Stephanie's P.O.V

We are home at last. Thank the gods!!

A few minutes ago, I receive a vision that the boat had been magically teleported from one place to another. And I also get the location where Platina and Bella teleported to: Josh's dorm.

I told my friends to go to the dorm, and as soon as we got to the dorm, there stood Josh, Bella and Platina.

Platina started pointing at me, then at Annabeth, then at Gary, and so on and so forth. I guess Platina is doing the standard headcount in order to make sure that everyone is here.

I looked around, trying to find everyone. Platina, Bella, Josh, Mary, Gary, Adam, me, Annabeth, Hippolyta, Layla and Jarren. Perfect.

Me and Josh looked out the window, and the port of Miami beach is clear to see. I saw white sandy beaches with many people playing around the beaches, and relaxing under the sun. I would like to relax under the sun too, since it gave me more energy to use my powers, and makes my skin look a little tanner.

I rubbed my hands together, and as soon as the ship stopped, we are told to come down one by one. As soon as all 8 of us got off the ship, we started to look for a taxi. I saw the chipmunks, in the corner of my right eye. They are jumping up and down because they are relieved after being saved and taken care of by us demigods. I'm sure that the chipmunks will tell Dave, but I don't think the chipmunks even remember since Platina had manipulated the mist so that everyone in the ship had not remembered what Alvin had said in the captain's deck.

Platina got us a taxi, but it's not enough to fit all 8 people in, so we have to ride separate taxis. Unfortunately, there aren't many taxis around, so we decided to get in the huge taxi.

When we got on the huge taxi, I got the feeling that something terrible is going to happen. Everyone is starting to feel uncomfortable, and since it's demigod instincts, we decided to follow it.

We got off the huge taxi, and just then, the taxi started its own engine, and the taxi began to drive by itself.

The taxi is heavily armored, because whatever we tried to hit it with, it always bounces back, like a deflector shield.

Platina raised her hand up in the air, and as I watched, a small amount of black mist began to swirl around Platina's hand. She then pointed it at the uncontrolled taxi, and as the black mist travelled, it travelled in a wave motion, like the formation of Hermes's caduceus, where the snakes are intertwined.

Platina clapped her hands, and at the same time, the black mist collised with each other just near the taxi, and then an explosion the size of a mini nuclear bomb is heard and felt.

We are all thrown at about 40 miles an hour and landed a few hundred meters from where we're standing. I made it with a few scratches. I started to look for my friends.

Annabeth had her arms scorched, but only her skin. Apparently, she was covering her face with her arms in order to shield herself from the impact. That's what I call the child of Athena, wise and clever.

I walked a few hundred meters and found Gary. Gary had burns in his back as he had his back turned at the moment of explosion.

Then I realized what the explosion is. That is stygian mist, the most destructive mist in the universe. I saw that Platina had conjured just about 10 milligrams of stygian mist, and the resulting explosion is worth about 3000 TNTs. Police rushed to the scene and found a broken taxi smashed to pieces. Only its engine that is still running, but the engine had been severely damaged so it sounded like a broken engine.

Platina waved at me, and I ran towards her. As I ran towards Platina, I began to count my friends. Annabeth, Gary, Mary, Platina, Adam, Bella, Josh and me. Mary looked quite injured and she absorbed most of the impact. She had a broken leg and scorched back, and that is an emergency. We need a direct route to Camp Half-Blood since Mary couldn't walk.

"I'll do it." Hippolyta said.

"Alright." Josh said. "I'm coming with you."

Josh's P.O.V

"Okay then." Hippolyta said. "Hold on!"

I held onto Hippolyta's hand, while Hippolyta held onto Mary's. Then, Hippolyta is doing this transport through the earth thingy and we appeared in the middle of Campfire.

Strangely, there's no one there, since the campers are having their meal in the dining pavilion, since it's dinner time by now, which is 18:30.

I rushed Mary to the infirmary first, and then me and Hippolyta ran towards Thalia's pine, expecting the others.

After a couple of minutes have past, I saw my friends. I did a headcount: Layla, Bella, Annabeth, Gary, Adam, Stephanie, Platina and Jarren were here, perfect.

"Guys, come quickly!" I said. "Mary's condition is quite serious!"

I rushed into the infirmary to find that Mary is lying down on her stomach. Her back is scorched with the impact of the stygian mist explosion. I went up to her, and as I am about to touch her back, Mary flinched.

"It's okay, Mary." I told her. "I'm going to heal you."

Hippolyta also told Mary that everything is going to be alright, and I stepped towards her and placed my hands on her back.

Light glowed from my hands and Mary's back is starting to heal. The muscles and the back bone is beginning to reform, and her skin has started to become visible.

I gently moved my hands across her back, and as soon as my hands touched her backbone, she jolted in pain, which made me step back a few steps.

Just then, the door to the infirmary opened, and it revealed Chiron the centaur.

"Oh my..." Chiron gasped. "It is very good to see you campers again! I had already thought that they will never be rescued!"

We all take turns hugging Chiron.

"Oh, and by the way, there's a special guest that you demigods might want to meet." Chiron said as he stepped aside.

We all gasped, since it revealed the three chipmunks. I glanced at Platina, who had her sights on Alvin.

"These chipmunks are very grateful to you demigods," Chiron said. "And they are going to thank you for your help on helping them survive."

First, Alvin came up. Even though when he glanced at Platina he stumbled back, he is still humble enough to approach us. Next, Simon, and then Theodore. Platina at first glared at Alvin, but slowly subsided since she knows how sincere Alvin is now. Finally, Platina hugged him, and we are all taking turns hugging the chipmunks.

