Reya Milan
"I live to protect my friends, not to waste my life."
Daugher of Hyperion
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth December 5, 1997
Current age 15
Gender female
Family Hyperion (father)

Lucy Milan (mother, deceased)

Status alive
Eye Color red
Hair Color blond
Height 5'6
Alias Lights
Affiliation CHB
Weapons sword, gun
Species Greek Demigod
Home CHB
Appearances Daughter of a Titan
Quests Quest to Get the Ring
Reya is the daughter of Hyperion and Lucy Milan. She found out she was a demigod at age fifteen. She was claimed late.

Reya Milan

She is also known as the Princess of Light or Daughter of the Sun.


Reya was born on December 5th, 1997. She has been kicked out of seven schools in four years. Then Reya finally met Percy Jackson and he helped her get to camp after she was attacked by a monster. She was placed in the Hermes cabin until she was claimed after Capture-the-Flag the first night she was at camp.


Reya has blonde hair, red eyes(she's not a vampire!), and a clear skin. She can usually be seen with her gun strapped to her arm and her sword/necklace around her neck. She is envied by most for her beauty.


Reya has a funny, quirkey personality, but she will only be like that to people whom she trusts. To others, she is a shy, smart girl.

Friends and Family

Daughter of a Titan

Percy Jackson- boyfriend (yes, he broke up with Annabeth). He was the first demigod she knew

Lucy Milan- dead mother. Lucy was the only family Reya ever knew

Apple- a dryad. Turned into a human after she died.



Demigod High

Percy Jackson- boyfriend

Hyperion Milan- father

Annabeth- friend

Clarrise- enemy



Thalia- friend

Luke- likes Reya

Rachel- enemy, likes Percy


Daughter of a Titan- main character

Demigod High- girlfriend of Percy


1. Reya dates Percy in both of her stories, even though they have nothing to do with eachother

2. Her mother died.

3. She plays drums.

4. Her favorite color is gold.

5. She came up with the name Shine 5.

6. Her favorite band is Maroon 5.

7. Her theme song is 'Lights' by Ellie Goulding in Daughter of a Titan and 'Paradise' by Coldplay in Demigod High