Fawn Starks walked to camp as if she was going to faint.

"So tired have to rest." Her knees buckled

"Whoa." Jin Kyung lifted her up and took her to the infarmary

A few hours later she woke up. Fawn touched her coffee and chocolate brown hair. She looked around. A girl was standing right next to her. She had pale skin, purple eyes and a blue streak down her black hair.

"Who the hell are you?" she asked

"Me? I'm Jin Kyung your friend." she waved her hand through her face

"Oh right I forgot." She looks at Jin then turns to see who was next to her.

A boy who looked at least 13 or 14, golden blond hair and an orange t-shirt which was the same as Jin Kyung's. The boy was lying in a coma and Fawn didn't know why.

"Who's he?" She asks

"Josh McLean, Why'd you ask?" Jin raised her eyebrow

Fawn stepped out of the bed with a blanket around her and went to sit in a seat which was next to Josh's bed. She poked the coma's cover and the Josh's golden eyes fled right open. Fawn stepped back and Jin rushed to get Chiron. WIP WIP