As soon as all of the chipmunks were hugged, they quickly retreat to the outside camp border.

Stephanie, Annabeth, Gary, Adam, Mary, me, Platina, Bella, Hippolyta, Layla and Jarren went to the campfire as we are guided by Chiron.

As soon as we get to the Campfire, we were immediately greeted by the campers, who missed us so much.

"Thank goodness you're back!" Piper said.

"I am starting to think that you're never going to be back." Malcolm said.

Then, Malcolm looked at Annabeth, and he smiled. Annabeth smiled back.

Just then, Melody and Stella ran out from their cabins and hugged me.

"Father! You're back!" Melody and Stella hugged me. "And you are taller too!"

What? I am taller?

I looked at myself, and I was surprised that I had grown one or two inches. Looks like The Pacific Incident repaired my Pituitary gland so it produces a normal amount of growth hormone. I had never been so happy to see my children.

"Where's An-na-beth?" Melody asked.

"Right here." I said, pointing at the blonde girl with grey eyes talking to Chiron.

"Ohh..." Melody said, as she went to Annabeth. I was about to walk towards my cabin when Chiron sounded his conch horn.

"Alright!" Chiron said. "We will have a special celebration of Capture the Flag today! Seeing that our stranded campers are already back, we will have a special rule applied. Instead of taking the flag across the creek once, each team must do it three times in order to win."

We all cheered, as we set up our gears to play Capture the Flag. Clarisse went up to me and clapped me in the back. I stumbled as usual, but Clarisse prevented me from falling.

"Good to see you around once more, Joshy." Clarisse said, ruffling my hair.

"Yeah. I missed this camp." I told her. "And I also miss Capture the Flag, which is why I'm going to play now!"

In the distance, Chiron is reading the list of teams again. I get to be with the Athena cabin this time, so Clarisse grumbled hearing that.

"Well, good luck." I said, patting Clarisse on her shoulder.

"You too." Clarisse said.

So, we got into the position for Capture the Flag, and readied beside Annabeth.

"You know the plan, Joshy?" Annabeth asked.

I nodded. "I do."

The teams are: On the red team, there are Ares, Nyx, Hephaestus, Dionysus and Phoebe. On the blue team, there are Athena, Hyperion, Poseidon, Demeter and Aphrodite. Platina is on the blue team.

I always know the plan whenever I was with the Athena cabin. I would always go flanking from either right or left side and take the flag without anyone noticing that I had taken it. I held my sword in my right hand and my shield in my left. As the conch horn sounded, I immediately ran towards the left flank, hiding from the enemies sights as I sneak in stealthily towards the enemy base. But however, the Ares cabin is a little more clever now, because just then a warrior jumped from the trees and confronted me.

"Going somewhere?" The guy asked.

"Yes." I said, charging at the guy. I got to admit that this guy is quite agile, but not agile enough to evade my strike. I stabbed his right foot and he screamed in pain.

I kicked the guy out of my sight and continued to run. As I run, I wonder who will be defending, because I don't want my daughters to defend because they possess magic and they can actually create an invisible barrier to prevent people from reaching the flag (which can also be considered as cheating, but apparently Chiron hadn't noticed it so he didn't make the rule about making a magical boundary to protect the flag.

As I ran, I was slapped hard by a hand that went very fast across my head. I felt my cheeks burning and I fell down after flipping once. I blinked my eyes to see who just slapped me. It's Clarisse La Rue, and she is not in the mood for jokes.

"You should have joined our team, dear Joshy." Clarisse said as she slapped me hard in the face again. I went rolling a few meters to the left and she put her feet on my hands. My hands are hurting a lot from the force that Clarisse had used. "Now..."

Before Clarisse could say anything, my eyes glowed, and it exploded in a brilliant ball of light. Clarisse was forced to cover her eyes, but she kept her feet where it is. I struggled to get out, but it's useless. Clarisse knelt down beside me and slapped me in the face again. This time, with so much force that I am afraid that my neck bone could have moved and pierced the jugular in the neck's vein.

"Such a common trick, Joshy." Clarisse said. Oh darn it! I forgot how people adapt to different tricks. The more you use the same trick, the more the enemy is going to anticipate it, and this is just an example. "It won't work anymore...". Just then, Clarisse's eyes widened.

"NO!!!" Clarisse shouted, running towards where she is looking. I clutched both of my hands in pain and when I looked, I saw Annabeth had crossed over the creek with a flag in her hand. The whole team cheered at Annabeth.

Chiron blowed his conch horn. "Now, for the second round! You are allowed to switch teams this time!"

"I think I'll switch." I said to Annabeth.

"Ok then." Annabeth said. "Good luck!"

I smiled and jogged over to the red team.

Clarisse looked at me with disdain, and then walked over to me.

"Congrats on that first game." Clarisse said to me, and her expression lightened. "Now gear up. The second round starts in 30 seconds."

So I changed armor, from blue to red color. I then grabbed my equipments and meet up with Clarisse and the rest of the red team.

I looked around for Melody. Apparently she had changed team to blue. Dang! I shouldn't have changed teams.

The conch horn sounded, and I did the unusual thing, charging at the front of the line, confronting the main party. Annabeth will never see that coming.

Just then, The main party came, and they are full of Athena kids and Percy Jackson himself. I guess Annabeth had gone flanking to anticipate me.

