Keira as a young child, around 4 or 5.

Keira S

Keira Piper Stoll is an eleven-year-old demigod. She is currently unclaimed.

Sibling Rivalry

Keira is the younger half-sister of Travis and Connor Stoll. Her and them sharing a mother but with different Olympian fathers. They have a strong rivalry, but deep down they love each other. At least, they probably do.

Keira's father left before she was born. Travis and Connor knew him; it is unknown if they remember him. It is a possibility she's a daughter of Apollo, since she has a love for the sun and sunny weather, since Apollo is the God of the Sun.

Her mother is making her to go Camp Half-Blood with her brothers, because she got attacked by a monster. While she was there they teased her mercilessly, often crossing the line with their pranks. Even placing a poison spider on her while she slept, and yelling to the whole camp about how she got her period while waving her used pads in the air, leading to her attempt to run away and getting hit by a car.


Keira is a mouse-like girl who looks very much her mother, Shannon Stoll. Keira has light skin, long dark brown hair, and hazel-brown eyes. She is quite small, being 4'8 and weighing just 80 lbs.


Keira is smart, quiet, and reserved. She keeps to herself and hates to draw attention. She hates the pranks her "evil brothers" are constantly pulling on her, some of which are drastic and even cruel. She can be whiny and immature, though often when Travis & Connor go too far, it's justified.

Known Family

  • Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll (Half-brothers)
  • Shannon Stoll (Mother)