Vienna Pins
Daughter of Nefertem
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth November 15th
Current age 15
Gender Female
Family Nefertem (Father)

Sotemeit (Mother)

Felicia Pins (Owner, "Mother")

Leonardo Pins (Owner, "Father")

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'2"
Alias Lily
Affiliation Egyptian
Weapons N/A
Species Demigod
Home Egypt
Appearances Pyrrhin War
Quests None

Nanu, known by her alias Vienna Ciero, is a daughter of Nefertem, the Egyptian god of healing and beauty.


Nanu grew up originally without a Father. Her original mother was accused of adultery and Nanu was passed onto her new family as a "slave", the only way she could pass the border in Austria. From there, she was taken to Italy with her new family, who only used the term "slave" or "servant" around officials - even though they would sometimes treat her like a servant rather than a daughter.


Nanu is usually seen wearing a long white dress with a brown apron, possibly made of an old cut up potato sack, and usually no shoes. She's recently cut her hair very short as not to get any of her long brown hair in the food, and she's small and somewhat thin, never having a big appetite.