I saw Malcolm, Katie, Percy and the other warriors coming row after row to attack. I ran very fast towards them and slammed my shield towards one of them, and apparently it's Percy.

Just then, a girl with golden hair and black eyes saw me and began running towards the right and shouting, "An-na-beth! An-na-beth! Josh McLean is here!"

I immediately knew that Melody is going to call Annabeth so that she can intercept me. I ran past the crowd of blue team, squeezing between narrow gaps between people of the blue team and I came running again.

I reached the flag, but it is guarded by Melody, my daughter. I ran for the flag, but an invisible barrier prevented me from reaching the flag.

Melody smiled. "Don't bother, father!" Melody mocked. "You can't get in!"

I chuckled. "We'll see about that." I said, as I clapped my hand hard once, and lasers emanated from my hand and shot at the invisible barrier. The barrier shook, but it held its ground. I kept concentrating the laser from my hand until it made a hole in the invisible barrier. I quickly shut off the light and use my hands to rip open the barrier. Thankfully, the barrier is as weak as a disposable plastic when it broke. I immediately took the flag and was about to run when the other team cheers in victory.

"That's two for Athena Cabin!" Chiron announced. "The Capture the Flag is until the score of 3! Whoever team scores 3 wins!"

Now, we are allowed to take a break. I decided to be with Melody.

I walked towards where Melody is now, which is right beside the creek. Melody is looking very rejoiceful, especially after her team won the Capture the Flag.

I sat down next to her.

"Did you always use the invisible barrier everytime in Capture the Flag?" I asked her.

Melody looked at me. "Yes. I always loved seeing people trying desperately to get to the flag. However, for some it pisses people off, but it's quite fun to watch."

I scooted over to Melody more until the point where I sat on Melody's lap. I hugged her, and kissed her on the cheek. "Next game, let's go to the blue team together." I told her.

"Yeah." Melody said. "It's been a while since we're not in the same team."

It is true. It has been a few months since we were kept separate teams, because Chiron knew if me and Melody are put in the same team, we would certainly win the game. In fact, it was proven right before Chiron put me and Melody on separate teams, where me and Melody are the only ones in the blue team, and the rest of the teams are on the red team. Melody created a nice invisible barrier that kept the flag from the enemies hands, and I got the flag, and as soon as I got the flag, I ran until I came across the creek and Melody cheered for me. Since then, Chiron had kept me separate from Melody in Capture the Flag games.

Melody held my hands and allowed me to rest on her lap. I sighed, it has been a relief that I get to play Capture the Flag now. If I wait any longer on that pacific island, I would have become so very homesick that I actually can get depressed.

After 15 minutes, Chiron announced that the break is over, and apparently, Chiron had extended the winning team will reach 5 points.

So, we caught up with our team to the Blue team. Me and Melody were the first and second ones to reach the Blue team Armory. Annabeth shortly came.

"So, the same strategy, An-na-beth?" Melody asked.

"Yes, the same strategy, Melody." Annabeth said. "We'll send Josh to go flank the left side, and..."

"Umm... I think the Ares cabin will know that I always use the flanking technique. Here..." I neared my mouth to whisper to Annabeth. "I can jump from tree to tree so that the enemy don't have any idea where I am."

Annabeth perked up. "That's a very good idea!"

So, I prepared for the next game and prepare to climb to the nearest and most sturdy tree.

I have been playing Capture the Flag for so long, that I know each and every move and strategy. I also know which trees are safe when jumping from one onto another, and that is exactly what I am about to do.

Chiron blew his conch horn, the sign that the game is aboout to start. I ran to the nearest tree and climb it very fast. Melody is content with guarding the flag. I leaned forward, and jumped to the next tree. It was really easy to just jump from tree to tree. The hard part is the distance between the trees. For some, it's about 3-4 meters wide, so jumping to another tree isn't that easy.

On the bright side, we have this guard named Pollux, the son of Dionysus. I jumped directly behind him and swiftly knocked him out with the hilt of my sword. I then took the flag and started running. Fortunately, Annabeth is already with me, so she acted as my bodyguard from the others that tried to stop us. I started running all the way towards the creek. Arrows flew in front and behind us, and one Ares guy tried to attack me, but I sidestepped and quickly kicked him in the ****. The ares guy clutched his **** in pain, but I don't have anymore time to stop by and have a look, because I'm only inches away from winning. I put my foot across the creek and the blue team cheered.

Annabeth herded me up her shoulder, along with the blue team. On our base, however, there came a protest by a couple of Ares campers, saying that Melody is cheating because she is using this invisible forcefield that kept the other team from getting the flag.

I quickly ran to Melody and asked her what is going on.

"It's the Ares campers." Melody smiled. "They are pissed off because they cannot break down the barriers that I made. They are going to report this to Chiron, but guess what? This isn't the first time I made the barriers. I've done this for a lot of times, but apparently they're the ones that have to complain."

"It is the third time that blue team had won!" Chiron announced. "Now, gear up campers! The next capture the flag round starts in 4 minutes!"

I was already prepared for that moment. I already asked Melody to repair my armor, and Melody not only repaired my armor. She also made magical enhancements that makes my armor and shield repel 75% of the impact made by enemies.

"Thank you very much, Melody!" I told her.

"No problem, father!" Melody hugged me before the Capture the Flag started. I was filled with reinvigorating energy that Melody radiates. I think that Melody's magic is getting much more stronger.

"Now, let's switch teams." Melody told me. "I'm pitying the other team that cannot win."

