Marcus Maximus Robson
Marcus robson
Rome shall pay
The Son of Rome
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Ancient Rome
Current age 17
Gender Male
Family Julius Robson (Father)

Hazel Darius (Mother)

Gwendolyn Robson (Twin Sister)

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'8
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Weapons Shikau
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Appearances None
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Son of Julius Robson and Hazel Darius, Big Twin Brother of Gwendolyn Robson, he is the Grandson of Helios, Titan of the sun, on his fathers side.


Lived with his parents and his Little Sister, is the older sibling because he was born minutes before his sister, he lived there for 14 years until a group of Roman Soldiers from Rome were sent to the house to collect a long and forgotten debt their father made with a wealthy landlord.

Their Father didn't have the money so he was slaugtered on the spot, their mother was raped by the soldiers then murdered as well and would have done the same to Gwendolyn if Marcus hadn't slashed the captains eye and helped her escape, they ran for miles

He swore revenge on Rome for his parents death.


He is kind, brave and intelligent, his father taught him how to speak Latin and also a number of other languages like Russian, Japanese and Norweigian and he knows all about the old storys (Roman, Greek, Norse and Viking Mythology)

He loves his friends and mostly his sister mostly because she is the only family he's got.

He has strong feelings for Annika Olander


He has brown hair and brown eyes, like all Robsons he is drop dead handsome, he wears a black, sleeveless linen shirt and green trousers.

He also wears a long, white cloak with lots of pockets so he can keep food or resources with him at all time


  • Great at sword fighting
  • Good at martial arts
  • Can shoot fire and make something burst into flames
  • Can summon a great fiery dog appear to help him in battle
  • Pryokinesis


Uses a katana he calls Shikau which is imperial gold which was given to him by Annika Olander when they first met to protect his sister