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Liam Charles Michael di Angelo (born October 19 2017) is the quarter-blood son of Nico di Angelo and Allison Victor.

Life As A Single Dad.

Liam appears playing his father's old game, Mythomagic.


Liam takes after his father more than mother. He has medium brown hair and hazel eyes. His skin is more olive toned than his sister's. As a teenager, he likes to go through piles and bags of his father's old clothes and pretty much take them.


Personality wise, Liam takes after his father. He smiles rarely and is very quiet. He's shy and very bottled up. He rarely talks about himself but at times can be reckless and irresponsible. Other than that, he can act very depressed sometimes.

Known Family.

  • Allison Victor, Mother.
  • Nico di Angelo, Father.
  • Maria di Angelo, Twin Sister.
  • Norma Victor, Maternal Grandmother.
  • Hermes, Maternal Granddad.
  • Maria di Angelo, Paternal Grandmother, Deceased.
  • Bianca di Angelo, Deceased Paternal Aunt.
  • Hades, Paternal Granddad.
  • Luke Castellan, Connor Stoll, Travis Stoll, Maternal Half-Uncles.
  • Other children of Hermes or Hades, Half-Aunts/Uncles.


  • Instead of being from the original Life As A Single Dad, Liam is an original character.
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