I nodded, and ran to the other team. Fortunately, I already took off the blue tag from my armor before, so I and Melody were free to switch teams.

"We'll be switching teams." I and Melody told Annabeth.

Annabeth nodded, and went to organize her team.

We sprinted to the other team, and noticed that some people from the red and blue team are also doing the same thing.

As I walked, the Dionysus residents and the Aphrodite residents swapped teams. Aphrodite is on the red team now and Dionysus is on the blue team.

As soon as I reached the red team, Clarisse is the one who greeted us. Clarisse clapped my back again, but I was surprised that I didn't stagger like before. I just felt a normal thud behind me.

"Good thing you didn't stagger this time." Clarisse told me. "You can be defending our flag this time."

I nodded. "Sure, we can do that." I told her.

Then, Melody and myself are assigned to defend the flag.

The conch horn blew, and Melody told me to stay 10 feet outside from the flag. I did that, and Melody raised her hands and created some sort of invisible circular wall that stretches for about 20 radius away from the flag.

"Now, we wait." Melody said.

I waited for anyone to come. I waited them inside this invisible bubble of wall.

Just then, I saw Malcolm right in front of us, and we waved at him.

Malcolm fiercely charged at us, but recoiled as soon as he ram into the invisible wall.

Melody laughed. "Don't bother! You can't get in!"

I looked at the flag, and it's still here. I heard a cheer from our team, and it turns out that Clarisse had grabbed the flag and brought it to our side. Melody withdrew the invisible shield and we went cheering for Clarisse.

I and Melody went and joined to herd Clarisse above our heads. Meanwhile, Malcolm complained to Melody, saying that using the invisible bubble of wall is cheating. Melody just giggled, but she apologized to him.

"It is one for the Red team, and 3 for the Blue team!" Chiron announced. Me and Melody switched teams to blue, and this time we're determined to stay on the blue team for good.

We sprinted back to the blue team, and Annabeth asked us where were we.

"Well, we have been defending the flag. It was fun though." I told her, and she smiled.

"Anyways, welcome back to the blue team." Annabeth welcomed us back. "Now gear up. If we make 2 more victories, then we will win for the night."

"Certainly." I told her. Then, both of us wear the blue tag that will indicate that we're on the blue team. I had a high level of confidence right now since we are winning, by 2 points. Melody renewed the magic in my armor, and I thanked her.

"Now, we will use the same strategy!" Annabeth announced. "Josh, you will go flank to the left side. Melody, you stay here and guard the flag. My cabin will go on the offense. Dionysus cabin will stay here and guard the flag with Melody!"

"That's affirmative!" They said, and run off to get their gears.

1 minute after the they get their gears, the conch horn blew, and I started running towards the left side of the field, hoping that nothing gets in my way.

I decided not to use the hopping between the trees strategy since I had done that 2 games ago, and I don't want the other team to develop a strategy to check on the trees. The only solution is phasing, where at times, I went through the trees, and at times, I went through the left or right flank.

I kept running, and I found Lacy and Mitchell from the Aphrodite cabin. I scanned for other opponents, and also looked up the trees. Up there, there were some Ares campers waiting to drop down. I charged at Lacy and Mitchell, and kicked their chest armors, confiscated their swords and threw their swords at the Ares campers. The throw missed the Ares campers, but instead hit the branches that they are holding onto. One Ares camper fell down as the other one is holding on for dear life.

The other Ares boy is about to get up, but I stopped it with a swift kick on his chest.

Then, I continued to run through the mist, through the woods, through the darkness and the shadows and finally to the red flag.

As soon as I saw the red flag, a big hand quickly clamped my mouth and pulled me towards it. I looked back, and it's Clarisse.

"Looks like you're not worthy to be a hero after all, Joshy." Clarisse said, as she threw me against the ground. She kept her hand clamped on my mouth and nose so I cannot breathe or scream.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I muffled scream.

"No one will hear you, Joshy." Clarisse told me. I tried to make her hand let go of my face, but it's useless. She is too strong for me.

I kicked her chest, but she didn't budge. I repeatedly punched her grabbing arm, but she grabbed it with her other arm.

Just then, an arrow whizzed past Clarisse, and she dropped me. I gasped and coughed and ran to the flag.

The flag was guarded by two Ares boys. I quickly drew my pocket throwing knives and threw it at both at precise accuracy. The knives hit the armor in their chest, and they laughed. But what they don't know is that this is a distraction. I quickly ran to the flag and grabbed it, and started running towards our team. Clarisse tried to slap me with her hands, but I quickly dodged it and continued to run towards the creek.

As soon as my foot touched the creek, I was immediately greeted by a cheer by the blue team. Melody ran all the way from her base line to meet me, and she herded me above her heads.

I got to admit that it wasn't that hard for me to shake loose of Clarisse's grip since she was distracted by the arrow that whizzed past her head. I saw Melody's bow flickering on and off and I just realized that Melody had fired the bow past Clarisse's head to distract her.

"Way to go distracting Clarisse, Melody!" I hopped down and hugged her, thanking her for what she had done.

Melody hugged me back. "No problem, Father. We have one more match before we are done with this Capture the Flag."

"That is 4 points for the blue team!" Chiron announced. "If blue team scores one more time then blue team will be declared the winner!"

The entire blue team pounds their weapons in approval. Now, we just need to get one more point to win this special capture the flag game. Melody is already prepared, with her new plasma magic-reinforced armor, shield, sword and bows and arrows. I got to admit that they are very cool. None of the people in Hecate cabin can use magic like that. This is very high magic stuff that you don't want to mess with. Just one mistake can lead to huge catastrophe.

