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Lynn Ambrosette Jackson (born May 18 2011) is a Quarter-blood daughter of Percy and Annabeth.


Lynn Ambrosette Jackson was born on May 18, 2011 to Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson. As soon as she was old enough to talk, she was sent to Camp Half-Blood. For her first 7 years, her father accompanied her, helping train campers good sword fighting techniques. She is currently getting moved to the Athena cabin on her mother's accord.

Sweet Temptation.

Lynn appears as a minor character at first but then grows into being more main.


Lynn's full appearance is still being tweaked but Thinkaboutthisname imagines her to have darker blonde and curly hair and a physique like her mother's. But her father's eyes. Usually, her face is brightened and smiling and her green eyes are twinkling. Most of the time, Lynn has oddly coloured streaks in her hair ranging from bright green to dark purple. Her normal outfit is usually some cool T-shirt and jean shorts with flip-flops. Lynn is 5'5 and weighs 120 lbs.


Lynn is very much like her father when it comes to personality. She is very easily annoyed and is a romanticist. She is an optimist and loves to paint. She is deathly scared of spiders and loves to swim, as well. Lynn is outgoing as well, often talking to her cabin-mates.


  • Lynn's middle name, Ambrosette is Greek for 'Undying, immortal'.