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Percy Jackson Fanfiction Wiki is a collaborative website about Percy Jackson and the Olympians fanfiction that anyone can edit! This site also contains fanfictions from Rick Riordan's other novels, The Kane Chronicles, The Heroes of Olympus, and any other pantheon of gods that you would like to write about. We have 9,745 articles since July 2009! If you are new and need help, please contact one of our admins or our email

List of Rules

All the Rules listed below also refer to any chat associated with Percy Jackson Fanfiction Wiki.
  1. No Flaming, harassing, or assaulting another user. I.e Cyberbullying.
  2. No spamming.
  3. No abusing the posting of links to other sites.
  4. No sockpuppeting, referring to having multiple accounts (without claiming on your user pages), voting yourself up with another account, evading a ban with another account. Remember, it's best to keep only a single account unless absolutely necessary.
  5. No plagiarism.
  6. No editing other users' pages' contents without permission. (Editing for mistakes and errors is allowed per user discretion)
  7. No explicit/sexual content (made for the purpose of pornography), including stories, characters, blogs, chat discussions and images/videos.
  8. No cussing at users in chat, however general cussing is allowed.
  9. These Taboo Words are not allowed in pages, but are allowed in blog discussions when appropriate.


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