Now, we were allowed to take a 30 minute break. It's now 22:00, which is curfew time. Then, someone joined the red team, someone big.

There were two huge figures walking towards the red team, and apparently they have their own armor and weapons. Wow, this will turn out that this is going to be harder than expected.

I found Melody next to the creek. She is just sitting there.

I sat down next to her.

"Feeling confident, Father?" Melody asked with a smile.

"Um... not really." I frowned.

"What's wrong? You don't think your team could win?" Melody asked.

"It's just that there's two new people are joining the other team, and they're Hippolyta and Mary. I'm quite nervous because they have incredible size and strength."

"Don't worry about it, Joshy." Melody squeezed my left hand with her right. "We're going to win this. We are never going to let anyone get in our way of victory."

I kissed Melody in her cheek, and she blushed. "Now let's take a rest for a while. Recover our energy so that we can finish this capture the flag once and for all."

I lied down on Melody's lap, feeling the same surge of energy that is very very slowly pulsing through me. It felt the same as when I was in a warm-hot tub.

Melody grabbed a glass of water. "Here, drink this." Melody said, and I got up and drink. I never realized that I was so thirsty since I had fought the last 5 battles. It was probably because I am so very excited about capture the flag since we have been stranded in the pacific islands over the past 3-4 days. Then, I lied back down again, and Melody started massaging my twitching shoulders and immediately feel normal once again.

"You're going to be the one that is going to make our team win." Melody told me. "Hippolyta and Mary might be huge, but think. We have both of us. I can shield the flag even more." Melody said, as she played with her mini force field in her hands.

"You're right." I told her. "We can, and we will win this capture the flag!"

Anyways, the 40 minute break is over, and we are told to meet in our bases.

Annabeth is aware of Hippolyta and Mary joining the red team, so she devices a new plan.

"Alright, they have 2 giants joining the other team, but we can still win this. We are winning, and we just need one more point to win this Capture the Flag game!"

Now, On the red team, there are Ares, Poseidon, Nyx, Hephaestus, Demeter and the two huge girls. On the blue team, there are Athena, Hyperion, Dionysus, Phoebe and Aphrodite.

So, we got to our positions, and Melody is ready to do the shield thingy again, but I guess Hippolyta, being a daughter of the earth, can just easily melted through the earth and appeared inside the force field, but Melody had made sure that she can't do that inside the force field.

The conch horn blew, and I did the usual flanking the right flank. I always changed tactics everytime on Capture the Flag. One of the most valuable abilities I have is that when sticking to my own tactics, I have the ability to change tactics in a moment's notice, like if we have discussed about the original plan of tactics, and it turns out that the enemy is doing something I'm not expecting, I can quickly scan my surroundings and adapt a new tactics.

This time, I had expected Hippolyta or Mary to go for the flag, but apparently, Hippolyta is guarding the flag and Mary is on mid field. I tiptoed, trying not to be seen by Mary, but I figure that Hippolyta already knew where I was.

I hid behind the bushes, and examined the environment. I noticed that wooden planks are scattered throughout the red team flag, and I figure I could use that so Hippolyta couldn't sense me.

I stepped onto one of the wooden planks. Sure enough, Hippolyta didn't see me. I stepped onto another wooden planks, and soon enough, I was running. Then, there's no more wooden planks, but it's too late to turn back. I leaped as far as I could and landed onto the earth 15 feet from the pole. Hippolyta turned the exact moment when I made it, so I quickly ran towards the flag, while Hippolyta is calling her friends. "Hey! Someone stop him!"

Then, as I were about to run, I saw in the distance that Mary had got the flag, and now is a race against time to see who wins. Unfortunately, Mary got to the creek first, and therefore the red team is declared the winner.

"That's 2 for the red team!" Chiron announced.

I rushed to the blue flag. I saw several people standing around in a circle, and in the center of the circle, was Melody. Apparently, she had some kind of minor concussion.

I sat down next to her.

"Are you okay?" I asked her.

Melody nodded. "That Mary girl had superstrength. She can break through my barriers in just 5 hits."

"Perhaps it's the light version of the barrier, you're using, Melody?"

Melody nodded again. "I had never thought that someone could be that strong. But anyways, I'm going to use level 2 shield now since Hippolyta and Mary were here."

"I hope you can do this, Melody." I hugged her. "And you will."

"The maximum level is level 5, though I only use level 1 shield most of the time."

So, we sat down in a nearby rock, and I could feel power constantly radiating on Melody. It's as if Melody had some kind of electric field pulsing all around her, and the closer I got to her, the stronger the magic.

But that was a few years ago. This time, the aura had been dimming quite a lot, but it's still quite strong.

"So, what's our strategy now?" Melody asked.

"We'll do the same thing again. But this time, elevate your energy shield barriers to level 2 or more."

"I think I could only do maximum level 2 now. It's been 2 years since I haven't done my rituals."

The rituals, of course. Melody had told me that a few years ago, on how she must do her rituals in order to gain a portion of her magic. I'm sure that she said that the last ritual is to mine this extremely rare ore called the Crystal Reflector Ore, but I don't think so.

"So Melody, what is the last ritual that you have to do in order to gain power beyond anyone's imagination?" I asked her.

Melody just sat there, and put her right hand into her chin, stroking it.

