Senri s
Son of a Hunter
Cherokee Warrior
Former Slave
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Ancient Rome
Current age 21
Gender Male
Family Karen (Mother)

Wolf (Father)

Status Alive
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Gray
Height 5'8 and a half
Alias The Bear
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Weapons Bear Claw


Species Legacy
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Appearances None
Quests None

Son of Karen, A Hunter of Artemis and a Cherokee Man named Wolf.


When the Hunter's of Artemis came upon Cherokee lands in Ancient Rome, Artemis met with their chief while his mother, Karen met secretly with a member of the tribe and they consumated their love.

A thy days later Artemis found out and cursed Karen for when she had her sun he will neither be man or beast.

When Senri was born he was cursed with the power to turn his body into the likeness of a bear.

Artemis cast him away in his fathers tribe, taking his eye as a price for the betrayal, later in his life he was captured by slave traders and selled him on the black market when he was just 10.

A caring women bought him for $200 and took care of him till he was 21 and he then went off to find his mother and get revenge on Artemis.


He rarely speaks because the trauma of his past made his voice die but most of the time he is caring and brave and courageous.


Long gray hair and gray eye, he wears a cherokee sash as a eye patch and the clothes of a Cherokee, he also carries a falchion like sword he uses for cutting wood and killing animals.


He sometimes uses the Falchion but prefers to turn his hand into a bear claw.