Jack Darius Robson
Jack better
I kill monsters with my arrows, if i don't i kill them with my spear, if i don't i'll kill them with lightning
The Thor Archer
Little Brother of Sabre Robson
The Wielder of Light
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 2011
Current age 16
Gender Male
Family Andrew Trevor Robson (Father)

Linda Louis (Mother) Sabre Robson (Brother) Zeus, King of the Gods (Grandfather)

Status Alive
Eye Color Emerald
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'10"
Alias The Thor Archer
Affiliation The Olympian League
Weapons Bow and Arrows and a spear of light he calls Solar Flare
Species Demigods
Home Camp Half-Blood
Appearances None
Quests None

Jack Darius Robson is the son of Andrew Trevor Robson and Linda Louis and nephew to Sadie Robson. He is younger brother to Sabre Robson by one year. His older brother doesn't know him. He was adopted by Jove and Faith Lucas.


He was born a year apart from his brother Sabre, his parents wanted to keep him but a thy months later after he was born monsters attacked his family's house and nearly killed them all but his father managed to drive them off with the help of his mother, they then had a very hard time but about a year later he is left on the doorstep of Jove and Faith Lucas.

A long time after that, Jove and Faith died of cancer and he was left alone, he travelled to Camp Half-Blood where he met his long lost brother, Sabre Robson.

At first Sabre didn't believe it but when Jack saved Sabre's life from a giant spider with is power of thunder he finally believed him.


  • He can control lightning as well as his father
  • He can control wind as well as his father
  • He is a crackshot in archery
  • His adoptive dad, Jove Lucas called him "the Thor archer" because of his ability to channel lightning through his arrows
  • Great at spear fighting
  • He learned swordfighting from his brother and only uses it if he has no chance


Like all Robsons he is drop dead handsome, he has bright blonde hair and emerald eyes, he wears a brown jacket ontop of a white shirt and faded jeans. He also wears an amulet that was given to him by his foster father which turns into his spear Solar Flare

He has scars on various points on his body from being tortured by Cesar Osean, lead torturer of Liquid Fire, an organization made by Burning Sun


He is serious most of the time but can have a sense of humor some of the time, he cares about his friends deeply and would give his life for his friends.


He likes using a bow and arrow but when it comes to close quarters he uses a amulet he was given by his foster father which, when gripped tightly in his hand, turns into a spear which radiates a intense light like the sun, he calls it Solar Flare


  • He is the distant ancestor of Dan Robson
  • It is hinted that he got his archery skills from his aunt, Sadie Robson.


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