"It can be done in many ways. First off, it's not in the center of the Earth that I have to mine this Crystal Reflector Ore to gain power beyond anyone's imagination. It's just that I have to gather 20 different fruits from anywhere, and then cook them and eat them." Melody told me. "Oh, and by the way, wanna see the stash that I have? The fruits that I collected?"

"Sure!" I told her, "But after the Capture the Flag game is finished."

"Ok, now let's gear up, Joshy. We have a game to win."

So, we geared up in our battle armor. I wore the usual, light armored golden armor. Melody wore the heavier version of it, and better protection.

The conch horn blew, and I started running, but only this time, I was jumping from tree to tree.

I know that this looks like the tactic that I had used a while ago, but I figure that this is going to be a very good idea.

I leaped from one tree to the other, and saw so many people charging towards the blue flag direction. I immediately leaped down and landed on someone's helmet. I did a one legged leap and landed on another people's helmet. Soon enough, I was running on people's helmets. The others are trying to tackle me by performing a flying tackle, but they ended up tackling their own team.

I saw Clarisse on the left side, and I was about to avert going towards her direction when someone slammed into me. Percy and Jake were directly in front of me as I rolled free after the flying tackle and went for the flag.

But things weren't going as planned.

Hippolyta had apparently barricaded the flag with a nice sphere of earth. I immediately analyzed the sphere. The sphere is just as large as the barricade that Melody makes in each capture the flag. I figure that this sphere can be broken just by firing lasers.

I held my hands in a position to fire laser from my hands, and as laser struck the earthen sphere, the rock on the sphere charred into black rocks.

Wow, looks like this is one very tough sphere of rock after all. I walked towards it and when I touched it, I was surprised that it just broke like there's nothing inside.

But that wasn't the worst of it.

As soon as I stepped inside, Hippolyta burst out of the ground and I abruptly stepped back. She was dressed in a green armor made from the leaves of the trees and the grasses of the earth. I could see some sedimentary rocks all around her armor.

I braced to fight her, knowing that I still have the chance to defeat her. I ran towards her, drawing his bow and firing plasma arrows at point blank range, and as they got stuck in her earthen armor, they exploded. But the size of the force is not enough to topple her armor.

"Very good try." Hippolyta said. "My turn."

As I watched, a lasso made from the earth shot up from the earth and into her hands. She whirled it above her head and throw it at me. I dodged, and made a run for the flag.

As soon as I was about to get the flag, her earthen lasso caught me and tighten it. Hippolyta caught me in her arms, her massive arms. I frantically watched as some parts of the lasso turned into a gag and she gagged me in the mouth.


"Now you just stay here. The bonds will break automatically when this capture the flag is over."

I writhed and struggled in agony on the ground, knowing that we're going to lose once again.

Then, there's a cheer coming from the red team, and the bonds loosened itself.

I ran across the forest, and found Melody. She apparently had concussion again, and is lying unconscious on the ground.

"Melody!!" I yelled. I rushed to her side and placed my right palm on her right hand. "Melody. I'm so sorry."

I checked her pulse. Her pulse is still there, which indicates that she is alive. I was relieved at the fact that Melody is still alive, but she had concussion, and needs to take a break for awhile.

"What happened?" I asked.

Apparently, it was due to the force shatter. Mary told me that she had hit the invisible barrier 20 times before it break, and once it breaks, Mary steps in and swung her massive hands at Melody, causing her to fly a few meters before slamming into a tree.

"Mary.... What have you done?" I yelled.

"Sorry.... I didn't think..."

"Yeah, that's right. You didn't think. Your action almost cost my daughter her life."

With that, Mary left.

I knelt to her side, and didn't feel anything. Her magic is gone. That was the last of her magic.

But wait... She can complete the ritual all over again! She told me that the first thing is to pick a freshly picked acorn, and burrow it into the ground.

I shook Melody lightly. "Hey Melody." I whispered beside her right ear. "Melody..."

Melody woke up with her hands stretched and yawning. "I'm here, Melody."

Melody stared at me with confusion. "Did you... get the flag across the creek?"

I stared down, and Melody immediately knew the answer. "No, I guess."

Melody was out of magic. Our team is so screwed. We had lost one of our most valuable team member, and they are going to keep the living giants on the red team. I bet that Melody can complete her rituals here, in this very place, Camp Half-Blood.

"Hey Melody." I whispered to her. "There's one thing that I need you to do."

Melody stared at me weakly. "What is it, Father?"

I pointed to one of the trees in Camp Half-Blood. "A few of these trees have acorns growing there. I want you to complete your ritual."

Melody was about to protest, but I grabbed her shoulder from below and hauled her there.

There, Melody grabbed an acorn and with her hands, make a hole and placed it there and cover it with dirt. Just then, blue and green sparkles ran along the ground and into Melody. Melody is feeling fine once again, and when the blue sparkles stopped, her wounds had healed and she was radiating powerful magic once again.

Melody saw me, and hugged me. "Thank you, Father! Now, to complete the finishing rituals."

With that Melody walked a few feet from here, and dug the earth beside the acorn tree. She dug it, and it revealed a bunch of different fruits. I could have sworn that there are at least 15 of them. Melody grabbed one by one and placed it into a bowl next to it. Then, she began to crush the fruits with the plasma pestle that she summoned. Then, she grabbed a piece of wood and she pointed at the wood, and laser come out of her index finger and lit the wood on fire. Then, she put the bowl right below the burning wood. I guess she is going to cook them.

