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Libena Fiala Prentice (born May 16, 2004) is a currently unclaimed demigod.


In Lullaby, Libena plays a major role as Hero's little sister.


Libena loves reading. More than her sister. But unlike her sister, she's a terrible swimmer. Her comforts are being with Hero and being wrapped in a blanket. She is a kind little girl and is very polite to Mr.D and Chiron. She's quiet and reserved and once you get her stared on a subject, she'll rant. When she was younger, Hero used to time her rants. Her longest one has clocked in at 15 minutes and 50 seconds. (A/N:: I don't know why I put that last line. She is nothing like me when I was a little girl. XD)


Unlike Hero, Libena's hair is a bit curlier. It's more of a honey blonde, not sandy/sunny-blonde. She has her tell-tale grey eyes but hers are more bluish than grey. She has some of her father's eyes. Libena, like most of the campers, is Caucasian. Her usual outfit is a pair of Capri's and a pink T-shirt.

Known Family.

  • Hero Prentice (Sister, Demigoddess).
  • Karl Prentice (Dad).
  • Andrea Prentice (Step-mum.)
  • Mason Prentice (Half-brother, unknown).
  • Julia Prentice (Half-sister, unknown).
  • Unknown Goddess (Mother).


  • The name Libena is a Slovak name and Fiala is Czech. (Pronunciation: Lee-ben-uh and Fee-Ah-Luh.)

These two names were not picked by accident. They are named after my cousin's and my own OC's for Axis Powers Hetalia, an anime. And though the meaning of Fiala slips my mind, I remember that Libena means love.

  • Hero and Libena share a theme song, 'Over and Over' By Three Days Grace.
  • In Photoslash, Libena's theme songs are 'Runaway' By Linkin Park and 'Falling For You' By Jem.