Iceus Drake' '(Born June 22nd, 1995) is the son of Zephyr.

Iceus Drake and Aeolus' Staff

He is the main character. At the beginning, he is sent on a quest to find Aeolus by his father. In the middle, he and his companions (Alice Ryans and Draco Aarons) are joined by a kid named Siry. At the end, when Siry is killed, he kisses Alice. Finally, he fights an evil demigod and becomes Alice's boyfriend.

Shadows And Ice

He is mentioned to be teaching Shadow about his wind powers.

Love has Consequences

He is the father of Alice's unborn child. They learn that it will be a boy and they name it Siry Alder Drake.

The couple get married.


Iceus has blond hair, pale gray eyes, and a slim body. He is 6 ft. tall and weighs 141 pounds.                                                                                                                                                                      



He is compassionate and responsible. However, he also likes to have fun all the time. Finally, he can be rebellious in his own way.

Theme Songs

  • Move Along - All American Rejects



  • Wind Control
  • Weather Control
  • Peace Keeping
  • Rejuvenating Plants


  • "Yeah, well let's land and find out who's who!"
  • "Why the Zeus do you want them?"


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