Leslie Rai Andersen


Leslie Rai Andersen is described as a gangly and petite, young half-blood with deep black hair and soft brown eyes. She's thin in the extreme and very angular, with small features and an elfish face. Her legs are skinny and arms are pretty slender. Definately not your athlete on the trackfield, as the naiads put it.


Leslie is the daughter of you guessed it, Demeter. She has her mother's black hair but the lineage of Native American Blood has given her the soft eyes of her father, Oswald (yes, a weird name for a guy), whom she affectionately calls Ossie. Her parents had met at a gardening club three years after the war with the titans, and Demeter fell head over heels in love with Oswald, who'd been showing a group of kids how to plant corn in a cornfield. It was very interesting, and both soon entered a relationship. However, it didn't last for mother than a few months, just enough time for Demeter to get pregnant with Leslie Rai. Oswald went completely nuts and lost every bit of his mind when he found out that Demeter was pregnant with his daughter, and admittedly, first child. The goddess left to give birth to her daughter and then came back, giving him Leslie and told him to take care of her, or else. When she was five, her father was killed in a car accident, so she went to live with her father's sister, Nora Rai West.


Leslie is a lot like her father in many ways, she loves the outdoors and is quiet. In addition, she also is stubborn and thoughtful, but her real interest lies in farming. Her favorite food is cereal, which she eats quite a lot of. When meeting other people, Leslie is shy and quiet, not talking much, and prefers to stay on the sidelines, instead of getting into things. Normally, she'll shy away from strangers, and has a strong dislike for many of the Hermes cabin.

How she came to Camp Half-Blood

Well, after living with her aunt Nora for nine years, Leslie got a new cousin named Amanda. Nothing of this fragile peace was to last however, for on the way home from school, a minotaur attacked Leslie as she was just getting to her home, and fled for her life. Fortunately, another demigod, Alex, who was a son of Hades, got her out of there okay with a satyr, Lux, coming after them. Both explained to the shocked and somewhat incredulous demigod that she needed to come with them to Camp Half-Blood, where she'd be relatively safe, though much better off. With Argus driving them however, it took about an hour to get to her new life

Family Members

  • Oswald Black Andersen (father)
  • Demeter (mother)
  • Aunt Nora (aunt)
  • Jeremy (cousin)
  • Amanda (cousin)