I could see smoke coming out of the fire, and the bowl is heated up immediately. However, it would take some time in order to fully cook the fruit in order to complete her ritual.

I feel powerful magic radiating around Melody, the magic of nature. I guess that Melody still needs to complete more rituals in order to magnify her magic.

I've seen what Melody's magic can do when she has done a couple of rituals. Her magic powers went exponential as she did more and more rituals, making her a very formidable sorceress. These fruits that she is about to consume, will enhance her powers.

The conch horn blew, and we both went back to the blue team. Annabeth had a nervous look on her face. But I could tell from her body gesture that she still have confidence that her team will win.

"Alright guys." Annabeth said with her shaky voice. I could tell that losing wasn't an option to her. Her team has to win. "New plan of attack. The Dionysus cabin will form a line of defense. You will be combining your powers to create vines and trap anyone that tries to get throught your line. Melody, you go attack with Josh. Our cabin will form a defensive line."

"Got it!" I and Melody said.

The conch horn blew, and me and Melody ran to the right side. I continued to run as Melody started to form some kind of golden floor that appeared below us, and as soon as we stepped and leaped, it disappeared.

Anyways, we continued to do that and when one Ares kid jumps down, Melody quickly kicks the Ares boy to the tree and hung him with a magical rope.

I got to admit that we're doing better than ever before, but we don't have anymore time to lose. We have to get to the flag immediately.

We reached the flag, but this time Hippolyta isn't the one guarding the flag. It was Mary this time.

Mary saw us, and she drew her massive javelin and throw it at us. We dodged it and it only miss by a hair's breadth. We continued to advance, and we both drew our bow and incendiary plasma arrows and fired at Mary.

Mary staggered a little, but this gives up more than ample amount of time of distraction. I summoned a low energy plasma whip and grabbed the flag with it. We then started to run towards the creek. We were confident that we can win this Capture the Flag round, and thus ending the game for today.

But I was wrong.

We were just 5 meters away from the creek when Hippolyta merged from the earth, carrying our flag and she simply stepped over the creek line. The red team cheered and hugged Hippolyta. Annabeth is already frustrated with the two giants.

We went back to the blue team base, and Annabeth had both of her hands clenched to stop them from shaking.

"Annabeth, we will bring everything we got on the next game. My daughter here is about to complete the rest of her rituals."

Annabeth nodded, and me and Melody went to the place where we had previously cooked her fruit necessary for her rituals

"Wait! My cooked fruit!" Melody said.

So, we went to the place where Melody had cooked her fruit with a bunch of burning wood. I picked up the bowl, and apparently the fruit had been cooked. Melody grabbed the fruit and she went to bury some of the food onto the ground, while she is going to ate some of them.

Melody proceeded to bury some of the fruits into the ground, while she ate the rest. In a second, pulses of red, blue, yellow and green energy began emanating from the ground and rushed through Melody. It continued for about 1 minute and it stopped. Apparently, Melody looked the same, but she was radiating power that is very powerful.

"Alright!" I said with excitement. Melody walked towards me and touched my armor and my bows. They began to pulse in golden energy but ceases once she withdrew it.

"This will provide an amazing protection. It should repel a majority of the attacks. The bow that you will use will shoot much more accurately, and you will be able to use incendiary arrows more frequently."

I hugged Melody. "Thank you, Melody! I know we can do this right. We can win this capture the flag game, and we will!"

"Alright, now the plan is that you can suspend the flag a few feet up in the air, and make sure that the entire flag and the shield that you make doesn't touch the ground. And make sure you put the shield in the highest setting. I will go on offense."

"Roger that." Melody said, and we both went to the blue team.

Annabeth is standing in the middle of the blue team base. She is shaking, but she tried to prevent that by clenching her hands so tight that her knuckles turned white.

So, we came up to Annabeth, and discussed our plans.

"Yeah, but the thing is this. Melody, you've been knocked out twice already. Josh, you're been pulverized by the daughter of Gaea, and most cabins from our team changed alliance."

"Don't worry, Annabeth." I assured her, pointing at Melody. "This time, we won't let them."

Then a thought occured to me. A majority of the people on this team had moved to the other team, causing team imbalances. I had expected this to happen, since the other teams are thinking that we don't stand a chance against the two huge girls.

Chiron had tried to balance the teams by trying to move some of the red team to the blue team, but they refused to do so, so we are stuck with this small number of team, which consist of the Athena cabin, Poseidon Cabin and Me and Melody. To be honest, me and Melody were quite a formidable players, but we have to think of another way to win this Capture the Flag. It is matchpoint for both teams, so whoever gets this one, wins.

"We will... win this capture the flag." I and Melody told Annabeth.

The conch horn blew, and Melody is doing her magical barriers again, but this time she suspended the flag a few feet in the air and created a nice, powerful golden sphere barrier around her and the flag. I could even feel the power from here. It's just like a burning fire. I just hoped that Melody would survive inside there and not getting incinerated.

Anyways, I ran towards the right flank. From right here, I could see Hippolyta melting through the earth and she is probably going to do the same teleporting through the earth thingy, but surprise awaits her.

As I expected, Hippolyta resurfaced below Melody's pulsing energy golden shield, and as soon as Hippolyta's head touched the shield, she screamed in pain.

"AHH!!!" Hippolyta yelled as she went back to the earth and to her base.

I giggled as I continued to run towards the red teams base. I have to win this. I have to win this. These thoughts kept chanting on my head, like a tape recorder on replay mode.

