Lucya Nevel
Daughter of Hermes
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth September 1st
Current age 16
Gender Female
Family Hermes (Father)

Irina Nevel (Mother)

Alexander Nevel (Step-Father)

Hilda Nevel (Step-Grandmother)

Yekaterina Fyodorov (Grandmother)

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 5'7"
Alias "Lucy"

"Parshi" (by her Grandmother)

Affiliation Demigod
Weapons N/A
Species Demigod
Home Joseph, Oregon
Appearances TBA
Quests TBA

Lucya "Lucy" Diane Nevel is a demigod daughter of Hermes and regular resident of Camp Half Blood.


Early History

Lucya was born in Joseph, Oregon. Due to an affair between her mother and the god Hermes, Lucya's "step-father", Alex, thought he was the true birth father. Despite both him and Lucya's mother being blonde, they were surprised by her black hair and blue eyes, as opposed to their brown ones. Despite this, they raised her just like any of their children.

Irina, Lucy's mother, recieved a letter in the mail one spring that told her of a camp for children in her situation. Upon calling the enclosed number, she was greeted by Chiron who explained that Hermes was in fact a god, and that the camp would help Lucy uncover her potential and control it. That summer, Lucy was reluctantly flighted to Camp Half Blood.


Lucya is a cunning young lady, although she isn't the brightest. She makes up for her lack of raw intelligence through being clever and outsmarting her opponents. She's a bit of a kleptomaniac, and if something catches her eye, she'll gladly reach out and take it after attempting a distraction. Even if that doesn't work - she's pretty fast after years of track and cross-country.

Lucya has trust issues, stemmed from her parentage, like a thief's mindset. She prefers working alone because she can get things done faster, and is the polar opposite of a "team player".



  • Athletic Abilities
    • Sprinting
    • Endurance
  • Persuasive
  • Lock Picking
  • Trap Sense
    • Only the physical kind (bear traps, ropes, etc.)


  • Track/Cross-Country
    • Speed
    • Jumping