Rosalia as a child.

Rosalia C

Rosalia "Rose" May Castellan is a fourteen-year-old quarter-blood daughter of Luke Castellan and Thalia Grace.

Dark Secrets

Rose is Noah Castellan's twin sister. They have lived on the Princess Andromeda for as long as they can remember. They were told that they were abandoned.

One night, Rose is exploring the ship when she overhears Luke talking to a woman. After eavesdropping, she finds out that Luke is her father and she and Noah were stolen from their mother.

Rose and Noah run away. They end up spending the night in a graveyard.

She is recaptured. Her mother is revealed as Thalia.


Rose is 5'4 and weighs 120 lbs. She is very pale-skinned and has ice-blue eyes, like her father, but her hair is black instead of blonde. She likes to put highlights in her hair. She has pierced ears and usually wears cherry earrings.


Rose is shy and reclusive. She finds it hard to make friends. She describes herself as a "daredevil." Rose likes music, especially Evanescence. She is something of a mooch. Her favorite colors are black and red. Her personality is still being developed.

Known Family

  • Noah Castellan (Brother)
  • Hermes (Grandfather)
  • May Castellan (Grandmother, most likely deceased)
  • Luke Castellan (Father)
  • Thalia Grace (Mother)


  • Rose's full name, Rosalia, is Latin. It means "white rose."
  • Rose is apparently middle-named after her grandmother.
  • Dark Secrets is loosely based on one of Sparrowsong's much older Percy Jackson and the Olympians fanfictions. This story, also called Dark Secrets, was about two girls named Natalie and Isabella. They had the same past as Rose and Noah. The main differences are: they weren't twins (three years apart), they were both girls, their appearances (Natalie had dark blonde hair and grey eyes, while Isabella had white-blonde hair and blue-grey eyes), they had a different mother, and the fact that their personalities were completely different. The original Dark Secrets is not finished and never will be.