Jonathan Lucius
Son of Pluto
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth November 15th
Current age 19
Gender Male
Family Lucian Marcus (Uncle)

Marcia Lucilla (Aunt) Tatiana Livia (Mother) Pluto (Father)

Status alive
Eye Color black
Hair Color black, spiked
Height 6' 0"
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Affiliation The Pyrrhic war
Weapons "Fonias" Stygian Iron Sword + "Telos" Unbreakable Shield
Species Roman Half-Blood
Home Rome, Italy
Appearances The Pyrrhic war
Quests None

Early Years

Jonathan grew up knowing he would become a warrior; a gladiator, if he was lucky. That was his childhood, being trained by his uncle, his aunt. As for his mother, she didn't care much for her violent warrior of a son, and Jonathan frankly didn't care for her either. Tatiana remarried only three years after Jonathan's birth, and left him in the care of his uncle Lucian and aunt Marcia. Knowing of his godly parentage, Jonathan began to train vigorously by the age of ten, and gained some skill as well as arrogance. His earliest memory is his aunt screaming when a dark shadow was found crawling up his cradle.


He is extremely arrogant, and considers everyone to be below him. Jonathan can be rather blunt and physical oriented most of the time. He doesn't really show his many emotions, containing all but anger, sarcasm, and venom. All in all, he is a rock waiting to be reduced to ash.