theme song, 'Over and Over' By Three Days Grace.

Hero's name, evidently, means hero.