I stopped in my tracks. There were huge footprints leading upto this tree, and it just disappears. Something isn't right. Like, a giant jumped from this point next to the tree and vanishes.

I looked around, trying to find what causes this. I know that there are no giants here, except....

Mary..... I was distracted.

Shooking my head from the distraction, I bolted through the creek and into where the red flag is, but before I got there, Mary jumped in front of me.

I knew that trouble is immediately there, because I can't simply just run past her or fight her. She is just too big for me.

I stood there, unmoving. I was already glancing left and right by just moving my eyeballs since I have to keep my attention to Mary since she can caught me off guard.

Fortunately for me, this is something that has happened quite a lot in Capture the Flag, and this helps me to scan a way out of this.

I charged my way at Mary. Mary is anticipating me to charge straight towards her, because I was looking at her when I charged. But at the last minute, when Mary is about to hit me with her fist, I faked my jump and instead ducked down and rolled between her legs. Mary gasped and quickly turned around. I saw the others are about to attack me. It was Clarisse and two ares boys.

My mind quickly snapped into a quick environment analyzing mode. Behind me, there's Mary, and she's about to squash me flat on the ground. In front of me are Clarisse and the two Ares boys. I quickly decided to attack Clarisse and the two boys.

Clarisse is fast and strong. Clarisse swung her blade towards me and I sidestepped to the left. I swung my sword, hitting Clarisse's back armor. The two boys joined the fight. I quickly glanced at both of the boys and quickly draw my weapons. One Ares boys lunged, and I sidestepped and as he tried to stop, I give him a push on his back to make him lose balance and fall down.

Clarisse tried to kick me, but I sidestepped to the right, and spun swiftly and threw a dagger on her armor. The dagger made a dent on her armor, and Clarisse staggered by a few steps.

Mary isn't finished with me yet. She grabbed me by my right arm but I pulled myself up and pushed her fingers with both my legs and my left arm as hard as I can. Fortunately, Mary didn't grip me hard, so I got away quite easily. Mary managed to fling me up to the sky for about 7 meters high, and I landed with a THUD on my legs. The height of the drop sent vibrations throughout my whole body. I was not able to withstand my knees that suddenly turned to jelly from the drop, so I fell on my knees. After 3-4 seconds past, I realized that I was on the ground and facing up. Clarisse had kicked me while I was disoriented. I quickly rolled over before Clarisse can plant her right foot on my chest, and bend my knees. As Clarisse tried to punch me, I kicked her hands and the boys that are trying to attack me. The purpose of me being on the ground and fighting with my legs is that I need to gain sufficient space before I can stand up again, because while I am lying down, it takes some time for me to get up to standing up position.

Clarisse kept closing on me, and finally I kicked her hard on her chest and Clarisse stumbled one step the recoil sent me backwards for 3 feet, but that was more than enough for me to stand up. I put my hands on the ground and pushed it against the earth to stand up. I got up, and I ran past Clarisse and the two Ares boys.

I ran and ran until I reached to the flag. Hippolyta seemed to be very exhausted and Mary was there, sweating heavily.

"It was impenetrable." Hippolyta said, her hands are bleeding, but earth rose up and covered her wounded hands. When the earth fell away, the wound and blood is gone.

"Yeah...." Mary kept lying down next to the flag as though she is very tired. "That's one hell of a shield. Even with my full strength I can't even break it. And look at my hands!" Mary shows Hippolyta that her hands are bleeding.

"But don't give up, Mary!" Hippolyta told her. "The shield can still be broken down. I bet Melody is tired by now."

"Hmm.... you could be right.... but I'm out of strength for the moment. I've tried punching and kicking the floating energy barrier, but nothing isn't happening. It's as if the energy barrier is invulnerable."

I saw my chance as both Mary and Hippolyta are busy, and I run towards the flag.

Mary did not notice me, but Hippolyta did. Hippolyta created a 2 metres wall around the flag so I can't get to it. But however, the arrangements of the rocks are uneven, so I can easily climb them. But then again, I would risk myself getting trapped inside the earthern cage when the top closes down. But there is still another idea.

I summoned a low energy plasma whip and use it to grab the flag. As soon as I get the flag, I started to run. Hippolyta tried to stop me by erecting a wall of rocks directly into my path, but as soon as the walls formed, I was right on top of it, so I was carried up by the walls too. I was gliding through the air and landed on my feet and keep running. My friends from the blue team were cheering and protecting me to get the flag through the creek line. The Ares cabin from the red team already got frustrated about losing again, since this is the moment where it all comes down to who will get the flag to the creek first. I continued to run, while the blue team is fending off any attackers that come to get me.

An archer shot an arrow towards me, and I didn't even notice that until the arrow hit me on my left calf. I collapsed onto the ground and is holding my bleeding calf, but I managed to go on since the creek is just a few meters in front of me. That is the only thought that went through my mind, the fact that victory is only a few meters away from me. I limped with my right leg onto the creek boundary line. I could hear the earth tremble, and when I glanced back, I saw Mary coming after me. I decided to go quicker, and as soon as my hands touched the boundary line, a cheer went from the blue team.

"Well done, blue team!" Chiron announced. "And well done, Melody and Josh! You have brought victory to your team!"

Annabeth came over to our direction, and she hugged me and Melody.

"A job well done, Joshy." Annabeth told me. "You will always be our powerhouse."

The End

(Next Story: Voices of Doom. The Sirens had escaped from The Sea of Monsters and is wreaking havoc around the world. Will Josh and his gang be able to save the city from the Sirens?)