Sina Olander
Daughter of Nótt
The Witching Girl
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth August 15
Current age 9
Gender Female
Family Nótt (Mother)

Slagfid Olander (Father)

Annika Olander (Sister)

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown-Red
Hair Color Brown-Blonde
Height 4'10"
Alias {{{alias}}}
Affiliation Norse
Weapons N/A
Species Demigod
Home Aland, Scandinavia
Appearances Pyrrhic War
Quests None

Sina Olander is a main protaginist in the Pyrrhic War series. She is the Norse demigod daughter of Nótt, goddess of the night.


When Sina was born, she was incredibly weak and even sickly. Viking children were trained harshly, and Sina was too sickly and small looking that they would likely leave her for the wolves, as customs state. Sina's mother, pitying her, gave her a guardian dog, who protected her and became her best companion as she grew older. She took over household chores will her big sister, Annika, helped her father in battle.


Sina is a rather quiet girl, but she will always speak her mind when confronted. She loves animals and is rather small and dainty, but her voice can be very strong and persuasive when needed. She is usually the one to inflict morals on Annika.