Kristina R

Kristina Clarisse Rodriguez is the 9-year-old quarter-blood daughter of Chris and Clarisse Rodriguez (nee La Rue).

Whispers in the Dark

Kristina is a minor character first introduced in Chapter Eleven. She has not been mentioned by name yet, but Sparrowsong has stated that she is the daughter of Chris and Clarisse.

She is one of the half-bloods that has to hide under their beds and be quiet because they are not old enough to fight yet.


Kristina is 5'5 and 150 lbs. She is very tall for her age and a bit on the overweight side.

Like most descendants of Ares, Kristina looks very intimidating. Taylor felt frightened just by being near her.

She is Caucasian (slightly tanned). She has light brown hair, like her mother's, and blue eyes. Chris has brown eyes and Clarisse's eye color has never been mentioned, so it is possible that Clarisse's eyes are blue like Kristina's. If not, it is quite common for two brown-eyed parents to have a blue-eyed child as long as they both carry the recessive gene for blue eyes.


Kristina's personality is very similar to Clarisse's. She is a girly girl (at least in the way she dresses) and is somewhat kinder than most of the Ares cabin, but don't let that make you think she's nice. She is tough, hot-headed, stubborn. She can seem a bit mean, but like Clarisse, she is nice deep down. More than anything, Kristina wants to be special, so she can often be seen trying to steal the spotlight from other people. She hates being treated like a baby, and wouldn't hesitate to slap you if you did so despite the fact that she has inevidibly warned you not to. Her immature behaviour may be caused by the fact that she has been spoiled her whole life by her parents and her godmother Silena Beuregard-Beckendorf. If you annoy her, she sometimes responds with "You don't want to know what my Grandpa Ares would do to you if he found out that you're picking on me." She does not let other people push her around. Rather, she pushes other people around, even adults. Her parents, for the most part, just let her act however she wants. She is on good terms with London Beuregard-Beckendorf.

Known Family

  • Clarisse Rodriguez (Mother)
  • Chris Rodriguez (Father)
  • Ares (Grandfather)