Chapter Twenty-five


Denise Munroe


I woke to the noise of banging, Kelsey and Elicia where already awake rattling the cage as if trying to break the steel. I looked over to Rachel who was fast asleep on the cage floor, curled up like a baby cuddling her backpack with a knife in the other. "Guys, you do know that won't work. We all tried last night" I said killing a spider with my fist.

"Well, has anyone got any bright ideas, besides Rachel, she is still in the land of Hypnos. Come on Denise, seeing as you are the child of the god of warcraft" Kelsey responded bitterly and continued to rattle the cage. Eventually after a few minutes of continous shaking Rachel awoke.

"Hey what did I miss, I see we are still in the cage so I guess not much" She said rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

"I have an idea, but it's a long shot" I said "If we call the gods for help, but in a united prayer. A god may be able to release us" I finished.

"I don't see that working but seeing as it is the only plan we have, let's do it" Elicia replied and closed her eyes, as did the rest of us. For five minuted we spent praying and praying hard, then just as we tried to get comfortable I came up with a plan.

"I have another suggestion. If we all use our powers on the cage it might loosen the metal and we can break through" I said.

"Ok let's give it a shot" Elicia said and Kelsey insisted on going first. She eyes our watercups and flicked her wrists, the water rose and formed an aqua sphere which she flung at the cage but it just reflected and left Kelsey soaked.

"My turn" Elicia said. She raised her arms and vines began to constrict around the cage. Once we learned it wasn't affecting the cage she released and the vines dug back into the soil.

"I shall try my best" I said, I took a wrist watch out of my bag and set the timer.

"What is that used for?" Rachel asked staring at the wrist watch.

"It's an explosive wrist watch, it was able to blast a hole in Zeus' fist so why not a steel cage" I replied and told everyone to stand back. The watch exploded but the cage was left untouched.

Then Rachel stood up "What if I call upon a spirit and sent it to Malcolm?"

"I beleive that might work, shall we give it a try" Elicia said and Kelsey and I agreed.

"Rachel went over to a space between the bars and said "I call upon a spirit from Hades, a willing servant to do one favor" and as she finished the outline of a man appeared.

"And what have you requested for I to do" The spirit said and wrote on a piece of parchment.

"Not a spirit I hoped to get but you will do the job, and very successfully. Odysseus, I need you to search around Colorado for my cousin Malcolm. Tell him we are ok for now but we are stuck in New York, possibly some Zoo. And hurry" Rachel barked.

"Whatever you ask my lady" Ghostly Odysseus replied and popped in thin air.

We where left pondering our next stratagy. Then we heard our captors voice.

"Well looky here, the demigods are awake" said the mystery man who was all dressed up.

"What do you want us for?" Rachel asked.

"I cannot reach the gods, no one has seen or heard from them in weeks. Since we cannot feed our army on fallen god flesh. I suppose their spawn will have to do" The mystery man said and began to chuckle.

"Who are you, your really freaky" Kelsey asked and searched her pocket for a weapon but only found a can of maize.

"I am shocked you don't recognise me. I am Crius, Titan of Intelligence and Wit" Crius said.

"And what has this got to do with the Zombie invasion" I asked.

"Well child, I have managed to strike a deal with the Prince of the Dead, he won't touch my army if I capture a few demigods" Crius replied.

"Why haven't the remaining Titans been infected or disconnected from the world" Elicia asked looking confused.

"Well, when we reigned we protected ourselves from these kind of infectious abominations. The Olympians and minor gods took no such precautions, they distance themselves purely because of selfish behaviour. They could stop this, but no Zeus recalled all gods to be behind Olympus territory" Crius said.

"And what are you gonna do to us now, I hardly expect a Titan to come for a chat" I said sarcastically.

"I am just checking up on you, my family want you alive to meet the Prince of the Dead when he arrives to see you. Be prepared because he has no mercy" Crius said and walked away laughing


Dean Summers

"Guys, we have to go find them. We have to keep moving" Allen said and stood up.

"Allen, they where taken to quickly. Gods knows where they are, Gods knows what has happened" Layla said and picked some debris out of her high-top sneakers.

"Well, we need a lead to know where to look" Luke said and stood beside Allen.

"Guys, what is that?" I asked pointing at an invisible man, only is outline visible, coming towards us.

"It's a spirit, infact it's Odysseus' Ghost" Malcolm said and stood in Odysseus' path. Odysseus came to a halt in front of Malcolm.

"Son of Hades, I come bearing news of your sister. She says that they are ok for now and are trapped in some Zoo in New York and Hurry" Odysseus said and hovered on the spot.

"That you kind Spirit, now back to the Underworld for you" Malcolm said and Odysseus sunk to the floor.

We stood in silence until Megan broke the silence "Well what are we waiting for, we best hurry" She said.

That day, we ran so far and so fast we had to stop so many times, but it was worth it if we ever wanted to see our friends again.